Sunday, December 30, 2007

Favorite 2007 Movie Reviews

Like most years, my wife and I love to watch movies and 2007 was no exception. Listed below are some of the movies we saw in 2007 with brief reviews of each. Happy New Year!

Great Rocky Movie - 'Rocky Balboa' Surprisingly Good
“Rocky Balboa” was well written and in many ways a “chic flick” for most of the movie. After the death of his wife, Rocky was drifting through life as a restaurant owner spending most evenings telling old war stories to eager restaurant patrons that still loved the Rocky of old. To add to the stress of losing his wife to cancer, Rocky found himself going through a tough patch of road with his son.

Amazing Grace Movie About British Slave Trade
The very idea of this movie was attractive to me because the man that wrote the popular song, "Amazing Grace" was featured in this movie as a former slave trader that gave up his lucrative business to seek sanctuary in the teachings of God in later life.

Fracture Movie Both Good And Bad
In brilliant style, Hopkins comes up with a way to kill his wife and not only get away with her murder, but also cause the police detective that was having an affair with her to crack up and eventually commit suicide. In what would be torture for most people, Hopkins planned his moves for a long time to make sure that he would be able to commit this murder and also get away with it in a court of law.

Teen Movie Disturbia Not Half Bad
Some parts of "Disturbia" are silly teenage age stuff that will only appeal to people under the age of 20, but the writing of this movie is fantastic and it is well worth the price of admission. Of course when teenagers are involved there will be a bunch of sexual tension involved in a movie and that is also the case in "Distrubia".

Shrek 3 Movie Myers Murphy Fantastic Review
The dynamic duo of Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy once again brought this animated series to life with their wonderful vocal performances. While watching Shrek 3 today my mind kept going back to how much hard work goes into making an animated movie these day.

Live Free Die Hard Movie Review
Like the other "Die Hard" movies, "Live Free - Die Hard" starts off fast and keeps on gaining momentum throughout this two hour movie.

Cusack Movie '1408' One Man Show
For regular movie goers, the plot of "1408" was pretty predictable until the end, but the ending was really well written because it took the experiences of John Cusack's character full circle in an effort to help this hunted hotel writer get to the point where he could deal with the death of his young daughter years before.

Didn't Like 'Invasion' Movie - Wife Did
While I did not like "Invasion" my wife thought it was very good and right up there with some of the best movies we have seen the past year or so. My wife loves scary movies and I don't think I remember her ever leaving a theater disappointed after we have seen a movie that has a scary script.

'P2' Movie Was A Good Horror Flick
While I usually don't like too much blood and guts in horror movies, I know there are some in the audience that will be disappointed without it. 'P2' has plenty of blood and guts scenes, but they did not over do it like so many other scary movies have done in the past.

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