Friday, April 24, 2009

Every Married Man Should See "Obsessed"

Every generation has a movie where a married man strays into the arms of another woman, who eventually goes nuts and decides to kill his wife so she can have him all for herself. Twelve years ago (in 1987), Michael Douglas and Glenn Close brought this storyline to life in a movie called "Fatal Attraction".

Now in 2009, the pretty much same script of "Fatal Attraction" is being told once again in a new movie called "Obsessed" This new movie "Obsessed" stars Idris Elba and Beyoncé Knowles who play the two women who end up fighting over the same man. In "Obsessed", Elba is the mistress - while Knowles plays the wife.

I still remember hearing from women everywhere back in 1987, who told me that all married men should be forced to watch "Fatal Attraction". If my guess is right, millions of new men are going to hear the same thing about a new movie called "Obsessed" from female friends and significant others who want to show men how unpredictable and violent some women can be.

Title: Every Married Man Should See "Obsessed"
Written: April 24, 2009
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