Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert's Cause Of Death, Enlarged Heart/Cholesterol

An autopsy was preformed on Tim Russert's body late yesterday which discovered his cause of death. In the end, Tim Russert died because of an enlarged heart and cholesterol build up in a major artery caused it to rupture and lead to his death. Tim Russert was a common man that became a national treasure on television and in the end it was a common mans disease that eventually took his life at an early age. Millions of Americans suffer with high cholesterol which builds up inside of our arteries which will eventually cause death if not lowered either through medication, diet, exercise or a combination of the three. According to written reports that I ready today, Tim Russert had just passed a heart stress test in April and his doctor had been treating him with medication to lower his cholesterol at the time of his death, yesterday. Less than 24 hours ago, Tim Russert was still alive and working hard in his Washington office preparing to do his show 'Meet the Press' tomorrow morning. However, the breach of one small artery in his body caused him to die and with his death a national sense of mourning has touched this country in a huge way.

It is hard to image the death of anyone else in the world that would have had the same devastating effect on the American people as a whole more than the death of Tim Russert yesterday. From the average guy or gal on the street to the President of the United States, Tim Russert had a profound effect on all. It did not matter if a person was rich, politically powerful or someone that had no money or influence at all – Tim Russert was able to cut through American class and power labels and equally fit in with a bunch of blue collar workers just as much as with the richest and most powerful people in Washington. There have been only a few people throughout history that had the ability to be the best friend of the rich and powerful while still feeling right at home tossing down a cold mug of beer at a union hall at the end of the day. Tim Russert was that kind of guy and that is why there are powerful and rich people and ordinary folks unable to make ends meet which are equally saddened and living in a state of shock about his untimely death.

Tomorrow morning, millions of Americans will wake up on Sunday morning and find something very important to the start of that day gone forever. While 'Meet the Press' will be broadcast tomorrow morning without Tim Russert, it is hard to image that show in the same way without Russert sitting in the big chair and asking the tough questions of his guests. Last night, on 'Larry King Live' Barbara Walter said that Tom Brokaw would most likely be the guest host on 'Meet the Press this Sunday which is fitting considering that Mr. Brokaw spent hours of his professional life working with Tim Russert on many an election night before Tom Brokaw retired from his anchor desk on NBC Nightly News. Without a doubt Tim Russert's friends and colleagues at NBC News will spend this entire weekend making sure that Meet the Press on Sunday becomes a worthy shrine to the late Tim Russert. Until Tim Russert died yesterday, I don't think any of his colleagues and peers gave a second thought to how much he was loved both in and outside of the new media.

My hope is that Tim Russert's death will create a rallying cry among other members of the national news media to become more like Tim when they cover politics in the United States. From the all out right wing propaganda of Fox News to the old liberal dribble telecast on MSNBC, most members of the national news media lost objectivity long ago and started choosing up sides when it comes to political debate. Tim Russert never seem to be on either political side when he interviewed politicians and that is the way major reporters and news networks should conduct themselves in American politics. When a politician was interviewed by Tim Russert on Meet the Press, he aways asked questions of his guests like a Pit Bull dog who was wearing a Teddy Bear mask. It did not matter whether Tim's guest was a Democrat, Republican or Independent candidate – he treated them all the same way and worked hard to get his guest off their talking points so his audience could see what that person really stood for down deep inside. The world has lost an amazing talent.

Title: Tim Russert's Cause Of Death, Enlarged Heart/Cholesterol
Written: June 14 2008
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