Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Vacation Deals Both Good And Bad

The summer of 2008 is turning out to be both good and bad when it comes to planning a summer vacation. On the good side, there are great deals being found in some of the previously most expensive summer vacation locations of Las Vegas and Orlando. Now for the bad news, these deal are only good because high gas prices have caused travel to those locations to become more expensive and that is why these mega vacation destinations are discounting their prices at the height of the summer vacation season. However, for the fortunate people that live within one to two hundred miles of Orlando and Las Vegas – they will find not only great prices on hotel rooms and top quality entertainment, but the price of gas to get to those locations will be less, as well.

The energy crisis of 2008 is putting stress on popular vacation locations like Orlando and Las Vegas more than some of the others because these mega vacation stops are usually visited by people that fly to their destination or who are willing to drive thousands of miles to get there. With 2008 summer gas prices well over $4 per gallon, huge vacation locations like Vegas and Disney are cutting the cost on many of their most popular attractions and they are also lowering the prices of hotel rooms in order to fill them up during the time of the year when usually no discount is needed. In huge mega vacation locations like Las Vegas and Orlando, expansions have been build into their business plan years before gas prices start rising so high. Now, these huge vacation locations have new attractions that they hoped would increase their bottom line five or ten years ago, but today there are not enough summer vacation travelers to fill up their hotels and sell out those multi million dollar venues that took years to build.

Just like in the current U.S. real estate market, the mega vacation marketplace has become a buyers market where desperate corporations will make sweet heart deals in order to get people to their locations in order to spend money on their newest attractions. While mega vacation locations like Las Vegas and Orlando are in a good position to lower prices in order to attract vacationers dollars, there are more out of the way vacation locations that will not be as lucky this summer. The first casualty of high gas prices will be moderately sized vacation areas that are mainly dotted with small 'bed and breakfast' accommodation's that have been all the rage with many Americans over the past few years. Many of these small, out of the way, summer vacation areas were popular back when gas prices were cheap and they also allowed busy city dwellers an opportunity to get out of the hustle and bustle of their normal lives and rest in a location where life moves at a slow and restful pace.

If the experts are right and gas prices rise to $6 or more per gallon by the end of the summer of 2008, then the first businesses that will cease to exist will be small vacation locations in some of the most beautiful areas of this country. The next area that will eventually suffer and could face an all out depression are mega vacation areas like Las Vegas and Orlando. I certainly hope that before Vegas and Disney start losing billions of dollars in tourist revenue, that our elected leaders in Washington start doing the right thing which is drilling for more oil and allowing America to take care of it's own energy needs. If our government leaders don't start doing the right thing when it comes to exploring for and drill more crude oil in the United States, then the problems that will be faced by mega vacation locations like Las Vegas and Orlando will pale in comparison to the all out pain we will all be feeling when and if gas prices are not brought under control.

Title: Summer Vacation Deals Both Good And Bad
Written: June 22 2008
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