Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pay Per View NFL Football Games Next?

This past week we all witnessed how far NFL owners are willing to go in order to make more money off the football games we all love to watch. The 'NFL Network' game controversy is just the first in an ever increasing move by the NFL to eventually take all games toward Pay Per View. No other sport in the United States comes close to the fan support of the various NFL football teams and NFL owners understand this fact well and they have every intention of profiting as much as possible with their various team franchises. I grew so tired last week as television and radio commercials were broadcast in an effort to blame the other side in last Thursday nights Dallas Cowboys/Green Bay Packers football game. My opinion remains the same and that is the NFL is strong arming cable companies right now in order to make even more money off of NFL games and merchandise.

In both Dallas and Green Bay, television ratings were almost at Superbowl numbers throughout last Thursday nights game. However, in the rest of the United States where over the air broadcast was not available, hardly anyone without a satellite dish saw one of the biggest games of the season. Next month, the Dallas Cowboys' once again face another big game against the Carolina Panthers which also will be broadcast on the 'NFL Network'. That means that millions of Dallas Cowboys' fans will miss not one, but two games during the 2007 NFL football season because of the ongoing money feud between the NFL and major U.S. cable providers. I really thought that last weeks dispute would have been settled before game time in Dallas, but I was wrong. I now believe that neither side in this dispute has the desire to settle their differences for the fans and now many good games this year will not be witnessed by fans that have supported these teams for decades.

The battle lines that are currently being drawn between the NFL and big cable companies is just the first step toward the eventual marketing of all NFL games via pay-per-view programming. Maybe nothing can be done to stop this progression toward fans having to pay for any game they watch on television, but something should be done so that the great sport of professional football is not ruined by greed. Just like with over taxation, if the NFL continues down the road of per-per-view - the public will work overtime to find a way to beat the pay-per-view coding and just steal these game and sell the hack codes on the open market. It is one thing to make good money off of a sport that millions of people enjoy watching every week, but it is entirely something different to become so greedy that only the wealthy can legitimately watch NFL football on television. When I first started watching the NFL back in the early 1970's, I never imaged a day when I could not watch my favorite team, 'The Dallas Cowboys' on free television. Now I am not sure sure that any NFL games will be free in the years to come and that vision is not something I am looking forward to witnessing.

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