Monday, December 24, 2007

Will The Dallas Cowboys Make It To The Superbowl?

I sure hope so, but getting to the Superbowl and actually winning that game are two separate issues. Right now I don't see how the Dallas Cowboys could win against the New England Patriots, but in the NFL anything is possible during any given game. The past two weeks, the Dallas Cowboys have not played at their best and it is anyones guess as to whether this 'Cowboys' slump will end before the playoffs begin in a couple of weeks. Right now, it would be hard for a betting man to wager real money against the New England Patriots. As the Patriots approach their perfect season next weekend, what will it take for an NFC team to defeat them in the Superbowl? The answer to that question is what is on the minds of coaches and fans from Dallas to Green Bay and other potential “Wild Card” teams around the league. I watched the last part of the New England/Miami game tonight and I did not see any weakness in New England's strategy as they easily defeat the Dolphins in the end.

In the 2007 NFL season the New England Patriots have done everything right, but can they turn that regular season perfection into a national championship at next years Superbowl game? Probably yes, because unlike other teams, like my favorite Dallas Cowboys – the Patriots have been able to hold it together from week to week no matter how good their opponents season has been. From where I am sitting, the New England Patriots are the best overall NFL team I have seen in my lifetime and unless something big comes along to throw them off their game, they will be the well deserved Superbowl Champions. Somewhere along the way, the Dallas Cowboys have lost their way and for the Cowboys' team leader, Tony Romo, that derailment could not have come at a worse time. People have been making fun of the 'Jessica Simpson' effect on Tony Romo now for over a week. While I have written about that subject in a tung and check way, the mainstream media has picked up on the Romo/Simpson story and taken it to a whole different level.

While it is fun to joke about Jessica Simpson and her alleged bad luck effect on Tony Romo, in reality she is not the problem facing the Dallas Cowboys as they approach the playoffs. The real problem surround the success that the Cowboys have had this year and the real competition that is yet to come from this 'Johnny come lately' team surround a lack of focus. It wasn't that long ago that Tony Romo was sitting on the bench as the Cowboys' coaching staff was looking around the NFL for the next has been to play as quarterback. Now with Romo in charge of the Dallas offense, it might take a couple of years for him to mature into a real quarterback that can lead the Dallas Cowboys' all the way to a Superbowl victory. One thing is for sure and that is that coach Wade Phillips, Tony Romo and Jerry Jones have made the right choices this season. Whether or not these strong willed men will be able to hold this group of talented players together until the Superbowl, is something else entirely.

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