Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tonight's New England Patriots/New York Giants Game

I must admit I am excited to watch the New England Patriots play the New York Giants tonight as the Patriots play for the first unbeaten season for any team in the NFL since 1972. I was a young boy living in the Texas panhandle when that Miami unbeaten season took place, but I can still remember grown ups at the time all abuzz about Miami possibly going undefeated that year. One thing that New England's potential unbeaten season has been able to accomplish that millions of fans and even Members of Congress have been unable to do is get tonight's Patriots/Giants game not only shown on free nationwide television, but the Patriots success has caused that game to be broadcast on both CBS and NBC as well as the NFL Network on cable and satellite.

While anything can happen in the NFL on any given week, I would not bet anything against New England losing tonight's game against the New York Giants. History and momentum are on the side of the Patriots in the game tonight and unless New England just doesn't show up to play, they should have an easy victory against the Giants. As most of you know, I am a true blue Dallas Cowboys fan and I have been pleased with their play on the field this year as well. However, right now no other NFL team is even close to the quality of the New England Patriots team both on offense, defense and special teams. Even though I have never been a Patriots fan I have noticed myself during commercials of the Dallas Cowboys games sometimes switching from Fox Sports over to CBS to catch a few plays in the Patriots games when they are broadcast here in Texas.

With the NFL's decision to allow tonight's Patriots/Giants game to be broadcast on nationwide free television, maybe there will be further cracks develop going into next year that will allow most people to subscribe to the NFL Network via cable or satellite at a reasonable price. It is possible that tonight's New England Patriots and New York Giants football game could attract ratings close to or even better than some Superbowl games. The NFL is Americas favorite pastime right now and with an exciting game being played tonight on two major broadcast networks and nothing but re-runs on most of the other channels, there could be in excess of 100 million people tuning into the New England/New York football game tonight. Go Patriots!

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