Friday, December 14, 2007

From Riches To Rags – NBC Television Network

Over the decades the Peacock Network, NBC, has been very successful at attracting viewers to it's prime-time lineup of shows. From the late great Johnny Carson, to Frasier and ER – NBC dominated most of the other broadcast networks with high ratings for years. However, in recent times NBC television has found itself in a slump with the American television watching public and rather than NBC executives rushing to the office each morning eager to read the overnight ratings from Nielson, most are probably trying to find something else to do that time of day in order not see see how badly their shows preformed the night before. I'm not real sure what happened at NBC to cause their ratings fortune to suffer so greatly. Yes, their new shows are not as funny as previous ones – but the same could be said also for shows on CBS, ABC and Fox.

While some pundits believe that the most popular television networks will be hurt the worst by the ongoing writers strike, I believe the slumping NBC will be facing the most damage because when the writers strike finally does end, there will be fewer people coming back to broadcast television because they will have found and got use to other entertainment choices during the strike. Over the decades, fewer people chose to watch prime-time programming on a nightly basis on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. While poor programming choices do play a role in this drop in audience, other factors like cable television, DVD's and even the Internet are playing a much bigger role in the demise of prime-time entertainment on the big broadcast networks. In many ways, broadcast prime-time programing is the past while these other new media options are the future of entertainment.

This morning I read a story that claimed David Letterman and Jay Leno are preparing to start hosting their late night comedy shows in mid January even if the writers strike is not settled. In recent months, the Jay Leno Show on NBC has seen a tremendous drop in it's ratings success and the current writers strike could spell doom for this late night time slot that Johnny Carson made a 'cash cow' for NBC television for decades. I must admit that I watch very little prime-time television on any of the major broadcast networks and instead I gain great pleasure from finding entertainment on the Internet and by watching DVD movie rentals at home. While the Hollywood writers might be completely justified in their strike against television production companies, in the end they might be hastening their own destruction with a long prolonged strike. Right now, everyone from writers to television networks are suffering because of the writers strike and when it is finally over millions of additional Americans will not return to broadcast network programing again.

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