Wednesday, December 26, 2007

NBC/CBS/NFL Network To Broadcast New England Patriots Game

In an apparent cave, the NFL today announced that Saturdays football game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants will be broadcast on three different networks. Both CBS and NBC have said yes to a request from the NFL to broadcast the game so all Americans will have a chance to watch the New England Patriots possibly make history by extending their win/loss record to 16-0. This turn around in attitude by the NFL is welcome news for all football fans and it is regrettable that this decision was not made sooner so Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers fans were not shut out from their game earlier in the season. The strong armed tactics used by the NFL against major cable companies is wrong because for millions of people their cable bills would have been forced higher just to be able to see certain high profile games on a TV network that would be very boring eleven months out of the year.

Today's news about the New England Patriots/New York Giants game being simulcast on two major broadcast networks in addition to the NFL Network marks the first time in 40 years that an NFL football game has been shown on two competing networks at the same time. The only other time that two broadcast networks carried the same NFL football game was back in the 1960 when the NFL and AFL merged their leagues. The very first Superbowl game was broadcast on both NBC and CBS the same two networks that will carry the New England Patriots and New York Giants game on Saturday night. While angry fans did play a part in the NFL's decision to allow broadcast of Saturday nights game, more than likely talk of taking away the NFL's coveted antitrust exemption in Congress was the biggest factor. I knew at some point in time something would have to give in this battle of cable and NFL titans where regular fans of the National Football League were the only losers.

I certainly hope that the NFL and major cable companies reach a compromise in this dispute before next year because most NFL fans are fed up with the name calling by these billionaires that care more about money than the integrity of the game. Both big cable and the NFL are awash with money already and to hold the favorite pastime of Americans, professional football, hostage to their future monetary goals is wrong and it should not be allowed to continue into next years NFL season. This season, two of the Dallas Cowboys late season games ended up on the NFL Network and while my small cable company has decided to add that channel to it's line up – I'm sure a monthly price increase is headed my way soon. There are many things big companies can fight over to make themselves wealthy, I just wish they would leave NFL football alone and broadcast all games to every home in America via free television.

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