Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Paul Should Ditch The GOP – Run As Independent

Why candidate Ron Paul is running as a Republican for President of the United States is something I do not understand. In the conservative controlled GOP, a guy like Ron Paul does not have a chance at winning the nomination. However, Ron Paul would run better as an independent candidate for President and to date he has proven that he has sufficient grass roots support to finance such a campaign. No one in the mainstream media gives Ron Paul any chance of winning the GOP nomination for President, even though he is able to raise money faster and in much higher denominations than most of the other high profile contenders. While I do not agree with Ron Paul's vision for America, I certain believe that he has grass roots support the could allow him to run well as an independent candidate for President.

I watched part of an interview conducted with Paul this morning on Fox News via the Internet and it was clear that even the mainly GOP leaning Fox News Network treated Ron Paul as some kind of joke candidate rather than the real deal. If Ron Paul desires respect, he must shed his GOP roots and run for the presidency as an independent. It would not matter if Paul raised a billion dollars in his race for the GOP nomination, he will never win in a conservative party that does not share his view of America in the world. What has impressed me the most about Ron Paul's campaign is the way it has sprung out of nowhere with the aid of the Internet, blogs and email. Anyone that has ever written about Ron Paul either from a negative or positive point of view has received hundreds of email's from Ron Paul supporters either praising the story or condemning it.

Most other candidates running for the White House would kill to get the same loyal support from voters as Ron Paul enjoys today. Ron Paul is proving in his 2008 race for the White House that campaigns and campaigning as usual is changing dramatically in America. Today, a candidate can get noticed and raise millions of dollars in a one day effort if they have the power to harness the tremendous power of the Internet and get supporters all headed in the same direction at the same time. Howard Dean used the Internet to promote his campaign four years ago and in the end he squandered money and the good will of people that supported him by coming across as some kind of idiot when he lost the first few primaries. Ron Paul has a chance to build on that Howard Dean Internet model and move the grass roots even further in national campaigns, but to really be successful – Paul needs to drop out of the Republican Primary's at once and focus his time and money on running as an Independent candidate for President.

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