Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pros/Cons Of Socialism In The United States

While I do not believe that socialism is a good system of government, there are pros and cons to countries practicing socialist principles. With it now clear that most Republican and Democratic leaders are pushing ever forwarded toward a larger federal government, American socialism cannot be that far behind – so now is as good of a time as any to feature the pros and cons of socialism.

The pros side of socialism revolve around the average person not being asked to provide or pay for any of their basic needs. Instead, the government will provide for all of those necessities with a, 'one size fits all' approach. From housing, to health care and even employment - there is no need to take care of these basic things yourself – because under a strict socialist government structure, all of the basic needs in life are provided by the federal government.

On the cons side of a socialist form of government, most of the negative consequences revolve around a loss of productivity and since hard work and innovation are no longer rewarded, most people will only do the absolute minimum that is required by the government in their daily lives.

While there are pros and cons to socialism, my hope is that most Americans will shun this form of government, because over the long haul most nations that practice true socialism begin to decline because there is no incentive to succeed.

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