Friday, May 09, 2008

Low Potassium Causes Severe Muscle Pain/Aching

The past few days, I have been a little bit sick to my stomach which caused my potassium blood level to drop. I have known since I was a young boy that any time the food we eat is not allowed to digest fully either because of an upset stomach or diarrhea, there is a high likelihood that the blood level of potassium and other key minerals will drop quickly to a point where they start to cause pain in our muscles which is very similar to the feeling we get when running a high fever. After a few days of trying to make sure I ate the right foods, today I am starting to feel better most likely because I am holding my food down and also because I have tried to make sure and eat foods that are high in potassium and other important minerals like calcium and salt.

This morning I felt pretty bad as muscles from my legs to lower back continued to ache. I did take some Advil to try and help control some of the pain – but that didn't do much good. Then I thought back to some old remedies that have been used for years to help a person feel better when their bodies supply of potassium gets too low because of either a sick stomach or diarrhea. The first thing I did was to open up a new bag of potato chips and ate as many as I could. Potato chips are high in potassium and sodium. The mixture of these two minerals in a healthy person with well functioning kidneys will help a person suffering from low potassium symptoms to start recovering very quickly. In addition to potato chips, tonight I went out to eat and ordered a huge glass of orange juice - fresh squeezed orange juice is loaded with potassium. Fast forward three hours later and I am currently feeling no achenes in my muscles anymore.

Many times, people that feel bad because of a lowering of their potassium blood levels due to an illness do not realize that they are feeling bad because of low blood potassium levels. Some foods in addition to potatoes and orange juice that are high in potassium that can help increase your blood levels of this important mineral in short order are: Banana's, Cantaloupe's and yes even beer is high in potassium. While I am not a doctor, I do know that while high potassium foods can help a person feel better, quickly, if their blood levels fall too low - remember that they should not be consumed by people that have weakened kidney function unless their consumption is approved by their doctor first. High potassium consumption does put stress on the kidney's over the short term which is handled easily by people with well functioning kidney's, but people suffering from kidney disease should be careful about eating foods that are high in potassium.

Just remember the next time you become sick to your stomach or suffer a severe case of diarrhea, there is a good chance you will feel terrible for a few days afterward because your bodies potassium levels have dropped substantially. If you are not running a fever, but feel like you are - you could be suffering from a mineral imbalance of the key electrolyte called potassium. Nothing will increase your blood levels of potassium faster than eating a baked potatoes, including the skin, and washing it down with a full glass of orange juice. It will take three to four hours to start feeling better because some mineral electrolytes, like potassium, take several hours to become fully absorbed into the body. Once again, please don't use this simple remedy to increase our potassium levels if you know or suspect that you have kidney disease. Your doctor has other ways to increase your potassium levels without risking further kidney damage.

Title: Low Potassium Causes Severe Muscle Pain/Aching
Written: May 09 2008
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