Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Law & Raw Human Emotion Will Collide In The Casey Anthony Murder Trial

It is not uncommon for raw emotions and the even handed process of handing out justice in a court-of-law to collide head on like two giant freight trains. However, I don't think they world has seen anything that will compare to what is about to happen in the Casey Anthony murder trial when some very smart defense attorney's start asking for and getting key evidence against Casey excluded from her trial.

The collision between raw emotion and hatred toward Casey Anthony will not be easily accepted by the public in her upcoming murder trial as the US legal system based on always assuming everyone is innocent until proven guilty goes into full action when that trial begins. In reality, Orange County Florida police most certainly have made mistakes in the murder investigation of Casey Anthony and I would be shocked if the DA there has not made some huge mistakes, as well.

A court-of-law which is charged with judging a persons guilty or innocence strictly based on the evidence presented during a trial is the complete opposite from the raw hateful emotion most people in the public feel toward Casey right now. As Casey Anthony's defense team makes motions to exclude evidence from her upcoming murder trial, there will be millions of people that will become angry at each trial motion because those folks have already made up their mind as to Casey Anthony's innocence or guilt.

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Title: The Law & Raw Human Emotion Will Collide In The Casey Anthony Murder Trial
Written: December 31, 2008
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