Sunday, December 30, 2007

Will The New England Patriots Win The Superbowl?

In last nights game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants as the Patriots struggled to earn that perfect season, I began to wonder if the New England Patriots would be able to succeed in all of their playoff games and win the Superbowl this season. It is amazing that this season started off with head coach Bill Belichick being fined for cheating as his agents were caught filming the play calling of the New York Jets. After an NFL investigation that levied the fine against Belichick, the New England Patriots head coach never spoke about that fine again and moved forward to put his football team in the record books.

The New England Patriots are a great football team, but just like the Dallas Cowboys today – they played poorly last night against the New York Giants so this playoff season it is anyones guess as to whether the Patriots can turn their perfect regular season into a Superbowl championship. This weekend, there were many upsets and other almost upsets which includes the Patriots/Giants game last night. Actually, the New York Giants looked pretty good in their game against the Patriots and that good game play is giving me concerns because they could be playing the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs in just a few weeks. Will the New England Patriots put last night's almost defeat by the Giants behind them when their playoff games begin in two weeks? Hopefully, but momentum is a strange thing that cannot be turned on and off like a light switch.

I believe that the New England Patriots will be playing in this years Superbowl game and yes, in the end I believe they will win that game which will give them not only a perfect regular season, but a perfect season from start to finish. Whether people like the New England Patriots or not, the fact is that they are one great football team that has more talent on their bench than some professional football teams have in their starters. Next year, the New England Patriots will have a difficult time keeping their team together as other, hungry, NFL teams will try and steal their best players through free agency. This year is New England best and possibly only chance to end their season with both a perfect regular and post season record. While I will always be cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, it is hard not to silently be hoping for that unbeaten season for the Patriots.

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