Sunday, December 02, 2007

Larry Craig's Troubles Continue As Others Come Forward

While Senator Larry Craig has plead guilty to charges of lewd conduct in a Minnesota airport rest room, new allegations are being printing in the Idaho Statesman Newspaper which claim that Larry Craig either engaged in or tried to solicit sex from four different men. While I am no big defender of Senator Craig, it is becoming clear that Idaho's biggest newspaper is determined to bring him down one way or another. These latest charges that were printing in the Idaho Statesman were made by four different men that offered no conclusive evidence to prove their charges against Craig. However, for some reason this newspaper decided to publish their stories anyway which I believe is irresponsible for a major newspaper to do. The dumbing down of major newspapers in the United States has been a growing problem for many years now as many honorable publications have turned to the world of tabloids in order to stop their ever decreasing circulation numbers. Larry Craig has lied to the American people on many occasion about his intentions to resign his Senate office, so I have no patience with this man who says he is battling to get his reputation back. In my view his reputation is something he will never regain because of his inability to tell the truth.

In Senator Craig's twisted mind, he somehow believes that he will be able to convince the people back home in Idaho that he was railroaded into pleading guilty and in some way he really believes that the voters will redeem him if somehow his guilty plea is thrown out. That thinking on Senator Larry Craig's part is crazy because no one in the U.S. Senate or many voters back home in Idaho want to see or hear from Senator Craig anymore. In the beginning, if Senator Craig would have told the truth about the charges that were leveled against him in Minnesota, he would have had a better chance of redemption back home in Idaho than to have constantly changed his story about whether or not he would resign his Senate seat. Senator Craig has no creditability left with the American people or his colleagues in the Senate and his refusal to resign his office even after promising to do so on more than one occasion gives every U.S. Senator a bad name and it also reminds the American people about what they hate most in political leaders in Washington.

There is no way to know for sure if these four new men that have come forward to the Idaho Statesman Newspaper are telling the truth or not. They could very well be gay activist that want to make sure there are enough nails in the coffin of Senator Craig or they could be telling the absolute truth. However, without the Idaho Statesman Newspaper giving them a platform to voice their grievances against Senator Craig this new revelation would not be making news tonight and Larry Craig would just be one more day closer to his Senate term ending in 2009. I have not heard if Senator Craig is crazy enough to try and run for reelection, but my guess is that he will drift back into regular life in Idaho after his term ends and disappear from public life forever. In recent memory I have not been as disgusted with a Washington politician as I have been with Senator Larry Craig. His actions in that Minnesota mens room are not the cause of my feelings toward him, even thought I personally think what he did was disgusting, but it is the way he promised to resign his Senate office more than once and broke his word on all occasions. This case of Larry Craig should once again prove to all of us that we just can't judge a book by the cover and just because a Washington politician plays a role to get elected and reelected that does not mean that their own actions follow the political speak they used to get people to vote for them.

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