Monday, June 23, 2008

McCain's $300 Million Battery Idea

Just when almost everyone, including myself, thought that Senator John McCain was out of the the running for this years presidential race – now he has come with a crazy idea that might just help this country quickly develop an energy alternative to crude oil. Today, Senator McCain proposed that the U.S. government reward the person(s) that can develop a huge breakthrough in automobile battery longevity with a $300 million prize. Only last week, Senator McCain proposed a lifting of the offshore ban on drilling for crude oil in Florida and California and then today he is taking the next step, which has been needed so badly in this country and that is providing a real incentive for a person or group of people to prefect and extend automobile battery life.

The big question I have is, where is Senator Obama while McCain is thinking out of the box when it comes to solving this nations energy needs? He certainly is not offering up any new ideas of his own, short of the same old liberal nonsense that has been peddled by environmental extremist for decades. Right now, Senator McCain is proving that he is ready for this presidential campaign – but to date, Senator Obama is not. John McCain's energy ideas are right down the middle politically and that is where Barack Obama needs to be if he wants to become the next President. Within the course of one week, Senator McCain has proposed an idea that will allow for more crude oil discovery within the United States and now with his $300 million battery lottery idea, he is also looking toward the future energy needs of this country.

For some reason, Senator Obama is still stuck in his primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. While running toward the left in the democratic primary is the right thing to do, he must quickly shed many of his old time liberal ideology and get about the business of finding solutions to this nations problems in a moderate and compromising way. Right now, it appears that Senator Obama is trying to find himself while at the same time Senator McCain seems to have his war chest full of new ideas to fight the ever increasing price of gas. To say that I am shocked that John McCain seems to be the new ideas guy in this race, is a huge understatement. Like everyone else, I thought that it would be McCain that would stick with ideology throughout this presidential campaign, but to date it has been Obama that seems to be stuck in the politics of the past.

While Senator McCain's idea of offering someone a $300 million prize for helping to propel automobile battery technology to the next level will be criticized by some as nothing more than an energy gimmick - the amount of that prize, $300 million, is just the kind of incentive it will take to get Americas best minds to work on this most important issue. For far too long, young inventors have found their inventions being bought up by large oil companies and then shelfed because they could change the way Americans fuel their automobiles and homes. By putting a huge reward, $300 million, on the table – the U.S. government would assure that the next big idea in automobile battery technology would not be bought by some oil company just so it never saw the light of day in the free market. Even for rich oil companies, $300 million, is no small amount of money. Right now, John McCain understands that high gas prices are the only issue facing voters in this November's election. The next big question is when will Barack Obama discover that, as well?

Title: McCain's $300 Million Battery Idea
Written: June 23 2008
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