Saturday, December 22, 2007

Did Simon Cowell Rush Paul Potts CD To Market Too Soon?

Regular readers here know that I am a big fan of Paul Potts and I have enjoyed listening to his beautiful voice on the Internet via YouTube for months. A few weeks ago, my wife bought me a copy of Paul Potts new CD called, 'One Chance' and while good – it does appear to me that in a rush to get Paul Potts new CD to market while his brand was still hot, Simon Cowell might have caused 'One Chance' to not be as good as it could have been. While I love my copy of Paul Potts' new CD 'One Chance' in my opinion his singing voice was much better on 'Britain's Got Talent' than it was when produced in a professional recording studio. I have a feeling that 'One Chance' was rush to market too soon and Paul could have made a better CD if he and his record producers were given more time to perfect his voice with the orchestra.

While I enjoy listening to music, I am not in the record business which from what I have read is 'cut throat' to the point that if you have a great talent like Paul Potts you must hit the market with a CD quickly or a fickle public will forget them. Maybe that is true, but with a talented guy like Paul Potts I believe a little extra time in the record studio could have turned 'One Chance' into a CD that could have withstood the test of time. Right now, I do not believe 'One Chance' will stand the test of time and hopefully now that it has sold over two million copies, Paul's producers are hard at work on releasing a follow up CD that will show the world what Paul Potts really can do with his amazing voice. When Simon Cowell told Paul Potts that next week he would be in a record studio producing his debut album, I had no idea that producers intended to complete that album in such a short period of time.

Even with well established artist, long preparation time followed by weeks of hard work in a recording studio are necessary to produce a successful album (CD). Paul Potts had never been in a record studio before, except maybe as a guest. However, from the time he won the 'Britain's' Got Talent' competition until his new CD was on the market in the U.K. was only a couple of weeks, if memory serves me correctly. Even the best of the best cannot turn out a top quality CD with such little time to prepare for recording sessions. Don't get me wrong, what Simon Cowell did for Paul Potts was the biggest gift a person could give to a young recording artist. I just wish that Cowell and others would have given Paul more time to learn the ropes at the recording studio and to have time to practice more before his songs were burned on a CD.

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