Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Iowa Voters Prepare To Caucus Next Month

Soon, the voters in Iowa will visit various locations around that state to decide which GOP and Democrat candidates will receive their support for President in 2008. For the past six months to a year, all the major candidates seeking the office of President of the United States have been making the rounds in Iowa, talking and listening to voters concerns. Now the moment of truth has arrived and rather than reading about conflicting poll results that sometimes fluctuate wildly from day to day about who is in the lead, the only poll that really matters will soon take place in hundreds of caucus locations around the state. Today, the favorites to win in Iowa are Mike Huckabee on the GOP side and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. When I say favorites to win, I am totally basing that judgment on recent polling that shows Huckabee and Clinton in the lead.

In Iowa, rather than having an election where the candidate that receives the most votes wins, voters there prefer to have a caucus system where hundreds of small groups of voters get together and try and reach consensus as a group on whom to support with that states delegates. Personally, I prefer a system where votes are cast and the person that receives the most votes wins. However, in Iowa voters have used this system for years and they seem to like that approach when it comes to deciding which candidates their state will support in the upcoming political conventions. More than likely the polls will fluctuate wildly the next couple of weeks as more people start paying attention to political primaries in Iowa and then a few days later in New Hampshire. 2008 is the first time political primaries have been held this close to Christmas. It will be interesting to see how many people actually participate in elections during the first few weeks of a new year. Conventional wisdom would say that few people will be around on election day to vote, but this year I am not so sure that voters will stay away from the polls in droves because of the vast differences between GOP and democratic candidates stands on the major issues of the day.

The biggest shock to me so far this election season has been the dramatic rise in the poll popularity of Mike Huckabee. As a third tier candidate for most of this election season, Mike Huckabee seemed to come out of nowhere to not only challenge front runners Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, but surpass them in short order in the run up to the Iowa caucuses. In many ways, Mike Huckabee concerns me because he seems to allow his own personal religious beliefs to guide his public life. While religion is an important factor in the life of a politician, depending too much on faith could lead a President of the United States to drift down a road that most Americans do not want to travel. That said, the other two top GOP contenders of Romney and Giuliani are becoming less attractive to me as well as they continue to campaign around the country. On the democratic side the likely nominee is much easier to spot because that candidate once lived in the White House as 'First Lady'. While the major media is trying to make a campaign out of the democratic party's race for the nomination. I believe most people already expect Hillary Clinton to win easily in most states and be her party's nominee for President in 2008. Soon, voters around the country will be heading to the voting booth to decide which candidates will represent their party in next years election. At that time we will all have a better idea of who really is in the lead in the race for the White House in 2008.

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