Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dick Clark Returns To Rocking New Years Eve Show

We are only one week away from saying goodbye to 2007 and rocking in the New Year (2008) with Dick Clark's 'Rocking New Years Eve Show' from Manhattan. A few years ago, Dick Clark suffered a major stroke that caused his speech patterns to sound differently, but his mind is still operating strong and his will and love of life is something I think about often when I am having a bad day. Like millions of other Americans, I grew up with Dick Clark in my life. When I was a kid, his 'American Bandstand' program was a must see every Saturday as new music artist were introduced to the world via his nationwide program from Philadelphia. In fact, dozens of now well known singing stars got their first nationwide exposure via 'American Bandstand' hosted by Dick Clark. Several years ago, 'Dick Clark Productions' produced a television show called 'American Dreams' that my wife and I enjoyed very much. Eventually the TV ratings ax took that show off the air, but in my opinion Dick Clark rightly touch the national feelings of America during the Vietnam War.

In my opinion, Dick Clark has been cued in more than most people as to what has made this great nation tick for almost 250 years. Dick Clark has a way of producing television shows that bring old memories back to life for many of us old timer baby boomer's that gives a positive feeling to those not so 'good old days'. As a young man growing up in the 1970's, Dick Clark was a mainstay in the music business and during the late 1960's and early 1970's – rock n roll music was the main escape from from a messed up world that was involved in a war that no one really believed was in the best interest of the United States. In the Dick Clark production of 'American Dreams', he was able to remind all of us that grew up during that period the issues of the day and also bring back the terrifying thoughts of young men that were soon to be drafted to go risk their lives on the field of battle in Vietnam.

While Dick Clark's 'Rocking New Years Eve Shows' are not about the bad times of the 1970's during the Vietnam War, for me every time I see his face it is difficult to separate the two. Even several decades ago, people marveled at the way Dick Clark never seemed to age over the years. Rumor of fantastic face lifts and other propaganda filled the tabloids about him over the years, but I believe Dick Clark is just a national treasure in the United States that millions of people not only know, but respect. As New Years Eve approaches, I hope for good things in the year to come not only for my family, but for Dick Clark as well. While it might be hard for we old timers to hear the changes a major stroke have done to Dick Clark's voice, in reality he might just be showing the rest of us the way to our own future in a positive way.

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