Sunday, December 30, 2007

Popular News Stories In 2007

As the New Year (2008) rapidly approaches next week, I thought it would be a good idea to have a Hutch Report 'year in review' post where some of the most popular stories of the year are listed. Most of these news stories were heavily clicked on by visitors, while others are some of my personal favorites. This blog will start it's third year in 2008 and I am hoping for continued growth in regular visitors during that time. During 2007, this blog has experienced tremendous growth and I thank each and everyone of you for bookmarking the 'Hutch Report' and for visiting on a regular basis. My hope is that 2008 will bring real happiness to you and your family.

January started with a big discussion about illegal immigration as Farmers Branch, Texas was one of the first U.S. cities to try and address this problem:
Local Immigration Laws Considered - Farmers Branch Texas

February brought news of the death of Anna Nicole Smith (age 39) only a few short months after her son mysteriously died in her hotel room after she gave birth to another child:
Anna’s Tragic Life - Smith Dies In Florida Hotel Room

March was the month that all of the democratic candidates for President announced that they would not participate on Fox News Channel debates:
Fox News Removed From Democrats Nevada Debate

April not only brought the depression of filing Income Taxes, but it also brought news of the firing of Don Imus from CBS Radio and MSNBC television for remarks he made about the Rutgers Womens Basketball team:
Don Imus Fired From CBS Radio/MSNBC Cable

May brought an end to a multi-year drought in Central Texas as several feet of rainfall fell within a few short weeks. Lakes went from critically low conditions to overflowing within one month:
Lake Waco Runoff Causes Major Problems

June started with almost no one knowing the name Paul Potts and ended with him winning the 'Britain's Got Talent' contest and receiving a record contract from Simon Cowell:
Paul Potts Opera Emotional Reaction

July proved to be the month that most people around the world finally admitted to themselves that Britney Spears' had mental problems as her life continued to self destruct:
New Britney Spears Tell All Interview Talk

August was the month when 82 year old entertainer Merv Griffin died. Millions of people grieved his passing as his TV programs brought smiles to peoples faces for decades:
Merv Griffin Cancer Victim Dead Age 82

September brought an end to the endless speculation as to whether television and movie star Fred Thompson would seek the GOP nomination for President in 2008:
Fred Thompson To Announce Bid - Thursday

October was the month that Don Imus was reborn with a second chance to host his own radio show as WABC Radio in New York announced his return to the NYC airwaves in December:
Don Imus Return - December 1st On WABC Radio

November was the month when OJ Simpson found himself back in trouble with the law, once again, as he was arrested for a Las Vegas hotel break in:
OJ Simpson Will Stand Trial In Las Vegas

December was the month that brought NFL perfection to the New England Patriots as they ended their 2007 NFL season with a perfect 16-0 record. Three different television networks broadcast this game live to the United States:
Tonight's New England Patriots/New York Giants Game

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