Thursday, December 27, 2007

Terry Glenn Replaces Terrell Owens In Cowboys Game

Twelve year veteran Terry Glenn will most likely start as wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys as they play the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Glenn has been recovering from knee surgery since September, but he is believe ready to take to the field to replace Terrell Owen who was hurt in last Saturday's game against the Carolina Panthers. Most of the hype this week revolves around the New England Patriots playing for a perfect season on Saturday night. However, there is importance in the Dallas/Washington game as well, especially for the Redskins because they can earn the final available Wild Game birth with a victory against the Dallas Cowboys. I have been concerned about the Dallas Cowboys for the past two weeks. First, they had that terrible game against the Philadelphia Eagles where angry fans blamed that loss on Jessica Simpson dating Dallas quarterback Tony Romo. Then last Saturday night, neither the Dallas offense or defense look like a playoff team as the Carolina Panthers played them a close game right up till the end.

With Terry Glenn taking the field once again on Sunday, maybe his presents will instill some much needed spirit to the Dallas Cowboys as they prepare to do battle in the NFC playoffs. If Tony Romo and the Cowboys continue to play the same way they have the past couple of weeks, they might not survive long in the playoffs. Fortunately, the Cowboys played well enough during the first part of this season to earn the right to have an off week while the Wild Card teams knock each other off during the first weekend of playoff games. While the addition of Terry Glenn to the roster is good news for Cowboys fans, I am still concerned about Tony Romo. While it is easy to pick on a famous person like Jessica Simpson and blame Tony Romo's poor performances on her, in reality something has not been right about Romo the past couple of weeks and now is not the time for a head quarterback to be losing momentum. In many ways, Tony Romo is the best quarterback that the Dallas Cowboys have ever had and while player slumps are a natural part of the game – no one wants their starting quarterback going into a slump a few weeks before the playoffs begin.

Hopefully on Sunday the Dallas Cowboys will show up to play and defeat the Washington Redskins badly by the end of the game. However, with a potential playoff birth possible for the Redskins if they beat the Cowboys, there is no doubt that the Redskins will play their best on Sunday. The Dallas Cowboys and starting quarterback Tony Romo need a big victory on Sunday to regain momentum going into the playoffs and I certainly hope that by the end of the game Cowboys fans are treated to a blowout which will build needed confidence to a currently deflated Dallas Cowboys team.

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