Friday, December 21, 2007

Romo Leads Dallas To Charlotte Saturday Night

Let's hope anyway that Tony Romo leads the Dallas Cowboys to victory against the Carolina Panthers Saturday night. For many Cowboys and Panthers fans that don't live in Charlotte or the DFW area, once again those fans will be forced to try and find a restaurant, bar or friend that has access to the game. For the second time this season, Dallas Cowboys' fans have unfortunately had their favorite teams game telecast on the 'NFL Network'. Most certainly bars and restaurants that either subscribe to a cable system with the NFL Network or ones that own their own satellite system have seen a windfall in profits this year because of the NFL Network. I am on record here blaming the NFL for this dispute and with Christmas approaching fast I do not have the desire nor the inclination to once again type my disgust with the NFL.

My sister has made reservations for us at a local restaurant/bar and we are going to watch Saturday night's Cowboys'/Panthers' game eating pizza and drinking cold beer. For a down home country boy, like myself, life doesn't get much better than that. The next big issue facing Dallas Cowboys' fans Saturday night is whether or not Jessica Simpson will attend the game as Tony Romo's guest or will she be forced to stay home for security reasons because so many Dallas Cowboys' fans are blaming her for Romo's poor performance last week? In the spirit of Christmas I'm sure that the Carolina Panthers would be more than happy to provide a good seat for Jessica Simpson as long as she continues to work her magic on Dallas quarterback Tony Romo. My guess is that Ms. Simpson will skip tomorrow night's Cowboys game and hopefully her absence will put Tony Romo's mind back on the game of football, instead of somewhere else.

Normally, my family would eat Christmas dinner together and gather around our own TV set to watch the Dallas Cowboys' play at Christmas. This year since the Dallas/Carolina game cannot be seen on television at my sisters house our regular routine has been changed, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. This year rather than sitting around in a stuffy house somewhere listening to some people gripe at Christmas time, we will be out in public and enjoying life with other people that also love watching the Dallas Cowboys play football. As long as there is pizza, beer and friends – what else does a person really need this weekend? Seasons Greetings to everyone and yes Jessica Simpson that includes you, too.

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