Thursday, December 13, 2007

Democrats Need To Debate On Fox News Channel

Early on in this election season, democratic candidates for President, lead by John Edwards, decided that they would not participate in any debate that was held on the Fox News Channel. At the time I thought this decision was silly and short sighted, but as time has gone by, that decision could be a very big mistake. While Democrats have refused to attend debates sponsored by the Fox News Channel, Republicans have shown up at debates that were moderated by some of the most liberal people I have even seen. Rather than being hurt by answering questions from liberal biased moderators, I believe that GOP candidates have been helped because they are gaining important experience that can be used in the upcoming general election.

During the democratic primary's, if Democrat candidates do not get the tough questions the American people really want to hear answers to – then these same candidates are going to be grossly under prepared for those tough questions once the democratic primary's are settled. In my gut, I believe most of the Democrats running for President are not afraid of appearing on and answering questions posed to them by the Fox New Channel. However, there is such widespread hatred of Fox News among far left liberals that John Edwards was only playing toward a bases of voters he had to have in order to win the nomination. I'm sure there were cheers among liberal voters and groups when John Edwards lead the effort to boycott Fox News debates in the run up to the 2008 presidential election.

Too many pundit current believe that the Democrats cannot be defeated in next years presidential general election, but I do not feel the same way. Over confidence is practiced with great peril in American politics and in order to win next November, Democrats are going to need to prove to the vast majority of American voters in the political center that they have the right stuff when it comes to national security and government financial responsibility. Last November's leadership change in the U.S. Congress has made the job of candidates for the 2008 race for President much harder. Rather than coming to Washington and leading the country in a new direction, Congress has instead passed little in the way of legislation, while focusing most of their new found power on endlessly investigations of the Bush administration.

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