Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mistake For Dallas Cowboys To Look Past Philadelphia

This year it will be extremely hard for the Dallas Cowboys not to look past the Philadelphia Eagles after the Cowboys won the NFC East Championship last week. In most years, the Eagles/Cowboys game would he the highlight of most NFL football fans week, but 2007 is shaping up to not be a regular year in the NFL. In almost every way, the Dallas Cowboys look like a Superbowl bound team with their only regular season loss so far coming at the hands of the only unbeaten team in the NFL, the New England Patriots. That is why tomorrows game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles should be an interesting game to watch. Most odds makers have the Cowboys winning with a two touchdown spread. However, anything can and usually does happen when the Cowboys and Eagles take to the football field and I expect tomorrows match up to be much closer than two touchdowns when the fourth quarter comes to an end.

The 2007 Dallas Cowboys season has made true Cowboys fans smile on most weeks and go to bed at night dreaming about a Superbowl victory early next year. For long time fans, like myself, we see the Cowboys long dry spell coming to and end and visions of the days of Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman being repeated once again in Dallas as a real possibility. The decision last year by former Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells to start Tony Romo and put his full faith and trust behind this young man is the main reason the Cowboys are potential Superbowl contenders this year. The Dallas Cowboys have always played better under the leadership of a young, homegrown, quarterback and Tony Romo fits that bill perfectly. In fact, even old men like myself are starting catch the Tony Romo on field and sideline excitement because when this young man throws the football, most of the time it is like magic and he does not keep his excitement and emotions to himself.

Unless the Cowboys decide to not show up and play poorly in tomorrows game against the Eagles, they should easily win the game in the end. With both a strong offensive and defensive presents on the football field, the Dallas Cowboys are truly looking great this year. Even a guy that I have disliked since he joined the Dallas Cowboys, 'Terrell Owens', has shown up to play each week and has left his crazy antics off the football field this season. If the Dallas Cowboys play well against the Philadelphia Eagles tomorrow and play the same way next Saturday night against the Carolina Panthers, then the playoffs should be an exciting event for all Dallas Cowboys' fans this season.

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