Tuesday, April 29, 2008

John McCain's No New Ideas Health Care Plan

It is amazing what happens to a lifelong Republican when they give up on their party and start thinking for themselves. In that statement I am referring to myself because until a few years ago I could be counted on the back the good old GOP at election time because of my conservative beliefs. However, President Bush and other members of the Republican Party have helped me see the error of my ways over the past three or four years and now I consider myself a proud independent American that is thinking for himself for the first time in years. While listening to some sound bites on television today where John McCain was talking about health care in America, I once again discovered why I left the GOP and also why that was a smart decision. There are no new ideas when it comes to improving health care in America from the Republican Party, because the powers that be in the Republican party, including presidential candidate John McCain are living in the past and have no desire to edge toward the future.

While John McCain does have problems within the rank and file of conservative Republicans, his effort now to secure their votes in November is causing him to look like a flip flopper on some very key issues and top among those issues is the out of control price increases in U.S. medical costs and insurance. When you strip away the BS that John McCain is peddling, what he really is saying is that nothing should change in the current U.S. health care system. Of course, it is no secret that hospitals and doctors are major contributors to the GOP just like trial lawyers shower the Democrats with their money. However, rather than just focusing to the same old fights of the past between trial lawyers and doctors, maybe someone should try to look for a health care solution that does not benefit just rich doctors and rich lawyers?

All across America there are hard working people that earn low wages and who also do not have access to group health insurance at work. At present, I feel ashamed that I use to belong to a political party that thought that as long as the middle class and rich Americans had access to quality health care that bare basic emergency room service should be fine for the poor. The time has come for change when it comes to health care in America and rather than continuing to reward high priced doctors and trial lawyers with even more riches, elected Members of Congress and the next President of the United States should work to fix the many problems that face health care in America. I have no problem with doctors and lawyers earning a bunch of money, but right now these two group of rich Americans are gaming the system to the point that the only people that are really hurt are non rich Americans that just want a decent and affordable U.S. health care system.

Yesterdays, ideas of how to improve the U.S. health care system from John McCain were just that, yesterday ideas. John McCain and most GOP conservatives like the U.S. health care system just the way it is and they have no intention of trying to improve it because right now it serves their own selfish interest just fine. Most regular GOP voters are not poor and already have access to the best health care money can buy. Until recently, neither major political party put forward ideas of how to really improve the U.S. health care system, but in the 2008 campaign for President both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do have new ideas that should be discussed. However, when it comes to John McCain and his winning the GOP campaign for President without first securing the conservative base, no new health care ideas will be coming soon from him because he accidentally found a way to win the GOP nomination for President without first securing the base of his own political party.

Title: John McCain's No New Ideas Health Care Plan
Written: April 29 2008
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