Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Congress Approval Rating Approaches 0%

The current public approval rating of Congress is in single digits and headed fast toward 0%. One might look at the approval rating of a democrat controlled Congress and say that the Republicans will most certainly win more seats in November when the next election is held. However, the disapproval rating of Congress is not a partisan issue – but one where most people in the United States of America are blaming both political party's equally for not doing the right thing when it comes to protecting this country.

At the top of the list of why Congress is getting such low public approval ratings is in their inaction when it comes to solving Americas energy needs both now and in the future. While the GOP argument that we can drill our way out of this current problem is not totally believed by the American people – the democratic concern that Global Warming will result in the end of this world as we know it is even worse. Like always, Democrats and Republicans are lining up on opposite sides of this issue – which means in the end nothing is getting done.

Everyday I turn on my television set and watch the latest news from CNN, MSNBC and Fox News to see happy Members of Congress they are peddling their own brand of crazy talk about what is need to solve Americas energy problems. Most Americans know what the solution to our energy problems involve, but neither political party has caught up with the average American when it comes to what the right thing to do, is. Less than 50% of the American people are ideologues that put their own political religion ahead of what is in the best interest of this country. However, it is the political ideologues that give the most money to political campaigns and there in we find the problem.

American politicians have become little more than a group of reelection con artist that sell their votes to the highest bidder in order to get reelected. What is in the best interest of the United States has taken a back seat to what is in their own personal political interest. While most people in the mainstream media seem to believe that the United States of America is best lead by a strong President of the United States – I believe that real leadership begins in the U.S. House of Representatives because those elected individuals are forced to remain close to the voters back home in order to get reelected to their office every two years.

While it is highly likely that the Democrats will pick up additional seats in the 2008 elections in Congress, in no way should that victory be considered a vote of confidence from the American people. Just because Americans consider Democrats to be the lessor or two evils does not mean that they are really that excited by the leadership skills of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. The real test of democratic leadership in the Congress will only happen if they once and for all ditch the idea that 'Climate Change' is going to be the death of us all and finally come up with realistic solutions to the energy problems that are driving average Americans to the edge of bankruptcy.

Title: Congress Approval Rating Approaches 0%
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Written: July 16 2008
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