Sunday, December 28, 2008

Evil Resides In All Men/Women, Why Do Only A Few Kill Others?

Yesterday, I was writing a post about the evil inside the heart of Casey Anthony when a person posted an interesting comment that I wanted to share with the rest of you. This person called into question my referring to Casey Anthony as evil person and pointed out that all people have both good and evil attributes to their personalities.

At first I was a little dismissive of this persons blog comment, but as the day wore on I realized that he/she was right. Everyone of us has a good and bad side to our personality and whether we admit it or not we have all been so angry at one point in time or another that we could have lashed out and hurt someone ourselves, but most of us didn't.

I believe that most people that murder others are missing some kind of important gene in their DNA makeup and without that particular gene they are prone to hurt others rather than using self discipline. Some much is still left to be learned from DNA research and it is possible that in the future the DNA of Casey Anthony and other people that lack certain self control genes might be located and hopefully controlled/helped at some future date.

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Title: Evil Resides In All Men/Women, Why Do Only A Few Kill Others?
Written: December 28, 2008
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