Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don Imus In Hot Water Again Over Racial Comment

I guess Don Imus just can't learn when it comes to what he can and cannot say on the radio, because recently he made another comment about an African-American man that has once again landed him in hot water with black leaders like Al Sharpton. You can listen to what Don Imus said, here, and judge for yourself if he once again crossed the line when it comes to insulting African-Americans. For a long time, I was a fan of Don Imus when he use to do his radio show on WFAN which was simulcasted on MSNBC television. Then Imus made his now famous remarks about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team which caused him to be fired by both WFAN and MSNBC. A few months later, WABC Radio and RFD cable television gave Don Imus another chance to redeem himself and after what seemed to be a heart felt apology for his previous comments he restarted his career on WABC Radio.

Now it appears that Don Imus has once again let his mouth get him in trouble. I listened to Don Imus' questionable comments tonight via the Internet and in my opinion if anyone else besides Don Imus would have said them, there would not be a problem from African-American activist like Al Sharpton. However, considering the tattered past of Don Imus, more that likely the words he used on his radio show recently will probably be the beginning of the end of his career. To me, there seems to be a self destructive streak that resides in the personality of Don Imus. How else can someone explain his actions? Imus seems to have an internal desire to continue to push the envelop, but he lacks the boundaries needed to make sure he does not go too far.

The fact that Don Imus is a recovering drug and alcohol abuser could help explain his need to self destruct his life. Anyone that has known someone that has recovered from an addition to drugs and/or alcohol understand too that there is something different in the personalities of people that allow themselves to become addicted to substances. That is the reason why I believe there is some kind of need that rests deep down inside of Don Imus to always try and cross the line. Even though Imus understood all to well that his career would end if he made another disparaging remark about African-Americans, still his need to push the envelope to the edge caused him to once again cross a line that he knew should not have been crossed. Right now I should feel sorry for the management of WABC Radio because they are going to be the ones that will be forced to pick up the pieces if this new story has legs. However, WABC management knew what they were getting when they hired Don Imus and now they will be forced to sleep in a bed that they chose to create.

When Don Imus was hired by WABC Radio, I thought they installed some kind of long delay system to prevent these types of comments from ever getting onto the airwaves. If that long delay before broadcast system was still in place, someone else besides Don Imus must also be to blame for allowing his words to not be bleeped out by the WABC Radio company censor. Mind you, I'm not trying to get someone else fired at WABC for a clear mistake that was made on Don Imus' part, but still one of the conditions that WABC placed on Imus' show when they agreed to give him another chance, was a long live to air radio delay system which was suppose to catch Don Imus' mistakes of the tongue before they were broadcast out to the world. Soon, a radio legend by the name of Don Imus could fade from public view forever and for the millions of fans that just can't get their day started without him, it is a shame that he was not thinking about you when, once again, he made a possible career ending mistake.

Title: Don Imus In Hot Water Again Over Racial Comment
Written: June 24 2008
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