Monday, December 10, 2007

A Hero 'Jeanne Assam' Is Born From Colorado Church Shootings

There are stories written all the time about people that find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, yesterday in Colorado an unlikely hero was born by the name of Jeanne Assam who found herself in the right place at the right time as a troubled young man showed up at church to commit mass murder. Most likely tomorrow, every morning news program will be lining up Jeanne Assam for a live interview and I look forward to listening to this lady that holds God in high esteem in her personal life explain exactly what happened as she was forced to make a life or death decision in taking the life of this troubled young man within the walls of her own church. In some cases, houses of worship are the last chance some lost souls have and redeeming a life that has been filled with out of control and sinful behavior. This is why I believe that churches are sometimes targeted by young people because those churches are the only people and organization that will listen to and try to help people that are considered loss causes turn their out of control life around by making better life choices.

While listening to Jeanne Assam describe how her faith in God helped stop further bloodshed at her Colorado church. My mind went back in time to the Columbine School Shootings years ago when a young high school girl was approached by one of the gunman and told that she could live if she renounced her belief in God. When she refused the young gunman shot her in the head and instantly ended her life. The courage of both the young high school girl at Columbine and that of Jeanne Assam in Colorado yesterday showed exactly what true Christianity should look like. A persons personal belief in God may seem shallow to some people, but to born again Christians it is the very fiber that makes their life worth living. In both of these examples, God worked his will on both believers and non believers in mysterious ways. In the case of the young high school girl from Columbine, millions of people heard her story and learned for the first time that God can and does play an important role in the lives of Christians. In the second example of Jeanne Assam, God test her faith to the limit yesterday as she finished a three (3) day fast of prayer and personal reflection. When I listened to Jeanne Assam describe the events of Sunday on television today, I saw a woman that was filled with the spirit of God that saw evil and with God's help stopped that evil from taking even more lives inside that church.

While it may be hard for some people to believe, I think that all things that happen in this world happen for a reason and eventually good will come out of even evil and terrible situations like yesterday's church shootings in Colorado. For the unlikely hero named Jeanne Assam, her faith in God and her professional responsibility to provide security were tested yesterday and in my view she passed with flying colors. Jeanne Assam may not feel like she was acting as God's personal representative yesterday when she was forced to end a persons life in order to save others, but that is exactly the way I feel about her actions. Inside of all of us is both good and bad. Most people are able to keep good in charge most of the time which allows us to make good choices regarding our daily lives. However, there are people with little to no faith or morals that cannot keep the good thoughts ahead of the bad ones and some fall off the deep end of sanity and decide to take the lives of innocent strangers. In the days and weeks to come, Jeanne Assam will be faced with many questions of 'what if' as she attempts to put into prospective her actions yesterday in her own church. In the end, I hope she discovers that indeed she did the right thing and everyone should be praying for this brave woman who had the strength to stand and fight instead of taking the easy road to run and hide like everyone else.

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