Saturday, August 09, 2008

John Edwards Hypocrite/Liar/Fraud

I still remember the day when it was announced to the world that John Edwards wife had suffered a recurrent of her cancer. That announcement came as former Senator John Edwards was campaigning at full stride for the democratic nomination for President back in 2007. I first watched John and Elizabeth Edwards come out from a building and then stand outside to talk about Elizabeth's cancer and how both of them had decided that John should remain in the race because they both felt so strong about the issues that he championed.

Fast forward till today and what we now know is that over a year before that outside press conference where John and Elizabeth Edwards talked about her cancer coming back, John had cheated on her with another woman and according to Edwards' interview last night he told his wife of the affair shortly after it ended back in 2006. If the American people were not already jaded enough by the dishonesty of politicians, this latest revelation about John Edwards infidelity must take the cake for how cold and calculating both candidates and their spouses can be when running for the office of President of the United States.

If we take John Edwards at his word, he did not lie long about this affair before telling his wife and other close family members. The truth though for many Americans is that John Edwards is a hypocrite, liar and a fraud when it comes to campaigning for American political office. It is a mistake for anyone to put a politician up there with God when it comes to moral values, but wouldn't it be nice to at least have a politician that could be faithful to his family before he promises to be faithful to the rest of us?

Title: John Edwards Hypocrite/Liar/Fraud
Written: August 09 2008
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