Thursday, October 02, 2008

McCain Angers Conservatives Again With Bailout Bill Support

Ever since Senator John McCain won the GOP nomination, conservative Republicans have been skeptical of his real conservative credentials. Those opinions are justified because McCain has found himself on the wrong side of conservative issues many times before. The most notable time when conservatives believed one thing and McCain fought for something else entirely was about one year ago when McCain joined with Senator Kennedy in supporting comprehensive immigration reform (Amnesty).

Now, Senator McCain finds himself on the opposite end of an important issue again and this time his mistake in judgment could cost him the White House. Missed in all the media hype over the past week about the Wall Street bailout bill is the fact that almost all fiscal conservatives oppose the bailout bill, while Senator John McCain has been in the lead to see it passed.

For months, Senator McCain has been reaching out to conservative voters by trying to pull them back into the Republican Party and support his campaign for President. The past week, Senator McCain not only proved to most conservatives that he is not a real conservative once again, but he also lost the critical swing vote that he needed to defeat Senator Obama in November.

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