Sunday, December 09, 2007

Will The New England Patriots Go Undefeated in 2007?

The question as to whether the New England Patriots will go undefeated this year seems to be on the lips of almost everyone that loves the game of professional football and after the Patriots destroyed the Pittsburgh Steelers this afternoon, I too have become a true believer that New England will have a perfect NFL regular season in 2007. As a true blue Dallas Cowboys fan, it is difficult to like the New England Patriots because of the trouncing they gave the Cowboys a few weeks ago. That said, once I finished watching a heart stopper of a game between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions this afternoon, I switch channels to watch the New England Patriots play the Pittsburgh Steelers. After a couple of weeks of almost stumbles, the New England Patriots showed up to play football today and made a good team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, looked weak by comparison. This weeks game between the Steelers and the Patriots was shadowed by comments made by a Steelers player where he guaranteed victory against the Patriots today. Man, he must feel pretty stupid right now after the New England Patriots wiped up the field against his team.

There is no other way to describe the on field play of the New England Patriots this year, but to say they are one of the greatest NFL teams in the history of the game. The Brady/Moss match up not only puts point on the score board almost at will, but the New England Patriots defense is playing better than anyone else in either conference right now. I told a relative on the telephone this afternoon that the past two games where the Patriots seemed down and not ready to play football were a 'God send' to their football team because no NFL team can go from good to great without the feeling of a potential win turning around and possibly going into the loss column. The NFL is awash in money right now from dozens of different revenue streams. That huge amount of cash allows all NFL teams to pretty much pick and chose the players that owners and coaches believe will lead them to victory. No other team has used the draft and free agent system to their advantage better than the New England Patriots. I believe my favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys are improving every week and today they had their own close call when the Detroit Lions almost defeated them, but in the end Tony Romo pulled out an unexpected victory for the Cowboys in a nail biting finish.

While I believe the New England Patriots are well on their way to having a perfect regular season in 2007, turning that unbelievable regular season record into a Superbowl victory is something else entirely. There are several other NFL teams that remain in the path of New England's quest for first an AFC Championship and then a Superbowl victory. I still believe that the Indianapolis Colts have a real shot at beating the Patriots in the AFC Championship game and if that does not happen, I believe the Dallas Cowboys can defeat the New England Patriots if the team shows up to play without mistakes against one of the best teams I have ever seen play the game, the New England Patriots. While I always want the Dallas Cowboys to win when they play any NFL team and especially against the New England Patriots, any true NFL football fan would have to admit that right now the New England Patriots are always the team to beat week in and week out. Will the New England Patriot take a potential perfect NFL season in 2007 and turn that perfection into Superbowl Gold? Maybe, but I hope not. My wish is to see the Dallas Cowboys play the New England Patriots in next years Superbowl game and to see Dallas even the score against New England in a hard fought battle in that Superbowl game.

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