Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Years After Hurricane Katrina, Review/New Storm Nears

It's almost like history is trying to repeat itself in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi as almost three years to the day after Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of this area, another major hurricane is approaching. Over the past three years, many things in and around New Orleans have been rebuilt, while miles and miles of former neighborhoods that were constructed below sea level sit almost untouched as rotting homes and abandoned buildings waste away to nothing. Now a new hurricane in heading right for New Orleans - but this time city, state and federal authorities say they are ready to get people out of harms way and not trap them in a single location like was the case during Hurricane Katrina.

It was only a couple of weeks after Hurricane Katrina caused massive destruction in Louisiana and Mississippi that I first started writing this blog. I still remember the anger that I felt down deep inside as I watched people that were stranded by water on all sides sit by day after day begging for the government to come to their assistance without a positive result from FEMA and the Bush administration. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush suffered a body blow to his reputation as a sound and good leader as his administration fumbled the ball on numerous occasions and then tried to blame their ill planning on both city and state officials in Louisiana.

Now it is the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and within the next few months the American people will elect another President of the United States. When Hurricane Katrina struck the U.S. Gulf Coast back in 2005, the public approval rating of President Bush was somewhere around 50%. However, over the past three years that public approval rating has gone though the basement as Americans of all political persuasions have turned on the leadership style of President Bush and the people he has appointed to help Americans that face disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Over the next few days, some in the news media will only call attention to what is still wrong in New Orleans, but to be fair and honest - many businesses and neighborhood have been rebuilt and most certainly New Orleans is better prepared for the next hurricane than it was when Katrina almost tore it completely apart.

Title: Three Years After Hurricane Katrina, Review/New Storm Nears
Written: August 28 2008
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Barack Obama In Denver Speech, Not Bad At All

After getting more hype than anything I have seen in a long time, tonight Senator Barack Obama accepted the nomination of his party for President and then proceeded to give a very inspiring speech before almost 100,000 screaming supporters and tens of millions of people at home watching on television. The biggest problem facing the Barack Obama campaign going into tonight's big acceptance speech was to make the actual event as exciting as the hype that lead up to it.

In my view, Senator Barack Obama more than meet expectations in his speech tonight from Denver and he also set the stage for a hard fought campaign against Senator John McCain this fall. The only problem I saw in Barack Obama's acceptance speech tonight was that he seemed to be promising more stuff than he will actually be able to deliver if he is elected as the next President of the United States. However, over promising government solutions to complex problems is what politicians do and it is probably necessary in order to gain enough votes to win the election.

While there will be many GOP pundits that will be ready to put down Senator Barack Obama's big speech tonight in Denver, right now I believe he did a great job of meeting the high expectations that were placed at his door step when it was announced that he would give his speech outdoors in front of tens of thousands of regular people, instead of in a stuffy - partisan filled convention hall which is usually the case. To say that Senator John McCain has a hard act to follow would be a huge understatement and the fact that he is likely to announce his VP pick tomorrow proves that he and his campaign are concerned about Obama's successful convention.

Title: Barack Obama In Denver Speech, Not Bad At All
Written: August 28 2008
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GOP Convention Date Could Be Changed, Gustav

There was some talk today that Senator John McCain might consider moving the date of the 2008 Republican National Convention next week because of the potential landfall of Hurricane Gustav. I cannot recall an event like that happening in the past, but maybe it has. What Republicans are afraid of is being seen as partying in Minnesota while thousands of Americans are fighting for their property and lives on the U.S. Gulf Coast at the same time. With the 2008 presidential election so close, it does make sense that John McCain would be concerned about pictures of homeless and suffering people being shown on television, while the GOP is drinking it up and having a good time at their national convention.

While moving the date of the 2008 Republican National Convention might sound simple on the surface, in reality it is not that easy of a decision to make because the lives of thousands of GOP supporters and hundreds of members of the national news media that show up to cover these conventions would be drastically impacted. Not to mention the fact that the convention location might have been booked for another event in the future and also the millions of dollars in revenue that would be lost by restaurants and hotels in the twin cities area could create a backlash against the GOP in a very important state, Minnesota, in November.

Hurricane Gustav has put Senator John McCain and the Republican Party between a rock and a hard place next week and whatever decision they make will not be accepted well by some people. My guess is that the Republican National Convention will go on as scheduled next week, but most of the speakers at the convention will be filled with concern for the people that may be effect by Hurricane Gustav. The smart GOP move would be to send Senator John McCain to wherever this hurricane is going to strike and show him helping the people instead of making his acceptance speech at the convention.

Title: GOP Convention Date Could Be Changed, Gustav
Written: August 28 2008
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Police Now Believe Caylee Anthony Is Dead

The DNA results are back from Casey Anthony's car and it is now clear from a scientific standpoint that not only is Caylee Anthony dead, but at some point in time her body was resting in the trunk of her mother, Casey's, car. This is terrible news for everyone in the world that has been following this case of a beautiful young girl who had a sociopath for a mother and two pathological liar's for grandparents. As regular readers know, I had been hoping against hope that maybe Casey Anthony might have sold or even given away her daughter to someone else - but with this new DNA evidence so strong, even I must admit that Caylee is dead.

The smart by half bounty hunter that flew across the country to bail Casey Anthony out of jail is now asking the court to revoke her bail and send her back to jail. At least he hopes the court will revoke her bail because if they don't his $500,000 cash bond could be lost if Casey decides to flee before she is put on trial. Unfortunately, the parents of Casey Anthony - Cindy and George will probably come up with some other crazy answer for why Caylee's dead DNA showed up in her mother Casey's trunk this weekend, but few people will be interested in their explanation because they have been proven liars too many times before.

Now it is just a matter of time before Caylee Anthony will be put on trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee. My gut tells me that Casey will refuse to tell police where Caylee's body is located unless they agree not to give her the death penalty in this case. It is so sad when a mother cares more about herself than she does about her daughter, but sociopaths have caused regular people to wonder how they can be so cold blooded for decades. It would be wonderful if young Caylee's body could be found before Casey is charged with her murder, so if it is warranted - the Orlando DA can seek the death penalty against this mother that most Americans detest and hate.

Title: Police Now Believe Caylee Anthony Is Dead
Written: August 28 2008
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Would Barack Obama Be The Democratic Nominee Without Oprah?

As the Democratic National Convention ends tonight with Senator Barack Obama's big speech in Denver, I started wondering, to myself, tonight if Barack Obama could have won his party's nomination without the help of Oprah Winfrey? After careful debate, my answer is no because more than likely without the front and center support of Oprah and her carefully tailored brand name, tonight we would most likely be hearing Hillary Clinton giving her acceptance speech as the democratic nominee, instead of Barack Obama.

In her own way, Oprah is a very powerful woman not only in the world of entertainment and television, but she has also shown that she can motivate African-American female voters to go against their gender instinct and support Hillary Clinton because she is a woman and instead focus on their African-American race which lead many of them to support Barack Obama. I have no doubt that Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee for President today simply because Oprah Winfrey decided to put race ahead of gender in the 2008 democratic nomination process.

On the other hand, if Oprah came out early on and placed her undying support behind Hillary Clinton and encouraged her millions of fans to support her based on her gender instead of Obama because of his race, there is little doubt that Hillary would be speaking tonight and giving her acceptance speech instead of Barack. While presidential elections always seem to be big high tech affairs where whoever wins and loses happens on a big stage, in reality - one powerful woman like Oprah Winfrey is the real reason Barack Obama will face John McCain in November and I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton knows that fact all too well.

Title: Would Barack Obama Be The Democratic Nominee Without Oprah?
Written: August 28 2008
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All Over But The Big Speech, DNC Convention

They say in the Opera that the show is not over until the fat lady sings and the same is true for political conventions. Tomorrow night, Senator Barack Obama will give his acceptance speech before 75,000 screaming supporters in Denver at the same place the Broncos play their football games. While I have avoided this years Democratic National Convention like the plague and to be fair I intend to do the same things when Republican gather next month, there have been a few time that I have been forced to watch the convention and on those brief occasions it looked like everyone was having a jolly good time.

More than likely, tomorrow night Senator Barack Obama will give a very inspiring speech that will bring people to cheers and then to tears and eventually back to cheers again. That's what is suppose to happen when big time politicians stand up and give speeches to tens of thousands of people at a huge football stadium while at the same time millions more watch at home. However, it is going to take more than just words to push Barack Obama over the top in electoral votes in November and we will soon be able to tell if Obama has the right stuff when it comes to winning the White House.

Unlike previous presidential election years, Senator John McCain's campaign staff has been working the email and fax machines all this week trying to draw negative attention to all of the choices that Barack Obama has made. However, I doubt if many Obama staffers will go on vacation and let John McCain steal the show either when he has his convention next month. The sad truth is that politics is a full contact sport and to me it is fitting that Barack Obama is giving his acceptance speech in an NFL football stadium tomorrow night because he is in the political battle of his life right now.

Title: All Over But The Big Speech, DNC Convention
Written: August 27 2008
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Meet Congressman Chet Edwards Of Texas, DNC Tonight

Tonight, at the 2008 Democratic National Convention - millions of Americans will meet Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas for the first time. People like me, that call Central Texas home have known Chet for a long time and whether you agree with Congressman Edwards politics or not - it is difficult not to like this soft spoken man that has done so much for the people of Central Texas. Congressman Chet Edwards lives in Waco, Texas and he has been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 18 years.

Several times during the run up to this years Democratic National Convention, Chet Edwards has been suggested as a possible VP pick for Senator Barack Obama. The first notable person to suggest Chet Edwards as a good choice for Barack Obama as a vice presidential candidate was 'Speaker of the House' Nancy Pelosi. Then last week it was discovered that Congressman Chet Edwards had made the 'short list' of Obama's VP picks shortly before Barack Obama selected Joe Biden to be his vice presidential candidate.

Tonight, Congressman Chet Edwards will speak before the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Being one of the thousands of Americans that are represented by Chet in the House of Representatives, I could not be more proud of him - not only because he is speaking at the convention tonight, but also because his hard work in Washington was reconized by Nancy Pelosi - a person with political views far left of those of Congressman Edwards. All I can say is good luck Chet with your speech tonight in Denver and come home soon.

Title: Meet Congressman Chet Edwards Of Texas, DNC Tonight
Written: August 27 2008
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Hurricane Gustav Could Ruin Labor Day For Millions

Over the next few days we will all know how strong Hurricane Gustav will become as it churns it's way through the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and also we'll have a better idea where it will strike the mainland of the United States. Early predictions have Hurricane Gustav on a direct path for Louisiana not far from New Orleans which is not a good sign because three years ago is when a major hurricane by the name of Katrina all but wiped out the City of New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast shoreline of Mississippi.

While most people look forward to the long Labor Day Weekend as the last fun holiday before the cold weather of winter starts heading their way, for people that live on the U.S. Gulf Coast - too many times Labor Day Weekend means watching huge hurricanes like Gustav and a few years ago Katrina and Rita as they made their way to a location to do great damage to homes, property and lives along the way. The people that are in charge of keeping up with these massive storms believe that Hurricane Gustav will reach Category 3 strength before it hits the U.S. mainland somewhere between Texas and the Florida panhandle.

Right now all the millions of people that call the U.S. Gulf Coast home can do is wait, watch the latest weather forecast and pray that they will be spared from the potential deadly destruction of Hurricane Gustav. For years I have studied human behavior because it is interesting for me to see the various types of personalities that make this life so wonderful and unique. The personality of someone that makes the choice to live in a hurricane zone is very similar to the people that explored and colonized the wild west back in the 1800's and while some people think these people are crazy, to me they show the real spirit that made American what it is today.

Title: Hurricane Gustav Could Ruin Labor Day For Millions
Written: August 27 2008
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Happened To The Presidential Immigration Reform Debate?

I remember hearing about this same time last year from Rush Limbaugh and other radio talk show hosts that 'Immigration Reform' should not be decided at that time, but left to the presidential election campaign that is going on right now. So Rush, where is the presidential immigration debate? I must admit that I have not been able to listen to Rush Limbaugh as much as I use to because of job duties - but I do get an email update each day from Rush and while there are some occasional mentions of immigration, for the most part he has shut down his campaign to stop immigration reform and is focusing instead on electing Senator John McCain by constantly putting down Obama instead of praising McCain.

When Rush Limbaugh first brought up the idea of waiting until the presidential campaign to have an honest and straight forward debate about immigration reform, I thought what he had to say made a lot of sense. However, now with the help of hindsight - I believe Rush and other conservative AM radio talk show hosts were just pulling the chain of people that believe that the U.S. borders should be more secure. This is not the first time that conservative ideologues have said one thing one year and then completely ignored that issue the next when it was really time for people to show up and start voting for President. More than likely, the fact the the border fence has been moving right along at a quick pace has given Rush Limbaugh some kind of cover so he can back McCain even though he was front and center with Edward Kennedy when this debate was in full swing last year.

Now it's almost time to elect the next President of the United States and neither candidate wants to talk about immigration reform and what should be done to guard our borders while at the same time giving a pathway to citizenship for people that obey the rules. It's no wonder that states and local governments are tackling this controversial issue because no one in Washington wants to touch it with a ten foot pole. What to expect is more of the usual until Senator John McCain or Obama is elected the next President of the United States and then soon thereafter there will be comprehensive immigration reform passed by Congress and this time no matter how much Rush Limbaugh and other radio talk show hosts try to stop it - it will pass the Congress and become the law of the land.

Title: What Happened To The Presidential Immigration Reform Debate?
Written: August 26 2008
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FDIC's List Of Problem Banks Grows To 117

The past couple of weeks, Americans have been fortune to have events that have taken our minds off of the U.S. housing crisis - but just because we are not paying attention to this ever increasing problem does not mean that people who are in charge of making sure the American ship of state remains solvent enjoy that same luxury. While most Americans have been focusing on the Olympic and the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the FDIC has been increasing it's number of problem banks.

Not long after Indymac Bank failed, the FDIC announced that it had a list of 90 problem banks that it was keeping a close eye on. Today however, federal officials said that they had increased the number of potentially problem banks on that list to 117. While this is not a huge jump in the number of potentially problem banks in a nation the size of the United States, the fact that the number of banks in financial trouble is still increasing is a concern to me.

What bothers me the most about this ever increasing number of problem banks on the FDIC watch list is that this agency had a list of 90 problem banks before Indymac Bank failed and when pushed by reporters the FDIC had to admit that Indymac Bank was not that list of 90 problem banks before federal regulators closed it down because of financial problems. That should raise the question as to whether the FDIC is playing politics with the well being of U.S. banks because this is an election year?

Come the middle of November, after all the ballots are counted in the upcoming presidential and congressional elections - it would not surprise me if a whole slue of banks all of a sudden were declared insolvent by the FDIC.

Title: FDIC's List Of Problem Banks Grows To 117
Written: August 26 2008
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Forced To Watch Hillary At Tonight's Convention

I had decided weeks ago that I had no intention of watching the Democratic or Republican conventions this summer, but tonight - I guess Hillary Clinton wanted to draw in people like me that don't like watching these partisan events by making her speech run overtime and into the 11pm news on the East Coast and the 10pm news here in the Central Time Zone. Like millions of other Americans, I usually like to watch the late local news to find out what has been happening locally before I go to bed.

Of course, Hillary Clinton would have some good excuse for her speech running over time tonight, but I don't buy any innocent explanation when it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton. More than like, Hillary knew all too well that the television audience would go from about 10 million viewers in the 10pm EST hour to over 100 million the next hour as millions of Americans turned on their televisions to watch their late local news. Frankly, is there anything that Bill and Hillary don't try to manipulate to their own personal advantage?

So, despite my best intentions - I was forced to watch Hillary Clinton talk on television tonight from the Democratic National Convention in Denver for about 10 minutes. During that time period, all I could think of was when in the world she would stop talking so I could watch my local news instead of her. The narcissism of Bill and Hillary Clinton is legendary and I personally think that if they had their way, whenever either one of them was talking on television that there should be a law that requires all TV channels to cover their words. For those of us that don't particularly like Hillary Clinton, just being forced to see her against our will, even for just a few minutes, is something that we try to avoid at all cost.

Title: Forced To Watch Hillary At Tonight's Convention
Written: August 26 2008
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Casey Anthony Wanted To Give Caylee Up For Adoption

It must be difficult for childless couples to continue to read about the dysfunctional behavior of Casey Anthony. Today, more evidence was reported from the court about how Casey Anthony never wanted Caylee and desired to put her up for adoption - but her mother Cindy talked her out of it. As we all now know, giving Caylee up for adoption would have been in the best interest of this young child - rather than having her raised by a narcissistic mother like Casey Anthony.

Thousands of children are put up for adoption every single year because of various reasons and each and every time this gift of love is practiced, another child has the potential to be raised in a home where parents want them and need them to make their lives complete. I am on record here as stating many times that while Casey Anthony is a sociopath, her mother Cindy is not much better. In fact, many of the self center ideas that currently make up Casey Anthony's brain were most likely planted there during her upbringing by Cindy Anthony.

Now Casey, Cindy and George are all spending time in the same house once again and by the time Casey goes on trial - there will be even more lies to tell and strange unbelievable stories to spread about what really happened to young Caylee. Today's revelation that Casey Anthony never wanted Caylee in the first place renews my personal belief that Casey either sold Caylee for money or simple gave her away to a couple that would take care of her. I know most people believe that young Caylee is dead, but in my own world of denial I prefer the idea that she was sold or given away to a childless couple - rather than picturing that young child buried in an unmarked grave.

Title: Casey Anthony Wanted To Give Caylee Up For Adoption
Written: August 26 2008
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OJ Simpson's Las Vegas Trial Begins September 8th

In less than two weeks, OJ Simpson will once again be put on trial. This time however, the charges against him are not murder - but instead a lessor charge of kidnapping. About one year ago, OJ Simpson and a band of friends entered the hotel room of a person in Las Vegas that was selling Simpson memorabilia. In an angry rage, Simpson and his friends held the memorabilia merchants against their will at gun point as OJ Simpson yelled and ranted in an out of control voice that the merchandise that the person was selling was stolen from him.

On September 8th, OJ Simpson goes on trial in Las Vegas for holding the people in that hotel room against their will, kidnapping, and he could face a life sentence if convicted. Every time OJ Simpson enters a court room, I am reminded of the farce that was consider justice against him when he went on trial for the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman. The late Johnny Cochran turned that trial into a national debate about racism and in the end, most people believe that OJ Simpson got away with a double murder.

Now in a couple of weeks, the world will once again face another OJ Simpson trial and like other people I hope this time Mr. Simpson will receive proper justice and not be given another pass just because of his skin color. In the Las Vegas case, the evidence is strong against OJ Simpson and if a jury bases their decision on that evidence - OJ Simpson will be convicted of kidnapping and spend time in a Nevada prison. However, in OJ Simpson's last trial - the evidence was also strong that he killed his wife and Goldman, but in the end the jury could not look past racism to render a fair and just verdict.

Title: OJ Simpson's Las Vegas Trial Begins September 8th
Written: August 26 2008
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Bill/Hillary Road Show Tonight In Denver

Last night, the 2008 Democratic National Convention was all about Edward Kennedy and Michelle Obama. Tonight, it will be Clinton TV in homes all around the country as Bill and Hillary try to show their fair weathered support for Barack Obama while at the same time holding onto control of the Democratic Party. I have believed for a long time now that deep down inside, Hillary supports McCain because an Obama defeat is the faster way possible for her to run for and win the democratic nomination in 2012.

However, wanting a McCain victory in November and actually pushing it forward in plain sight is something entirely different for Bill and Hillary. Look for Hillary to be all smiles tonight in her praise and support for Barack Obama, but also look for little clues she will peddle out to her supporters which will give a completely different prospective. It still amazes me that so many people blindly follow the Clinton's when it comes to American politics. There is just something mesmerizing about them that keeps some Democrats faithful to them for life.

Soon, last night's TV ratings will be released and for me it will be interesting to see how many Americans tuned in to watch the first night of the 2008 Democratic National Convention. What will be even more interesting to see is if more or less people tune in to see Hillary Clinton tonight over the moving speeches by Senator Edward Kennedy and Michelle Obama last night? The Bill and Hillary road show is coming to a television set near you tonight. However, I will choose not to watch it because I already know the game plan and frankly I am sick of the two faced attitude both of them have with it comes to their support of Barack Obama.

Title: Bill/Hillary Road Show Tonight In Denver
Written: August 26 2008
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Night In Denver, All About Senator Edward Kennedy

The first night of the 2008 Democratic National Convention will more be remember by the standing ovation that was given to Senator Edward Kennedy than to the speech by Barack Obama's wife, Michelle. While I was unable to watch tonight's coverage of the DNC 2008 convention on television, I just finished watching a recap of the events on ABC News Nightline and from the what they had to say, Monday night at the Democratic National Convention was all about Senator Edward Kennedy.

A couple of months ago, Senator Kennedy was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and while few doctors believed that his condition could be cured by traditional cancer treatments, Edward Kennedy sought out the best of the best in cancer research at Duke University where they operated on his brain and removed a large part of the tumor that was threatening his life. I believe the next step in Senator Kennedy's treatment involved radiation therapy which his is probably undergoing right now or has recently completed.

For most of my life, I have been opposed to most of the political objectives that Senator Edward Kennedy has fought for because at my core I believe liberalism is a failed policy when it comes to creating a better world. However, I do not have to agree with Senator Kennedy to respect him for the hard work he puts into his political convections and also in how he decided to fight cancer with every bid of his being instead of just going home to bed to die.

Title: Monday Night In Denver, All About Senator Edward Kennedy
Written: August 25 2008
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dallas Cowboys New Stadium Is 'Jerry World' For Some Fans

As most blue blood Dallas Cowboys fan already know, there is a new stadium being built in Arlington, Texas and by this time next year the Dallas Cowboys will call this new stadium home. Right now, I'm not sure what the exact name of this new stadium will be, but to many Dallas Cowboys fans like myself - it will always be referred to as 'Jerry World'. That name stems from the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, who has not been the most likable NFL team owner over the years because of his brass knuckle tactics when dealing with his players and businesses that want to include the Dallas Cowboys name in their trademark.

Don't get me wrong, Jerry Jones has been good for the Dallas Cowboys' in many ways since he bought the team and fired legendary coach Tom Landry on his first day as the new owner. However, there are many downsides to Jerry Jones as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys because Jones is not only a fanatical NFL fan, but he also knows how to drive a hard bargain when it comes to merchandising his team with businesses and cities in the DFW Metroplex. It must be good work when you can get it when a NFL team owner can convince the citizens of a moderately sized city to pay most of the cost for a new football stadium, through increased taxes, while at the same time getting little credit or return on investment for decades to come.

It is now forgotten news to most people that live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, but when Jerry Jones strong armed the building of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium to the elected leaders in Arlington, Texas - not only did he cause long term debt to be added to those citizens future, but he also used the City of Arlington, to cheat lifelong Arlington homeowners out of their property for pennies on the dollar using emanate domain to basically steal those properties. Next year when the new Dallas Cowboys' stadium officially opens for business, it will have a fancy name that some big company will pay millions of dollars for the privilege to sponsor. However, in my mind and many other Dallas Cowboys' fans it will be known simple as 'Jerry World' and that title is in no way a complement to the current Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones.

Title: Dallas Cowboys New Stadium Is 'Jerry World' For Some Fans
Written: August 24 2008
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Obama Email SPAM Has Already Started

Just like millions of other people that signed up to receive the Barack Obama VP announcement message, somewhere down deep inside I knew that once I gave my email address to the Obama campaign, they would start spamming me with messages on a daily basis. However, within the past 24 hours I have received not one email message from the Barack Obama campaign, but a total of five (5) email messages. The problem with using neat tricks to obtain email addresses and cell phone numbers from potential supporters is that there are always over zealous campaign officials that can't wait to send just one more email message to supporters.

In addition to the Obama campaign messing up and letting the mainstream media figure out which candidate would be his vice president before the email and text messages were sent out. Now they are most definitely SPAMMING supporters with too many messages in too short of a period of time. Ever since Obama wrapped up his campaign against Hillary Clinton in the democratic primary, he has started making mistakes and his recent drop in public opinion polls proves that he might not be mature enough yet to serve as President of the United States.

There are so many small moves that both the Obama and McCain campaigns will make over the next couple of months before the November election and if this years election is close - these small choices like over SPAMMING ones supporters could create resentment in a group of people that initially supported the candidate. There is an old saying in life that goes something like this: 'just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should'. That saying should weight heavy in the minds of Barack Obama's campaign officials ever time they decide to send out another supporter email message.

Title: Obama Email SPAM Has Already Started
Written: August 24 2008
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Having Second Thoughts About Voting For Obama

Barack Obama's decision to go with Joe Biden instead of Congressman Chet Edwards was a huge mistake for the democratic party in 2008, but the good news is that Democrats will maintain Congressman Edwards 'House of Representatives' seat next term instead of it most likely being won by a Republican in November. Now that Barack Obama has decided to not only pass over Hillary Clinton as his VP nominee, but Congressman Chet Edwards as well – I am starting to wonder if Barack Obama is really ready for prime-time when it comes to an all out fight with John McCain this fall?

This morning, I woke up to the news that John McCain is stirring the pot, big time, by helping Hillary Clinton's supporters remain angry at Barack Obama by drawing attention to the fact that Obama never even considered her as his running mate in 2008. While the concept of a Republican trying to keep certain democratic voters angry because their favorite candidate lost might seem strange, in reality – polls continue to show that die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters could very well vote for John McCain in November if they are still mad at the way Obama treated her during and after the democratic nomination process.

For the first time since I decided to support Barack Obama in the 2008 race for the White House, I now am starting to have second thoughts about that decision. These second thoughts about supporting Barack Obama are not the result of negative campaigning by John McCain and/or other GOP advertisements trying to bring him down, but instead the result of the actions of Barack Obama since he won his party's nomination. Picking Joe Biden as his running mate after Biden said that Obama was not ready yet to be President of the United States causes me to wonder – 'what in the world was Obama thinking' when he went with Biden as his VP.

Title: Having Second Thoughts About Voting For Obama
Written: August 24 2008
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2008 Summer Olympic Games Are History

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games from China end tonight and while there has been excitement surrounding this years games, many of the outstanding accomplishment of athletes around the world have been over shadowed by the country the Olympic Games were held in and it's tight rules and censorship that clouded this years games from the very beginning. In addition to placing China, front and center, on the world stage as a country that can put on a good show when it wants to, other more tragic events took place during the lead up to and during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

In the first few days of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, an American tourist that was also the father-in-law of the American volleyball coach was killed by a crazed man, welding a knife, who later committed suicide by jumping off of a tall building. However, nothing any Olympic athlete accomplished during the 2008 Summer Games will equal the negative impression that China gave the world by it's censorship and also in the way it treated it's own citizens during the games.

While the International Olympic Committee wants to give all nations of the world a chance to participate in hosting Olympic Games, in the future I hope they think twice before offering such a huge PR opportunity to a country like China that does not respect or treat their own citizens in a fair and decent way. Any time a nation like China is exposed to people from the outside world, they immediately become over excitable when strangers that are not use to intrusive government interference travel to their country for events like the Olympics. While the 2008 Summer Olympic Games were a success for the hard working competitors that tried their best to become world champions, in the end the only real loser in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games from China was the Chinese government itself.

Title: 2008 Summer Olympic Games Are History
Written: August 24 2008
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

McCain Should Pick Rush Limbaugh For VP

Now that Senator Barack Obama has picked Senator Joe Biden to be his VP running mate, all eyes and ears will now be on Senator John McCain to see who he will pick to join him on the GOP ticket this November. While there are many names on John McCain's short list, one name that I have not heard as of yet is radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Yes, good old far right leaning Rush Limbaugh would be the perfect balance for the McCain ticket because millions of conservative voters view John McCain as more of a liberal candidate than as a real deal conservative.

Today, when Senator Obama selected Joe Biden as his running mate in November, the biggest thing that played into his decision was the fact that Senator Joe Biden appears to most voters as an older and wiser man when it comes to making foreign policy decisions. Keeping that in mind, Senator John McCain also has a problem with GOP voters because they believe he is too moderate to serve as a Republican President of the United States. So what's John McCain best solution to this problem? Pick Rush Limbaugh to be his VP candidate.

Of course, over the years when asked if he would like to run for public office – Rush Limbaugh has always given the same answer and that answer is that he didn't want to take the pay cut that would be necessary to serve in public office. In reality, everyone knows that Rush Limbaugh is not going to be asked by John McCain to be his running mate, but in good clean fun – I thought it would be neat to at least write about that possibility this weekend as Obama's decision to select Joe Biden as his VP of choice was getting all of the mainstream media attention.

Title: McCain Should Pick Rush Limbaugh For VP
Written: August 23 2008
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Should The Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered From 21 To 18?

The past few weeks, some university leaders have suggested that the minimum drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18 in an effort to help curb the increasing problem of binge drinking on college campuses. In my opinion, this is a good idea and let me go further and say that it was a mistake in the first place to raise the drinking age from 18 to 21 several decades ago. When I was young, there was a war going on in Vietnam where hundreds of thousands of young American boys were being drafted to go fight in a war that none of them thought was worth while.

During that time period the minimum legal drinking ago was 18 as was the age when Uncle Sam could send you a draft card and force you to do your patriotic duty in the Vietnam War. Today, there is no longer a US military draft – but thousands of young soldiers are being sent onto the field of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan everyday to kill the enemy, but when they return home – they are not allowed to legally drink a beer or two with their buddies without breaking the law. While almost everyone agrees that a person between the age of 18 and 21 is not yet fully matured, the date when the government considers a person an adult is the date when they should also be allowed to legally drink alcohol.

In recent years, 'Mothers Against Drunk Driving' (MADD) has lead the effort to keep the drinking age at 21 despite research showing that lower the drinking age could save lives. While I use to support MADD in their efforts, in recent years have have moved away from this organization that has a principle at it's deepest core and long term national vision of a return to prohibition at some future date in the United States. Prohibition did not work in the early 1900's and it will not work today.

Title: Should The Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered From 21 To 18?
Written: August 23 2008
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Casey Anthony Violated Bond Curfew, Friday

I found out today, that Casey Anthony has already violated a condition of her bail when she returned home late, last night, after visiting with her attorney at his office. Casey Anthony has been free on bail for only a few days and already she has violated a condition of her release. Court officials in Orlando said that Casey was granted a reprieve for this first mistake, but if it happens again there will be consequences for her breaking the rules of her bail. Casey Anthony was fitted with an ankle bracelet shortly after she was released on bail last week which let's authorities know when she is away from her parents home.

Apparent, last night a regular visit to see her attorney lasted longer than expected which caused Casey to return home later than the time that was approved by the court when she was released on $500,000 bond that was posted for her by a California bail bondsman that says he believes Casey is innocent and Caylee is still alive. From my point of view, it was a mistake for Casey to be released on bail – but if some bail bondsman wants to travel 3000 miles to free this crazy lady from jail, that his prerogative.

The past two weeks, hardly anyone has been talking about little Caylee anymore as public attention has completely been focused on Caylee's crazy mother Casey and her release from jail on bail. Caylee Anthony went missing when she was two years old, but since that time she has turned three. From the very beginning it was clear that some kind a bad thing happened to Caylee because her mother, Casey, waited almost one full month before she reported her daughter missing.

Title: Casey Anthony Violated Bond Curfew, Friday
Written: August 23 2008
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Fay Is One Stubborn Strom, Louisiana Flooding?

In what is turning out to be one of the most stubborn storms in history, Hurricane Fay is churning it's way along the coastline of the Florida panhandle and heading straight for Louisiana. Yes, this is the same storm that hit Florida last week and then intensified after it came onshore. Tropical Storms and Hurricanes like Fay are very unusual. Most of the time when a hurricane comes ashore, it quickly loses power and is then downgraded to a Tropical Storm before dissipating completely within a few days.

It has been interesting to watch Hurricane Fay as it refuses to die even when it is deprived of the warm Gulf of Mexico water that spawns these storms in the first place. The past 24 hours has seen massive flooding in the Florida panhandle and late this afternoon, Louisiana officials were preparing for flooding in their state as Hurricane Fay continues it's trek along the Gulf of Mexico/US coastline. Weather is always interesting to watch because no matter how much man tries to out think 'Mother Nature' the more she makes us all humble once again.

Here in Central Texas, we have seen more rainfall in the past two weeks than we have seen since last winter. A summer drought was completely turned around when almost 10 inches of rain has fallen in the Waco, Texas area since the beginning of August making is a record breaking year for August rainfall. Whether or not Hurricane Fay will continue to ride the US/Gulf Coast all the way to Texas is yet to be seen, but right now anything is possible from Hurricane Fay as she stubbornly refuses to disapate and continue to cause damage in multiply states.

While Hurricane Fay will not go down in the history books as being one of the strongest Hurricanes in history, it will most defiantly receive a notation for being a different kind of hurricane that just refused to go away. Without a doubt, someone next week will blame Hurricane Fay's stubbornness on 'Climate Change' or some other environmental event created by man. However, from my point of view – storms like Fay have happened hundreds of times over Earth's history, but when they happened the last time – no one was keeping records of the event.

Title: Fay Is One Stubborn Strom, Louisiana Flooding?
Written: August 23 2008
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Hillary's Supporters Angry At Obama's Snub

Anytime there is a competitive contest like was the case in the democratic party this year between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – some hard feelings will always linger. That is exactly the case with some die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters who are very angry that Senator Obama did not even consider Hillary as his VP.

In the words of some very high democratic strategist, Barack Obama made a huge mistake when he did not even vet Hillary Clinton to be his VP, a snub that could come back to haunt Barack Obama this November when former Hillary Clinton voters will be required for an Obama victory when he runs against Senator John McCain in the 2008 general election.

As Senator Barack Obama introduced Senator Joe Biden as his VP choice today, I was less than motivated by his selection. Don't get me wrong, I think Joe Biden is a good man and he has a good record of service in the U.S. Senate. However, this entire Barack Obama presidential campaign has been built around a message of youth and change and the last thing most voters think of when they envision Senator Joe Biden is as an agent change. Right now, it appears that Senator Obama is trying to 'have his cake and eat it too' when it comes to running on a platform of change while at the same time reaching out to Joe Biden to be his VP.

While Barack Obama won the democratic nomination by a hair against Hillary Clinton, in the end she might just get the last laugh if her supporters decide to vote for Senator John McCain this November instead of Barack Obama. It is easy to understand why Senator Obama does not want to have anything more to do with Hillary Clinton, but thinking that thought and showing it with actions are two completely different things.

Title: Hillary's Supporters Angry At Obama's Snub
Written: August 23 2008
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Barack Obama Spam Coming To A Cell Phone Near You

Yesterday, most members of the mainstream media were so excited about Senator Barack Obama's decision to let his supporters know who his VP pick would be via a cell phone text message. Today however, some of them are questioning the real motivation of the Obama campaign since some people did not receive their text message until several hours after the news media had already announced Joe Biden as Obama's VP choice.

Now, hundreds of thousands of Americans could be SPAMED via cell phone over the next three months by the Barack Obama campaign because they bought into this neat idea that was sold to them by Barack Obama that they would know who his VP running mate would be before anyone else if they just provided the campaign with their cell phone number.

Most Americans don't like SPAM and they spend collectively millions of dollars per year on software to make sure it does not end up in their personal and business inboxes. While old time SPAM advertised some pretty sleazy stuff, today's new SPAM is being sent to cell phones and much of that new SPAM is being generated by politicians who have protected themselves from unsolicited email/text mail laws through legislation that does not apply to anyone else.

Of course, not being held account via law is one thing – but the quickest way for Senator Barack Obama to lose the 2008 election would be for him to send too many cell phone text messages to supporters over the next three months which will anger them so much that they could move from a supporter to an angry anti Obama voter in no time flat.

Title: Barack Obama Spam Coming To A Cell Phone Near You
Written: August 23 2008
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Congressman Chet Edwards Should Have Been Obama's VP

It is looking very clear that Senator Joe Biden will be Senator Barack Obama's pick as his VP candidate when his text message starts getting received by hundreds of thousands of supporters in a few hours. While Joe Biden is a well known Senator from the State of Delaware, my personal favorite for VP was Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas.

Congressman Chet Edwards is my congressman and I thought he would have made a good choice for Obama, but apparently he is not going to be the winner in this contest. Edwards has not lost very many contests as the State of Texas under the leadership of former Majority Leader of the House of Representatives Tom DeLay tried to unseat Congressman Chet Edwards with a redistricting plan a few years ago.

As most people now know, Congressman Chet Edwards is the congressman of President George W. Bush who as of right now calls Crawford Texas his home. Of course, President Bush has made in clear in recent weeks that he intends to move to Dallas where his presidential library will be located once his term in office expires in January of 2009.

There is some good news for people like me that live in Central Texas with this expected news that Senator Joe Biden of Delaware will be announced via text message in the next few hours that he is Senator Obama's VP pick and that news is that Congressman Edwards will remain our congressman if he wins reelection later this year in November. In my opinion, Senator Obama made a mistake in selecting Senator Biden over Chet Edwards, but only time will tell if I am right.

Title: Congressman Chet Edwards Should Have Been Obama's VP
Written: August 23 2008
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Will Russia Ever Leave Georgia Entirely?

If Russia intended to leave Georgia, in my opinion, they would have left by now. Instead, I believe Russian Prime Minister Putin has no intention of leaving this former Soviet state and intends to occupy it indefinitely. To put it simply, PM Putin is an old line communist with deep roots in the KGB and while he acts like a true freedom fighter and reformer – he is really nothing more than a regressive politician that wants to go back to the glory days of the former Soviet Union.

This world is a complicated place where leaders say one thing in public, but when their actions are compared to their words, something else entirely emerges. For former President Putin, his designs on rebuilding Russia into a world Super Power has been pretty evident for a long time – even while western leaders buried their heads in the sand and hoped for the best.

Even President Bush emboldened Putin by placing more trust in him than should be been the case and when President Bush said he looked into Putin's eyes, several years ago, and saw a man that he could deal with – Putin's plan of taking Russia back to the glory days of the old Soviet Union became a reality.

Now the next President of the United States will be forced to clean up another mess that was left behind by President George W. Bush. Not only will the next President be in charge of fixing Iraq and continuing the fight in Afghanistan – but they will also be forced to deal with an ever more aggressive Russia that President Bush help create by showing indifference to the dictatorial tactics of Putin over the past few years.

Title: Will Russia Ever Leave Georgia Entirely?
Written: August 22 2008
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Obama's VP Text Message Will Be Sent Saturday Morning

All day there has been speculation that Senator Barack Obama would be sending out his famous text message to supporters letting them know which person will be selected as his vice-presidential candidate today (Friday). However, as the day dragged on it became clear that Senator Obama did not want to send that message out to hundreds of thousands of supporters on Friday afternoon and now some sources say that this highly talked about Obama Text Message will be sent on early tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

While I waited patiently yesterday to hear from the Obama campaign about which man or woman was chosen to be his running mate, I eventually got discouraged and decided to just quit watching CNN and watching the computer email inbox and just go eat and start my weekend. According to some sources, Senator Obama will start sending out these text messages to supporters in the early hours of Saturday morning and if you just take a few minutes to think about the logic of that decision, it does make sense to send the VP text message at that time.

First, with hundreds of thousands if not millions of messages to send, Obama campaign officials say it will take about three hours for all of those text messages to be delivered to supporters. In the early morning hours of Saturday morning, there are few text messages being sent, so Obama's VP message will be sent out faster and received by more people in a shorter period of time. Also, in the middle of the early morning hours of Saturday morning there will also be less people watching TV news which will allow Obama to tell his supporters first, without the mainstream media spoiling the moment by letting the cat out of the bag before all those text messages can be received.

Title: Obama's VP Text Message Will Be Sent Saturday Morning
Written: August 22 2008
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Bounty Hunter Camped Out At Casey Anthony's House

I guess if I would have shelled out $500,000 of my own money to free Casey Anthony, I might want to keep a close eye on her too. However, if Casey's hero California bounty hunter / bail bondsman was so concerned about what she might do when released on bail, maybe he should have thought twice about bailing her our in the first place.

I saw on Fox News today that Leonard Padilla was camped out close to the home of Cindy and George Anthony, the location that Casey is staying at while she is out on bail. Casey Anthony was also fitted with an ankle bracelet that will alert police if she decides to leave the house without permission. While bounty hunter Padilla still says that he believes young Caylee Anthony is still alive, he certainly is not taking any chances that he might be wrong as he keeps a close eye on the movements of Casey Anthony.

When I heard the other day that it would be a good thing if Casey was released on bail so she could help find her daughter, my mind went back to the OJ Simpson murder trial when he said that if he was found not guilty he would personally search for the killer of his wife and Ron Goldman. As in that case, I doubt if Casey is going to be of any additional assistance to police while out of jail than she was when she was locked up in an Orlando jail.

While most people believe that Caylee is dead, I still believe there is a good chance that Casey sold her young child to another couple and if that is the case the couple that bought Caylee would have no incentive to come forward, lose the child and then face jail time themselves for making a deal with Casey Anthony. Time will tell what happened to young Caylee, but I for one believe many questions could be answered today if police would just dig up Cindy and George Anthony's backyard and find out why cadaver dogs alerted to death there on two different occasions.

Title: Bounty Hunter Camped Out At Casey Anthony's House
Written: August 22 2008
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Tired Of Waiting For Obama's VP Announcement

Like thousands of other people in the United States, I have been watching television and setting by the computer waiting for the Barack Obama email message to arrive that announces who will be his Vice-Presidential candidate. Of course, no one is forcing anyone to watch CNN or to be watching the email every minute waiting for this important announcement.

Personally, I believe Barack Obama has waited to long to announce which person will be his VP in November. Like any type of advertising campaign, there is a fine line between anticipation and boring supporters to death. Right now, I believe the Barack Obama campaign has passed the anticipation level and is moving quickly to the boring people to death category.

As the weekend approaches, I believe it was important to get this VP announcement out of the way before the big three broadcast networks went to air for their Friday evening news programs. At the present time, the window of opportunity for the Obama campaign to be able to get full coverage on the big three evening news programs today has passed, at least for people that live in the Eastern Time Zone.

One thing is for sure and that is that Obama will be forced to make his announcement at some time this weekend because the Democratic National Convention starts on Monday. For many people that wanted to know who Barack Obama's VP was going to before they left work on Friday they are now most definitely disappointed at the Obama campaigns slow announcement process of which man or woman will be on the ticket with him this November.

Title: Tired Of Waiting For Obama's VP Announcement
Written: August 22 2008
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Democrats Party In Denver Next Week, 2008 Convention

The 2008 Democratic National Convention starts next week in Denver, Colorado which brings up my old question that no one seems to want to answer. Why in this modern day and age do the Republicans and Democrats have a national convention in the first place because long before the delegates show up to cast their vote at the party's convention in late summer, every four years, the nominees have been known for weeks if not months ahead of time? I can't remember that last time when a major party candidate was selected at the convention itself and while most members of the mainstream media stream to cover these conventions, hardly anyone at home chooses to watch them on television.

Over the past few decades, political elections in the United States have changed from an old style 'smoke filled back room' formula where party 'fat cats' smoked cigars, patted each other on the back and selected which man would run for President in the general election from their party. To where today, the voters in state primaries all across the country show up and elect delegates that will attend the party convention and vote for the people that their state selected as their candidate of choice for President.

Not only do most American not want to watch either the Republican or Democratic Party Conventions on television, most party insiders are also bored with the whole process as well. Republicans and Democrats will spend millions of dollars on this summers conventions and what really do their party's get for all of that money spent? Not much, in my view – but change is hard so summer party conventions will probably be a staple of American politics for years to come, even if few people even watch them.

Title: Democrats Party In Denver Next Week, 2008 Convention
Written: August 21 2008
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'Windows, Not Walls', Microsoft Goes After Apple

It has taken a long time, but finally Microsoft is preparing to go after Apple on television to try and counter Mac's successful television ad campaign where Microsoft is seen as old and out of touch while Mac is young, hip and ready to lead into the future. The star of Microsoft's new advertising campaign will be none other than Jerry Seinfeld and it is reported that Seinfeld will receive $10 million for his work in this new ad campaign.

I have laughed for years at the Mac commercials produced and run by Apple Computer because they are funny. At the end of the day though, I wonder how many people that actually see these ads and make the decision to box up their old PC and buy a Mac for their home and office use? Just because an advertising campaign is funny, does not mean it will also be successful. That said, I for one am looking forward to watching the new Microsoft ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld as well as I look forward to see what Apple Computer will do with their classic ads in response to this new challenge from Microsoft.

From the little bit of information that has slipped out of Microsoft about this new advertising campaign, it will be called 'Windows, Not Walls' and I can only image what that title really is going to lead to when it comes to the production of television commercials. Of course, the biggest months of the year are just around the corner for computer sales because of Christmas and I doubt if Microsoft or Apple will pull any punches when it comes to increasing their sales of home computers this holiday season.

Title: 'Windows, Not Walls', Microsoft Goes After Apple
Written: August 21 2008
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Casey Anthony's Finally Out Of Jail, A Good Thing?

About one hour ago, Casey Anthony was released from a Orlando, Florida jail after an out of state bounty hunter posted her $500,000 bail. As Casey was leaving the jail she has been incarcerated in for about one month, she said nothing to reporters as her attorney escorted her to a wait automobile that took her to her parents home. Once there, Casey Anthony was fitted with an ankle bracelet to monitor whether she stays put or leaves her parents home.

Only time will tell if this decision to bail out Casey would a good or bad one, but personally I believe she knows much more about what happened to her young child Caylee that she is telling the police. Some people believe that once Casey is subjected to spending many days and night's in the same home as her mother, Cindy, that eventually Casey will crack and start spelling the beans to her mother. That kind of thinking is crazy because I suspect that Cindy Anthony also knows more about this disappearance than she is telling police as well.

Whether releasing Casey Anthony on bail was a good or bad idea does not matter anymore because Casey is now out of jail and unless she does something stupid like trying to run away she will remain free until her trial is over. I believe that putting Casey and Cindy back together in the same home will even further the resolve of Casey to keep lying to the police. Both Cindy and her husband George Anthony have proven time and time again that they are not good at telling the truth either, so how will it help one liar start telling the truth about what happened to her daughter by placing her in a house with even more liars?

Title: Casey Anthony's Finally Out Of Jail, A Good Thing?
Written: August 21 2008
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Mainstream Media Bias For Obama Might Be Hurting Him

It has been clear for months that the mainstream media in New York and Washington D.C. have been supporting Barack Obama for President in 2008. That fact never became more clear than this week when it was learned that 'Time Magazine' was putting Senator Obama on their cover for the 7th time this year. Pretty amazing isn't it how the mainstream media is so excited about Barack Obama winning that they are not even trying to hide their bias in the 2008 election.

Now here's the bad news for Barack Obama. It is not always a good thing to have the mainstream media on your side, especially when they don't even try to look objective in their support for you. The last time I saw a poll among occupations that were trusted the least, being a reporter was somewhere way down the list of occupations and resided I believe between a used car salesman and a lawyer.

In recent days, John McCain has pulled ahead of Barack Obama in the polls – so I find it likely that the mainstream media will now go into overdrive to try and pump up Barack Obama while at the same time trying to degrade John McCain. Barack Obama's problem right now with the American people is not too much or not enough media coverage, but instead the manner in which he has been addressing the major issues of the day. Rather than moving to the political center, Obama is continuing a liberal based campaign into the general election. That decision is a huge mistake to make and will be a loser in November.

Title: Mainstream Media Bias For Obama Might Be Hurting Him
Written: August 21 2008
2005-2008 © Hutch Report

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kerry Feels Bad For John Edwards' Family

Well, it took almost two weeks for former democratic nominee for President John Kerry to comment on the unfaithfulness of his vice-presidential choice during the 2004 run for the White House, but today Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts said he felt badly for the Edwards family – especially Elizabeth and their three young children. Why it takes politicians so long to comment on something that is such a 'no brainer' is something I have never understood. However, it is a common problem most of them share.

More than likely, the first thoughts that went through John Kerry's mind when he heard John Edwards admit to an extramarital affair on ABC Nightline was to selfishly think what would have happened if he had of won the race for President in 2004 and what kind of a mess John Edwards would have created for his administration. I am still amazed at the recklessness of politicians and their vein thinking that convinces themselves that they can cheat on their spouse and get away with it in the year 2008.

The world is filled with tabloid reporters that check everything out these days trying to find out who is cheating on whom because there is a big payday for them if they find some real dirt on a notable politician. Even if politicians like Edwards are not caught by an investigative reporter – how they believe that their mistress will keep their mouth shut forever while being treated as a second class lover is something else I cannot understand.

Title: Kerry Feels Bad For John Edwards' Family
Written: August 20 2008
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McCain Up 5 Points In Latest Poll

The fact that John McCain has pulled into the lead against Barack Obama is not that surprising to me. However, the fact that McCain is only leading Obama by 5 points is. For the past month, Barack Obama has been making huge mistakes in his campaign for President and while McCain is only up 5 points against Obama right now – that number could grow when the next nationwide poll is released.

I am a long time supporter of Barack Obama, but in recent weeks he has been making mistakes that will cost him the election in November if he does not change his ways. The first problem area for Barack Obama I wrote about here yesterday is his fear to address Americans enemies in a tough manner, but instead he uses the UN as a crutch for all world problems. Another problem Barack Obama has is his growing over confidence when it comes to winning the election this fall against John McCain.

In recent days, Obama seems to be taunting McCain with words like he doesn't know what is ahead of him and one really stupid comment about guaranteeing victory against McCain in November to a bunch of donors that were already prepared to give money to his campaign. I learned a long time ago that from sports to politics – only a fool guarantees a victory ahead of time because such comments over motivate the opponent and also leave regular people wondering if the person that made such a statement is arrogant or simply out of touch with reality?

Title: McCain Up 5 Points In Latest Poll
Written: August 20 2008
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It's All About Casey Anthony Once Again, Caylee Who?

Ever since it was discovered that young Caylee Anthony was missing, this story has been more about her narcissistic mother – Casey – than about her. Over the past three days, once again the story of missing Caylee has taken a back seat in the news media and right here in this blog to the question – will Casey Anthony be released from jail on bail? This is the problem mainstream journalist and shade tree writers like myself run into when dealing with a story of a missing child when that child has a completely self center mother like Casey Anthony.

From jail house conversations that Casey has had with friends and family it became clear from the very beginning that she had little concern for her missing daughter, but instead she was mainly concerned about herself, her prison situation and how she was going to get out of jail. Now with the help of an out of state bounty hunter, once again the worldwide story about a missing young girl named Caylee has been upstaged by the debate of whether or not Casey Anthony is going to be released on bail.

First, let me apologize to you for falling for this speculation game of whether or not Casey is going to get out of jail on bail. Like so many other people, I have been both fascinated and disgusted with the actions and self centered attitude of Casey Anthony from the beginning of this case. Without a doubt, Casey is a very manipulative person when it comes to getting attention for herself and even from her jail cell in Orlando Florida, she is still keeping the spotlight on her own selfish needs instead of keeping Caylee front and center in the minds of people that might help in the search for her.

Title: It's All About Casey Anthony Once Again, Caylee Who?
Written: August 20 2008
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorting Out The Lies, Edwards/Baron/Young

If a case could ever be made for conspiracy, the joint statements in recent days by John Edwards, Fred Baron and Andrew Young would take the cake. After finally having no choice, a couple of weeks ago, former Senator John Edwards announced to the world on ABC 'Nightline' that he had made mistakes in his marriage. Of course, everyone knows now what those mistake were and almost no one in the United States has any sympathy for John Edwards. Now the real fallout from the John Edwards affair in in full swing and just like previous sex scandals involving powerful politicians, everyone that seemed so eager to talk last week is now running from reporters and looking for any kind a legal loop hole to crawl through.

Andrew Young is the man that early on took the fall for John Edwards when he said that he was the father of Rielle Hunter's child and not John Edwards. Young has supported Edwards for a long time, is married, and remains happily married to this date as far as I know. Fred Baron is the head of John Edwards Political Action Committee (PAC) and in that role he apparently decided to pay Rielle Hunter $14,000 without the knowledge of John Edwards for expenses she incurred while working for the campaign as a photo journalist.

This trio of John Edwards, Fred Baron and Andrew Young is worth watching over the next few weeks and months because after John Edwards Nightline interview almost two weeks ago, both of these other men had their stories down to the point it became unbelievable to most people. I believe there has been and currently is a conspiracy going on between Edwards, Baron and Young and if I am correct hopefully someone in the Justice Department will find a way to break up this mess that John Edwards created when he decided that his own selfish desires were more important than the commitments he made to his wife Elizabeth and his young children.

Title: Sorting Out The Lies, Edwards/Baron/Young
Written: August 19 2008
2005-2008 © Hutch Report

Someone Needs To Light A Fire Under Obama

For most of this year I have been on record as being a supporter of Senator Barack Obama. However, ever since he has clinched the democratic nomination – his stump speeches and news conferences have become more and more boring. Right now, Senator Obama sounds more like a life long employee of the State Department than a man that is trying to win the highest office in the land. What is hurting Senator Obama the most is his apparently lack of desire to stand up and defend the United States and our allies when they are attacked by enemies like Russia.

What is happening to Barack Obama right now, will make the difference next November when millions of Americans show up to vote. The American people have never supported a candidate that tried to hide behind the United Nations (UN) when it comes to doing what is right in this world. Heck, most of the countries that make up the United Nations have no freedom at all in their own country but instead are lead either by communist values or brutal dictators.

It is one thing to be a good liberal when visiting left wing strongholds like San Francisco and some parts of New York City, but those voters are going to support Obama anyway. It is the vast majority of the American people that understand that freedom is not a birthright, but instead has been won with the blood of brave Americans over the years on the field of battle. Like Barack Obama, I also hate war – but I hate what the world would look like today if brave Americans did not stand up to the likes of Saddam Hussein and Hitler over the years.

Right now it seem like Senator Obama is using the UN as a crutch to avoid making hard decision involving war and peace. In my opinion, the American people will never stand for that kind of attitude and some time soon Senator Obama must grow a backbone and prove to most Americans that he has a willingness to fight for what we all so often times take for granted in the United States and that is freedom.

Title: Someone Needs To Light A Fire Under Obama
Written: August 19 2008
2005-2008 © Hutch Report

Casey Anthony's Still In Jail, Maybe Out Tomorrow

Well it's late Tuesday night, central time, as I am writing this post and as of right now – Casey Anthony is still in an Orlando jail waiting to be bailed out by an out of state bail bondsman. According to late reports, Casey's hero bondsman is having trouble with some of the paperwork that must be filled out before she can be released on bond. Could it be that there is some kind of problem getting the $500,000 in cash transferred to local authorities and that is the real problem? I don't know, but it appears to me that an experienced bail bondsman would have been able to get his client out of jail by now, if he had the cleared funds necessary to post the bond with the country clerk.

This whole bailing out of Casey Anthony by an out of state bail bondsman has never seemed like a real possibility to me, but I will be the first person to admit that nothing about this missing child case of Caylee Anthony has seem usual or for that matter anything close to normal. Instead, there is a selfish mother, Casey, that is a clear sociopath and grandparents, Cindy and George, that would not know the truth if it slapped them in the face.

Now there is an out of state bail bondman that has shown up to save the day for Casey Anthony because in his own words, he believes she is innocent. While I have no idea if this bondman will be successful in getting Casey out of jail anytime soon, I do know that unless he wants to lose his $500,000 – he had better keep a close eye on Casey all of the time or she could skip the country because down deep inside I believe she knows exactly what happed to young Caylee and for her own selfish reasons she is not telling the police what happened to her young child.

Title: Casey Anthony's Still In Jail, Maybe Out Tomorrow
Written: August 19 2008
2005-2008 © Hutch Report

Could John Edwards Face Jail Time After Payment?

Right now, it is the terrible act of betrayal against his wife that is driving most Americans negative feelings about former Senator John Edwards. However, rather than just having an affair that disgracing his family name, there is an increasing appearance that John Edwards broke the law and soon he may find himself in court to answer charges that the used some of his Political Action Committee (PAC) money, which is regulated by federal law, to pay off his mistress in an unsuccessful effort to keep his affair and potential 'love child' offspring from becoming public.

As far as I am concerned, if the Justice Department wants to go after John Edwards – that would be great because I have not seen a bigger liar and fraud run for President in a long time. Considering the reckless nature in which John Edwards had an affair with his mistress, it would not surprise me if he also crossed the line and used money that was collected by a PAC on his behalf to pay off people in an effort to keep his affair from becoming public. Of course, Edwards is claiming this money was not used to hush anyone up – but remember these words are coming from an already proven liar when it comes to even admitting that he had an affair with Ms. Hunter.

We are still a long way away from John Edwards being charged with or indicted for a crime surround the PAC money that was paid to his mistress Ms. Hunter, but even though the wheels of justice do move slowly – they will eventually get around to John Edwards. In a strange sort of way if John Edwards is charged with a crime in regards to paying Ms. Hunter hush money out of his PAC, he might have a good argument to make that he could not find 12 men or women to judge him because almost everyone right now has a low opinion of him because of his cheating ways.

Title: Could John Edwards Face Jail Time After Payment?
Written: August 19 2008
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Obama's VP Choice To Be Known Soon

As both Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain get ever closer to their convention dates later this month, the national speculation as to what person each candidate will select to be their Vice-President is starting to reach a fevered pitch. Most people in the national news media have become fixated on the choice of Barack Obama the past few months because of the potential wild card choice of Senator Hillary Clinton. However, few people expect Obama to choose Clinton as his VP this time around.

The smart money right now is betting on Senator Joe Biden as the VP choice of Barack Obama and as far as I am concerned Biden would be a smart choice that would help Barack Obama where he needs it the most and that is in foreign policy. Over the past couple of weeks when Russia invaded Georgia, John McCain certainly sound more like a great American leader than Barack Obama did and the reason is because of Barack Obama's age and lack of foreign policy experience. Joe Biden could help Barack Obama fill that lack of experience and age gap if he is chosen as Obama's VP within the next few days.

There are still a few people that are hoping against hope that Senator Obama will reach out and select Hillary Clinton to be his VP in 2008. However, I don't believe that is going to happen because if Obama selected Hillary as his VP he would be forced to have former President Bill Clinton roaming around the White House for four years and stirring up trouble in one way or another for his administration. While Bill Clinton was an advantage for Hillary when she was running for President, he is defiantly a drag on her chances when it comes to being asked to be Obama's VP.

Title: Obama's VP Choice To Be Known Soon
Written: August 19 2008
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Casey's Still In Jail, Could Be Freed Tomorrow

Well from listening to all the news that was released over the weekend about the California Bounty Hunter that was going to sweep into Orlando today and bail Casey Anthony out of jail, it did come as a surprise to me that Casey is still in jail tonight and now her likely release on bail will be later in the week. I still think there is a good chance that all this bailed out of jail business from this California Bounty Hunter is all a publicity stunt and within the next few days he will leave Florida while Casey Anthony remains in jail.

There is one important factor that most people are failing to realize and that factor is that the judge in this case has wide digression to change his bail decision at will and I believe he is likely to do so if Casey Anthony is being bailed out of jail more so as a publicity stunt rather than through the normal channels that are set up for everyone else. It is difficult to use the word normal when describing this missing child case because to date nothing has been normal about it with the exception that young Caylee is missing and most likely dead.

For almost a month now, Casey Anthony has been playing games with the police, prosecutor and judge in this missing child case by saying that she will give police more information about her missing child, if she is released from jail. From my point of view, I cannot envision the judge in this case wanting to see Casey get special treatment when it comes to getting bail, especially when she has been less than forthcoming about all that she knows about missing Caylee. If I were the judge in this case, I would require that either Casey or some member of her family pay the 10% normal fee that is collected by a bail bondsman or I would make her stay in jail like everyone else that is current incarcerated in an Orlando, Florida jail.

Title: Casey's Still In Jail, Could Be Freed Tomorrow
Written: August 18 2008
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John Edwards Proves Lawyers Don't Apologize Well

While everyone else is focusing on whether or not former Senator John Edwards has finally told the whole truth in regards to his affair with Rielle Hunter, I have noticed something about his television apology or should I say almost apology that he made to Bob Woodruff a couple of weeks ago. Rather than saying he was sorry on multiple occasions, John Edwards must have used the word mistake a dozen times or more. After watching this interview on ABC's Nightline, I wasn't sure if John Edwards was sorry about cheating on his wife or more sorry that he got caught by the National Enquirer?

While most Americans lead their lives based on some kind of moral compass, lawyers are taught that truth, untruth and right or wrong are not what is at the basis of real justice. Instead, law school teaches attorney's that it does not matter what the truth is, all that matters is if can you prove your case to a jury. In my opinion, this crazy legal training of lawyers is why there are so many innocent people in jail right now and this brainwashing of no moral values necessary in law school has allowed most attorney's to not care about truth or if someone is really innocent or guilty because as long as they can prove their case to a jury – they will sleep well at night.

It is easy to see that John Edwards has bought into this legal view, instead of judging his actions in a morally right or wrong way. While I have many good friends that work as attorney's, on this one issue of right, wrong and what you can prove has always been a serious vein of debate between us for years. In my opinion, anytime a legal system does not care if a person is really innocent or not and bases their decisions on whether they have enough evidence for a conviction, even if the person did not do it – that system is fundamentally flawed and filled with potential abuse.

Title: John Edwards Proves Lawyers Don't Apologize Well
Written: August 18 2008
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McCain's Aggressive Campaign, Obama Like A Sheep

A few months ago, if someone would have told me that Senator John McCain would look like an aggressive presidential candidate while at the same time Barack Obama would be running a 'sheep like' campaign going into the general election – I would have called that person nuts. However, the past month has provided at least a short term glimps into how John McCain and Barack Obama will govern an unsteady world if elected the next President of the United States and at least right now, John McCain is coming out the winner.

This past weekend I have been listening to some of the stump speeches that both John McCain and Barack Obama have been making in recent days. The real problems for Barack Obama started when Russia's Putin decided that he would use the cover of the 2008 Summer Olympics to invade Georgia. While President Bush was caught flat footed by this Putin move, he quickly recovered and looked very presidential by the end of the week. So did John McCain. However, there was a loser in this past week of real life foreign policy news and that loser was Senator Barack Obama.

Rather than looking strong and ready to do battle with Russia against a U.S. alley, instead Barack Obama went back to the same old tired and failed liberal talking points of gathering nations together at the United Nations (UN) to condemn Russia for it's unwarranted attack of neighboring free country Georgia. While on paper it may appear that good things come out of the United Nations (UN), in reality most Americans have grown to mistrust this group of countries that seem to care more about themselves and their own self interest than doing the right thing. This past week was a loser for Barack Obama and he is likely to suffer in upcoming opinion polls because to many Americans he seemed weak and yes even 'sheepish' when dealing with a real life foreign policy crisis.

Title: McCain's Aggressive Campaign, Obama Like A Sheep
Written: August 18 2008
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Casey Anthony Is Safer In Jail Than Free On Bail

If everything goes according to plan tomorrow, Casey Anthony will be released from jail when a California bail bondsman (bounty hunter) arrives in Orlando to post her $500,000 plus bail without the usual 10% up front fee ($50,000) that is usually collected for such a transactions. I have already let my feelings be known about the motivations of this bail bondman and I won't go through all the reason why I believe he is really bailing Casey Anthony out of jail, again. However, there should be a concern in the Orlando police department in regards to Casey's safety once she is released from incarceration.

Over the past week, I have been following the story of Casey Anthony in regards to the disappearance of her young daughter named Caylee. Over that period of time through direct emails and blog comments posted here I have discovered that some people have gone beyond a dislike for Casey to a point where some people might actually hate her enough to try and do harm to her once she is released from jail. In a strange sort of way, once Casey Anthony is released from jail – it will be the same police department that has been trying to gather evidence against her that will then be in charge of keeping her safe from some unstable people.

While most people are able to look at a missing child case like this one of young Caylee Anthony and keep everything in a proper prospective, there are other people that are just on the edge of sanity that could take it upon themselves to become judge, jury and executioner of Casey Anthony because of what they have heard and read in the news media and also because of some of the self centered comments she has made to police and family members since she has been in jail.

Title: Casey Anthony Is Safer In Jail Than Free On Bail
Written: August 17 2008
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John Edwards Affair Cover Up Blamed On Obama/Clinton

I just finished reading an editorial piece on the Dallas Morning News website where the commentator tried to shift blame away from the mainstream news media and onto the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the media cover up of John Edwards affair. According to this columnist, the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns should have known that John Edwards was having an affair and if they did know it was wrong for them to keep that knowledge from the American people.

Now I think I've heard it all from some members of the mainstream media complex. After they have been hammered for not following up and reporting on the John Edwards affair story for over a week now, some of them are now blaming the Obama and Clinton campaigns for not finding out this information through their VP vetting process and then passing that information along to the mainstream media.

When I was young, I looked up to members of the mainstream media when people like Walter Cronkite and Harry Reasoner were part of the evening meal after a long hard day at work or school. However, today's mainstream media anchors do not hold a candle to the men and women that came before them because there is no objectivity left in the news departments of NBC, CBS and ABC and even once proud newspapers like the New York Times, long ago, sold their souls out to the democratic liberal establishment. In a strange sort of way we need to be thankful that a well know tabloid by the name of the National Enquirer was looking out of the best interest of the American people, while noted and well paid journalist in New York and Washington sat quietly by on the sidelines.

Title: John Edwards Affair Cover Up Blamed On Obama/Clinton
Written: August 17 2008
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For Obama To Win, He Must Bait McCain's Bad Temper

Everyone that has known Senator John McCain for a long time has said that he has a really bad temper and when he blows it is not a nice thing to see. However, during the 2008 campaign for President – Senator McCain has been all smiles and laughs and at present he is leading Senator Obama slightly in the polls. There is one thing I have learned over the years about people that have bad tempers and that is they can control not showing that temper for only so long and then when everyone least suspects it their temper explodes and catches everyone around them off guard.

I believe the legendary Senator John McCain temper is real because most of the people that have talked about it have been his long time colleagues in the United States Senate and most of them are also members of the Republican Party. Ever since Barack Obama has tied up his party's nomination against Senator Hillary Clinton, a few weeks ago, his standing among the American people has been dropping steadily. However, Barack Obama's has an ace in the hole and that ace is John McCain's bad temper when things do not go his way.

If Senator Obama is smart, he will wait until October and then through a series of tough questions and comments toward Senator McCain – he will bait John McCain into losing his temper on national television and at that point John McCain's public approval rating will plummet. While some of you might think it is wrong for me to suggest that Obama bait McCain into losing his temper, in the long run I would rather John McCain lose his temper before he becomes the next President, rather than afterward.

Title: For Obama To Win, He Must Bait McCain's Bad Temper
Written: August 17 2008
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Time To Dig Up Cindy/George Anthony's Backyard

While the wheels of justice seem to always move slow, in the end that is usually a good thing because the worst possible outcome to a criminal case is for the justice system to put the wrong person in jail for a crime they did not commit. However, I believe a great many questions in the disappearance of young Caylee Anthony could be decided, one way or another, if the police department would go in and completely dig up the backyard of Caylee's grandparents Cindy and George Anthony.

On two different occasions, cadaver dogs have alerted to the presents of something dead in that backyard. However, rather than Cindy and George saying let's dig up the backyard and find out if young Caylee is buried there - instead they have tried to discredit the dogs used by the Orlando police department. If my grandchild was missing and I had nothing to do with her disappearance and the police told me that that their dogs picked up on something in my backyard I would tell them there is no need for a warrant, just start digging and see what you can find.

I don't know if Caylee Anthony is buried in the backyard of her grandparents or not, but it is strange that no digging has taken place so far because such a move could answer many questions, one way or another. While there have been many people comment on my posts about Caylee and Casey over the past week, very few readers have gone out on a limb to say that they think Casey or for that matter Cindy and George had nothing to do with her disappearance. I believe there are secrets buried in the backyard of Cindy and George Anthony. While young Caylee's body may not be there, it is possible some other clues could be found that might lead to the location of this poor young girl.

Title: Time To Dig Up Cindy/George Anthony's Backyard
Written: August 17 2008
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