Thursday, January 10, 2008

India's Tata Motors Debuts $2500 Car

It's seems impossible to me, but somehow Tata Motors, an automobile company in India, has build a car that will sell for $2500. I saw pictures of this new car, called the Nano, today and I actually thought it looked kind of neat. As you might image this car has none of the regular perks most people are use to in an automobile and no it does not have A/C, either. This new Nano, from Tata Motors, was developed for consumers in India that have a need for transportation, but lack the money to buy a regular full priced car. To me, the Nano looks like a golf cart that someone put a medal frame around. However, since I like golf carts that is not a negative for me.

Unbelievably, this new Nano can reach speeds of 65 miles per hour which is much faster than any golf cart I have ever driven. Fortunately for Tata Motors they are releasing this car for sale in India, so the mountains of red tape and federal regulation that would face a U.S. car company are not at play with the Nano. My personal preference in transportation is an SUV, but with gas prices moving ever higher that kind of a vehicle is not a smart move for me right now. It's too bad that the Nano isn't for sale in the United States because I think millions of people would buy one just to show off to their friends and family members.

For years I have seen extra small cars from Europe displayed in major motion pictures. Usually, here in Texas when one of those European small cars are shown on the movie screen, people in the audience tend to laugh because of their compact style. In contrast to some of the little cars from Europe, this new Tata Nano is a pretty cool looking car and it will help to serve a huge market of consumers in India, one of the largest nations in the world by population where average per capita income is still very low. Maybe Tata will find a way to get these cars into the United States for purely leisure use. If they do, I could see myself buying a Tata Nano and driving it on country roads on the weekend.

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