Saturday, April 05, 2008

Actor Charlton Heston Dies, Moses/NRA Spokesman

The family of actor Charlton Heston announce tonight that he had died. For billions of people around the world, Charlton Heston will be remembered as the face of Moses in the classic movie, 'The Ten Commandments'. A role that he played so well in a movie that is faithfully run on television in the United States and around the world on Easter Sunday. In his later years, Charlton Heston took on the role as spokesman for the NRA and in that role he coined the phrase, 'from my cold dead hand' as he held a rifle above his head. So many great Hollywood actors and actress are dying these days and in a way it is like a large chunk of American entertainment history is dying with them.

I remember as a young boy being mesmerized by Charlton Heston's portrayal of Moses in 'The Ten Commandments' and as the years passed the outstanding job he did in that movie as it's primary character did not fade with the passage of time. I grew up in a Christian home where the story of Moses had been told many times from the pulpit of my Southern Baptist Church. However, the words of various ministers and the reading of the bible did not do justice to the character of Moses until I saw Charlton Heston bring this historical figure to life on the silver screen. Now, Charlton Heston has passed away and the legendary movies that he made popular will gain even greater acceptance among a new generation of movie goers. Even some radio commentators have referred to Charlton Heston as Moses when they have interviewed him on their various programs over the years.

Heston was known for making movies that took place back during the times of Jesus Christ and he played each of those roles so well. In another great movie that took place during that time period of world history, Charlton Heston acted in a movie called 'Ben Hur' and he brought that biblical character to life in the same way he did the character of Moses. I was greatly saddened tonight when I heard the news of Charlton Heston's death and while I am sad that this great American has passed away, I do know that he had been in failing health for the past few years. Charlton Heston played best as an actor in what I refer to as 'epic motion pictures' where larger than life leading men were supported in their roles by thousands of movie extras. Those kinds of movies are not made anymore because of the costs associated with them and also with advancements in computer technology, the need to pay thousands of extras for supporting roles is not longer necessary.

The most memorable moment in a Charlton Heston film for me came when he, playing Moses in 'The Ten Commandments', parted the 'Red Sea'. Considering the technical know how of that time period, I was amazed at how realistic that movie shot was when the waters of the 'Red Sea' parted so that God's chosen people could escape a life of slavery and enter into the promise land. Now, Charlton Heston has also passed into the promise land, but he will not soon be forgotten because of the volumes of work that he did back during the hey day of motion picture development. My heart and prayers go out to Charlton Heston's family and may Gold grant them peace in knowing that their loved one positively effected millions of people worldwide more than they could ever possibly image.

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