Monday, December 31, 2007

NFL Playoffs Begin With Wild Card Weekend

This weekend the NFL begins the playoffs with 'Wild Card' games from coast to coast. Every professional football fan dreams of the playoffs each year and 2007 is shaping up to be an exciting time for NFL fans once again. In a late season rally, both the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants are playing great football going into this weekends games. The Washington Redskins are heading to Seattle to play the Seahawks while the New York Giants head to Tampa Bay to play the Buccaneers. Since the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite NFL team, I am writing this posting from an NFC East point of view so for those of you that are Seahawks and Buccaneers fans please excuse my bias writing about this weekend wild card games.

Yesterday, the Washington Redskins wiped up the field with my favorite team the Dallas Cowboys, so I give them the edge in this weekends game against the Seattle Seahawks. The Redskins looked like a playoff team yesterday against Dallas which is more than I can say for the Cowboys. On Saturday night, the New York Giants almost upset New England as the Patriots were playing for the first undefeated season by an NFL team since the 1972 Dolphins. Both the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants played better than the Dallas Cowboys who had already won the NFL East and will sit out this weekend of wild card playoff games. I predict both Washington and New York will win their games this weekend over the Seahawks and the Buccaneers.

In the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers will face off against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Diego Chargers will play the Tennessee Titans in their wild card weekend match ups. While I don't follow the teams in the AFC as much as the NFC I will pick the Steelers to win against the Jaguars simply because I learned a long time ago not only to respect the Pittsburgh Steelers, but to never bet against them winning in the playoffs. In the other wild card game between the Titans and Jaguars I will go with Tennessee because they use to be the Houston Oilers before they abandoned our state. This weekend should provide many good games and next weekend we will see just how good the Cowboys and Patriots are as they come in fresh to play this weekends winning wild card teams.

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