Friday, December 28, 2007

Rebecca De Mornay Latest DUI Star Arrest

On October 30th, 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle' and 'Risky Business' star Rebecca De Mornay was arrested in Hollywood for DUI. Mornay is just the latest in a long line of Hollywood stars that have been arrested for driving drunk and in recent months the California Court System has been cracking down on an ever increasing problem. Actually, I am pleased to see Hollywood police/courts start to punished actors and actresses that somehow believe they are above the law. Almost every night, the Hollywood paparazzi films Hollywood stars visiting night clubs and after several hours of drinking they are once again filmed climbing back into their car to drive. It's amazing to me that many of these habitual party celebrities are not arrest every night for DUI in Hollywood.

From Mel Gibson, to Kiefer Sutherland and Rebecca De Mornay the idea that it is cool to drive ones car while drunk is not a good example for other people around the world that tend to follow the lead of these celebrities. California and the other 49 states have tough DUI laws for a reason and that reason is to save the lives of innocent people on the roadways. While I might seem to be jumping on celebrities too much because thousands of people around the country are arrested for DUI each day, those other DUI cases are not front page news in the same way as a Hollywood star like Rebecca De Mornay. While reading a forum about this subject earlier, several people were asking why these rich Hollywood stars do not hire a personal driver when they go out and party? I think that is a great question, because most famous Hollywood celebrities can certainly afford a personal driver to keep them from driving drunk.

It would be nice to think that Hollywood would clean up it's act after beautiful Rebecca De Mornay was arrested for DUI, but I doubt if her arrest will make one bit of a difference in the attitude of the famous that somehow think they are above the law. One of these days, some famous Hollywood star is going to kill someone in a major traffic accident while driving drunk and when that happens, maybe then the shock of the death of another human being will wake them up. However, no one can really be sure if someone else's death will effect anyones unsound reasoning when they climb behind the wheel of a car after having one too many at their local bar or pub. While millions of people follow the every move of many famous people, I certainly hope they do not start to emulate them when it comes to drinking and driving.

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