Saturday, December 15, 2007

'P2' Movie Was A Good Horror Flick

Last weekend my wife took me to a movie she said I would like called, 'P2'. I've heard that come on, you'll love it talk from her before and most of the time I don't like her choices in scary/horror movies. However, I must say that I did enjoy watching 'P2' and it really was scary and kept me on the edge of my seat almost from the beginning. This movie is based around a young business women that finds herself trapped over a long Christmas weekend with a psychotic man on the second level of a New York City skyscrapers parking garage. As this movie predicable moves along, it does offer real excitement in the way the characters play their parts so well and the man that plays the psychotic killer really looks and acts that part extremely well.

While I usually don't like too much blood and guts in horror movies, I know there are some in the audience that will be disappointed without it. 'P2' has plenty of blood and guts scenes, but they did not over do it like so many other scary movies have done in the past. As this trapped young woman tries and fails to find a way out of this large parking garage which was turned into her prison – I felt myself pulling for her every step of the way and hoping against hope that she would get away from this crazy guy each time she tried. Any good horror flick would not be complete without some humor intertwined between scenes of pure terror. There are some scenes in 'P2' involving the late Elvis Presley that did cause me to laugh right before the movies director took me back to this young womans biggest nightmare.

Over the course of this movie, the trapped young woman goes from a scared victim to a 'Sara Connor' type of character and watching that transformation was exciting because the director of 'P2' progressed this change slowly and gave great reasons as to why this calm and beautiful young woman had to change in order to survive. Only adults should see 'P2' because it is very violent and some scenes were so graphic that I found myself turning away from the movie screen from time to time. However, if you are an adult that likes scary movies and you have not seen a good one in awhile, 'P2' could be the right ticket for you this weekend. I thought the days of directors making good scary movies was over, but fortunately the director of 'P2' had the right script and right talent to turn this movie into a winner.

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