Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mary Winkler Child Visitation Decision Proves Court Bias

For years men have fought, usually unsuccessfully, to gain custody of their children. For decades the family court system in most states has given greater weight to a mothers role in raising children than to that of the father. Now with the Supreme Court in Tennessee's decision to allow Mary Winkler, a convicted killer to have visitation privileges with her children – the whole family court system is being turned into a joke as loving fathers around the country sometimes can't see their children based on rumor or trumped up charges of abuse while at the same time a killer mother is allowed visitation even after being convicted of murdering her own children's father. While I did not listen to or sit in on the court case surrounding Mary Winkler, I do know one thing and that is that she took a shotgun out of her closet and shot her husband while he was sleeping in bed.

Does anyone really think if the roles were reversed here that a father that killed the mother of three children would be allow visitation privileges with his kids? Of course not and most likely he would still be sitting in jail for her murder right now instead of petitioning a court for child visitation. The U.S. family court system is so messed up right now and it is no wonder that some men lose control and take the law into their own hands. Anytime a criminal court does not mead out justice in a fair and equally way, anarchy will soon follow and I believe more problems will face the United States court system because of this crazy ruling. How Mary Winkler was able to convince a jury that she was somehow abused and sexually mistreated is beyond me. For goodness sake, the man was asleep in bed when Mary Winkler shot him in the back and the only words he was able to say to her before his death was 'why'?

There have been many cases of bad justice in recent years coming out of criminal courts around the country, but nothing compares to the unfair and humiliating treatment loving fathers are put through in the family court systems, today. When some political conservatives talk about out-of-control judges, these crazy family court decision are high on the list of what has gone wrong with the U.S. system. While fathers are receiving more rights today than they receive decades ago from family court. In reality that improvement is petty considering how far the family courts need to move in order to find equality in child custody decisions. The case of Mary Winkler being granted visitation of her children after murdering their father will cause even more Americans to see the current injustice in family courts of law and it will help, in the long run, to bring fairness to a court system that is long overdue.

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