Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Inevitability Showing Signs Of Weakness

From the very beginning of the Hillary Clinton for President race, campaign leaders decided to make her run for the White House as something that was inevitable. While that could be a winning strategy if she stays in the lead, all bets are off if she continues to drop in the polls. There is a big problem when a candidate uses inevitability as a campaign strategy and that problem revolves around people seeing such a strategy as arrogant. From my point of view, Hillary Clinton is trying to not only look like a strong leader, but at the same time she is trying to play the role of victim. I don't see how these two types of campaign messages can ultimately be successful because they end up contradicting each other in the end.

There is late word out today that former President Bill Clinton is upset with how the mainstream media is covering his wife's campaign. I don't know what the former President is talking about because most members of the mainstream media seem to be handling Hillary Clinton with kid gloves. As Hillary herself said recently, 'if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen'. It is impossible for a candidate to be both a strong leader and a victim at the same time. The only way the Hillary Clinton camp could even hope to pull off such a dysfunctional campaign message would be if the mainstream media ignored one side of her message and only reported the other one. To date, the message coming out of the Hillary Clinton campaign has been, she's strong when leading in the polls and a victim if her popularity goes down. There is no way this can be a winning strategy.

There is a possibility that the American voters have become wise to the Clinton's campaign tactics of the 1990's and they have decided to listen more carefully to what comes out of the mouths of Bill and Hillary Clinton. A well educated and tuned in electorate does not serve the interest of the Hillary Clinton campaign because there are so many conflicting statements that are made. Hillary Clinton is facing a big problem right now in a man by the name of Barack Obama. In some polls, Obama has not only pulled into the lead against Hillary Clinton, but his favorable ratings are much superior to hers. A campaign that is built on inevitability cannot afford to fall behind in the polls and it certain cannot be seen as losing in a democratic primary.

The sad truth is that Hillary Clinton has painted herself into this corner and the only way she comes out a winner is to grow some humility and start talking from her gut and telling the truth. Too many talking points for too many different groups of people just will not play in the new Internet world. In many ways it is the new Internet world that is creating a drag on the Hillary Clinton campaign for President because in this brave new world you cannot tell two different audiences conflicting positions on the same issue without getting caught. Like her husband before her, Hillary Clinton is trying to 'have her cake and eat it too'. However, the world is now wired with thousands of new sources of information that will display all missteps and contradictions that a candidate makes on their daily campaign stops. The only way to win in 2008 is to tell the truth and stick by your real convictions.

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