Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vicodin Tylenol Combination Deadly?

An FDA advisory panel recommended today that one of the most popular pain killers in the world be taken off the market. Known and used by millions of people, Vicodin (Hydrocodone) is a popular pain medication. For people that suffer from extreme pain from back trouble to the first stages of cancer - Vicodin has been prescribe by doctors for years to successfully relief pain while at the same time allowing the patient to live a normal life.

While some people will cheer the removal of Vicodin from the marketplace, I don't count myself in that group of people. Back in 2001 when my father first learned that he had terminal pancreatic cancer - Vicodin (Hydrocodone) was the first pain medication he was put on and it really worked well in controlling his pain while at the same time allowing him to continue his work. After a fairly short period of time, dads Vicodin stopped working that well so his Oncologist put him on a stronger medicine to help control his pain.

For over 20 years, most medical professional and regular people have known that Acetaminophen or better know by it's most popular brand name Tylenol caused severe damage to the livers of people that took too much of it over a short period of time. When I say people that took too much Tylenol tended to have liver damage, I am not talking about that much medication. From my research, some people that took as many as eight extra strength Acetaminophen pills per day for as little as two weeks, started to show signs of liver damage in blood tests.

In my 50 years, I have never known another medication that has been proven time and time again to be as dangerous as Acetaminophen and still remain on the market. The only reason I can think of that Acetaminophen (Tylenol) still remains on store shelves today is because there are so many drug companies that are making money from this single product or using it in a combination with another drug like the pain medication Vicodin. Unfortunately, the all mighty dollar has probably kept Acetaminophen products on the market for decades longer than they should have been. However - it is now known to everyone that Acetaminophen, either when taken alone or in a combination like in the drug Vicodin (Hydrocodone) , does cause liver damage and should be avoided.

Title: Vicodin Tylenol Combination Deadly?
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Michael Jackson Commemorative Tickets

As most people already know, when Michael Jackson died last Thursday he was conducting final rehearsals for an upcoming series of 50 concerts in London. According to news reports, all 50 of those Michael Jackson concerts were already sold out. Today, concert promoters in London announced that ticket holders for those 50 Michael Jackson shows will have a choice when it comes to getting a refund for those concerts that will not take place now, because of Michael Jackson's death.

In a stroke of sheer marketing genius, promoters of the Michael Jackson "This Is It" tour in London are offering people who bought a ticket to one of Michael's shows a choice of a full refund of their ticket price (average ticket price was around $105 USD) or they can choose to trade in their current Michael Jackson concert ticket for a new commemorative ticket. For days, I have wondered how the promoters of the Michael Jackson "This Is It" tour would come up with the money to make cash refunds for all those tickets ($55 million USD worth), but it now turns out that few if any people will ask for a refund, because of Michael Jackson's untimely death.

While offering a Michael Jackson commemorative ticket to people in London is a great idea. My guess is that half or less of the people that currently are holding a ticket to one of Michael Jackson's London concerts will ask for a refund or trade in their current ticket for the new commemorative one being offer by concert promoters. If I was lucky enough to have a ticket to one of Michel Jackson's London concerts that will not take place, because of his death - I would put that ticket in a safety deposit box somewhere and just wait until it becomes very valuable at some future date.

Of course, there might be some people who find themselves financially strapped right now that might ask for a full cash refund of their ticket. However, my gut feeling tells me that even people that need the money for their Michael Jackson London concert ticket right now will find plenty of concert ticket collectors that will pay them much more money than the tickets face value if they just look around for them. While it is sad that people will make money off the death of Michael Jackson, in reality the name and branding of Michael Jackson is worth much more money today - than before his death last Thursday.

Title: Michael Jackson Commemorative Tickets
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Michael Jackson Privacy Deadly?

As bits and pieces of information continue to leak out about the day Michael Jackson died. A strange piece of evidence that was released yesterday might prove to many people that Michael Jackson is dead today because of his obsession with privacy. In a news headline I read last night on the Internet, it is being reported and so far not refuted that the people around Michael Jackson waited up to 30 minutes after his doctor Conrad Murray started trying to revive him to call 911 for an ambulance. The only reasonable explanation as to why the people who were in charge of protecting Michael Jackson would wait 30 minutes to call for an ambulance, was because Michael insisted on privacy at every turn, which caused his employees to wait too long to call for medical help.

Already, some people that use to work for Michael Jackson have said that in the past he was found unresponsive and at one point he even had his stomach pumped by an employee after he took too many drugs. For introverted shy people like Michael Jackson, the idea that he might be taken to a public hospital because of a self induced drug overdose is more than his mind could bear. In the past and probably in the present as well, all employees of Michael Jackson were required to sign contracts of employment that forbid them from talking about what they witness while working for him. More than likely, it was common place for Michael Jackson to expect that the people around him would handle problems without contacting outside help like 911.

That overriding and obsessive need for privacy, more than likely, lead to the death of Michael Jackson. Even when one of Michael Jackson's employees finally called 911 up to 30 minutes after he stopped breathing, it was easy to hear the hesitation in that persons voice while talking to the 911 operator on the telephone. Even as Michael Jackson was dying, the man that called 911 seemed to me to be trying to tell the 911 operator only what he thought Michael Jackson would want him to hear. From all reports, working for Michael Jackson was a very lucrative job - but there was one overriding requirement for all Jackson employees and that was not to ever tell what went on in Michael's house to the outside world.

Did Michael Jackson's obsessive need for privacy cause his death? I don't know, but I do know this - if 911 was called 30 minutes earlier and at the time Michael Jackson was dying he was at a hospital rather than laying in his bed at home - his odds of survival would have been greatly increased. While Jackson family members will be quick to blame all the people that were working for Michael Jackson for his death, we should all keep in mind exactly what kind of boss Michael Jackson was and also we should remember that Michael Jackson valued privacy above all other attributes in someone that worked for him.

Title: Michael Jackson Privacy Deadly?
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Autopsy Lies?

It seems like every minute there is another Michael Jackson autopsy lie being spread on the Internet. Today, I read many reports about what was in the LA coroners office autopsy report for Michael Jackson - much of which was spread around the world by a tabloid newspaper in the UK. While many television shows and major Internet websites are going with this suspect information, the person that knows best what is in the Michael Jackson autopsy report, the coroner himself, has said that these Internet reports are not correct.

In death just as in life, Michael Jackson was a shy man that did not like others to know what he was up to in his everyday life. Now that Michael Jackson has died, it should come as no surprise to anyone that questionable members of the international news media (tabloids) would try and spread rumors and outright lies about what killed Michael and apparently making up and spreading lies about the LA coroners office autopsy report is consider by some to be fair game in this media feeding frenzy as well.

In the not too distant past, it would have been the death of a newspaper to print out right lies like the ones being spread by even members of the mainstream news media about Michael Jackson's autopsy report. However, if in the end - it turns out that this UK tabloid newspaper got the story right and the LA medical examiner is the real liar, then I will print a retraction at that time. My gut tells me that there is such a high demand for Michael Jackson news right now, that many members of the news media are decided to report what could turn out to be lies about Michael Jackson's autopsy report, rather than risk not getting the story out if these details turn out to be correct at some future date.

In the mean time, I believe it would be best to take the LA coroner at his word that recent so called leaked information from Michael Jackson autopsy are indeed lies and fabrications. The need to get news reported fast has caused many experienced reporters to take short cuts just so they can claim to be the first person to report a certain aspect of the Michael Jackson death story. While to many people six weeks might seem like a long time to wait to find out what really was the cause of death of Michael Jackson, it not so long that it makes it all right to just make up stories that are not correct.

Title: Michael Jackson Autopsy Lies?
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Angry At Michael Jackson's Dad

Today, as I was making my daily rounds - I heard many people expressing anger at Michael Jackson's dad. Apparently, last night on the red carpet before the BET awards - Michael Jackson's dad seemed to be more interested in promoting a new business venture than grieving his dead son. I did not see the red carpet interview with Don Lemon from CNN where Joe Jackson reportedly guided Mr. Lemon toward helping him promote a new business venture before a ceremony that was put together on short notice to mourn his dead son Michael Jackson.

Over Michael Jackson's short lifetime, there have been books written and movies produced that portrayed his dad, Joe Jackson, in less than a favorable light. Almost all reports suggest that Joe Jackson abused Michael and the rest of his kids as he pushed them to become singing stars at a very young age. In fact, I remember many years ago watching a movie that apparently showed the type of family atmosphere which was common place when Michael Jackson was a very young boy. While it has been a decade or more since I saw that movie, I still remember how angry I became when I saw Joe Jackson treating his children with such disrespect.

While Joe Jackson is still married to Michael Jackson's mother Katherine - they no longer live together. Katherine Jackson still lives at the family home in Encino, California - while Joe Jackson lives in Las Vegas. Today, a judge in southern California granted temporary custody of Michael Jackson's three children to Katherine Jackson. Considering how despicable Joe Jackson apparently acted last night on the red carpet at the BET Awards - thank goodness that he is not still living with Michael Jackson's mother. I'm sure millions of Michael Jackson fans would be very angry if Joe Jackson was around to raise Michael Jackson's kids considering how poorly Michael himself viewed his own dads parenting skills.

In a way I am glad that I did not see Joe Jackson's narcissistic comments on the red carpet at the BET Awards last night, because I would have been angry and outraged as well if he started trying to make money off his dead son Michael even before funeral arrangements had been made. Over the next few days, when I am more calm - I will look up Don Lemon's CNN red carpet interview from the BET Awards last night on YouTube and see for myself what Joe Jackson had to say and the way in which he said it. Many of the problems that Michael Jackson experienced during his lifetime were of his own making, but when it comes to how his dad treated him as a young boy - Joe Jackson alone is responsible for creating some mental scars that might not have ever healed.

Title: Angry At Michael Jackson's Dad
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Michael Jackson's Death, Share Comments

Less than a week ago, the biggest name in music since Elvis Presley died suddenly at his home near Los Angeles at the young age of 50. Michael Jackson was an outstanding performer that brought smiles to the faces of both young and old alike. The past few days, I have written about several different theories as to what caused the death of Michael Jackson - but today I would like to open up this page to let you express your personal feeling about what the loss of Michael Jackson means to you personally.

If you only have vulgar, nasty or prejudice words to say - please go somewhere else to express them. I have created this blog page for fans of Michael Jackson to be able to write their words of sympathy for Michael, so the rest of the world will know what his music meant to many on a one to one personal level. For millions of people around the world, the music of Michael Jackson has filled a void in their life and if you are one of those folks - please feel free to post your comments in the box below. Anonymous comments are allowed - but overly gross, homophobic or racially charged expressions might be deleted.

Title: Michael Jackson's Death, Share Comments
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Did Oxycontin Kill Michael Jackson?

Hollywood is filled with speculation today on what was the cause of Michael Jackson's death. Was it suicide, or malpractice by Michael Jackson's doctor (Conrad Murray) or was Michael hooked on the powerful pain killer called Oxycontin, which lead to his death through an accidental overdose? Ever since Oxycontin was put on the market as a powerful pain killer for people suffering from terminal cancer or other non surgical cured pain relief - many famous people, including Rush Limbaugh, have found themselves hook on this powerful drug.

In recent years, many people that make their living by helping others that are in pain daily from medical causes have expressed deep reservations about the way in which Oxycontin and other powerful pain killers are given to people that are not really in that much pain. Famous people, like Michael Jackson, seem to be able to bypass the normal government checks and balances that keep a powerful drug like Oxycontin from falling into the wrong hands of addicts. While no one is sure yet whether Oxycontin contributed to the cause of death of Michael Jackson, another famous American by the name of Rush Limbaugh found himself caught in the addition trap of Oxycontin, that took several weeks of rehab for him to kick and in his own words Rush Limbaugh is fighting that addiction still today.

While Oxycontin might be the drug of choice for Oncologist and other medical doctors that are trying to relieve the pain of a terminally ill patient, if this powerful, time released, drug is used in the wrong way it can lead to almost an immediate and life long addiction to a prescription drug that is at the core why Oxycontin is prescribe to pain patients that have run out of other options. For a patient that is within weeks of death, Oxycontin could be the difference between having a normal life around friend and family before their certain death. However, as was the case with Rush Limbaugh and possibly Michael Jackson as well - Oxycontin could have been a means to and end for death, instead of for the purpose that powerful pain killer drug was designed for.

It will be interesting to see what kind of drugs were floating around in Michael Jackson's system at the time of his death. If Oxycontin was one of those drugs, it most certain will have played a role in his death - because almost all other prescription medications are effect by Oxycontin in a negative way, because it is such a powerful pain killer for the human body. Right now, all of us are just speculating on what was the real cause of death for Michael Jackson and in the end it would be a human tragedy, if through Michael Jackson's decision to take Oxycontin - that specialized pain medication ends up being taken off the market, because of a bad choice by Michael Jackson.

Title: Did Oxycontin Kill Michael Jackson?
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Troops Leave Iraq Cities Tuesday?

Tomorrow (Tuesday), U.S. troops begin leaving big cities in Iraq and at that time full control over some of the most violent streets in the world will be turned over to Iraqi police and military troops. I guess the biggest question I have in my mind is, are the police and military troops in Iraq ready to take full control of their country or will U.S. troops, that are being relocated to U.S. military bases in the countryside, be asked to come back into major Iraqi cities like Baghdad to help maintain order?

When it came to the War in Iraq, I was first a supporter of that war until I found out that former President George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney had been lying to the American people about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) from the very beginning. As the weeks and months went by between when the Iraq War first started and then over several months when it was discovered that Iraq never really was a threat to the United States - I found myself at a loss of why President Bush would jeopardize his good name just to get the last word with family nemesis Saddam Hussein?

Then I thought back to the full life of President George W. Bush and in the end it made perfect sense to me why he would use the terrorist attacks on 911 to settle an old score with his father's worst enemy President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. If we look back even further, it was easy to see this character flaw in President George W. Bush - because the real reason he ran against Ann Richards for Texas governor was not for the reasons he stated - but instead it was because he had a vendetta against her because of negative comments she made on national television at a Democratic National Convention when his father (President HW Bush) was a sitting President.

We now have a new President of the United States by the name of Barack Obama. Throughout President Obama's long campaign for President, he made it clear that one of his first duties as the new American leader would be to get over 130,000 U.S. troops out of Iraq and turn over control there to the new Iraqi government. Under President Obama, many of the U.S. troops that will leave Iraq's major cities on Tuesday will not be returning home - but instead they will first be housed in the Iraqi countryside on U.S. military bases and then if events remain stable in Iraq, many of our Iraqi troops will be heading to Afghanistan, rather than back home to the United States of America.

Title: Troops Leave Iraq Cities Tuesday?
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will Obama Health Care Pass?

Over the next few months, Republicans and Democrats alike will be debating President Obama health care plan and sometime around fall - the full Congress will decide if Obama health care will pass. Right now, the odds don't look great for President Obama to get the votes he needs from the Congress to offer a government option for health care insurance, if Americans choose to go that route. The biggest problem facing President Obama when it comes to health care reform are not the Republicans that will oppose him at every turn, but democratic Members of Congress that are being lobbied hard by members of the current medical establishment and insurance companies that fear a government option will put them out of business.

There is no other part of American business that has more money available to lobby Members of Congress than the health care industry. Right now - doctors, hospitals and big health insurance companies are all against the Obama health care plan, because if it is enacted it will cost them a bunch of money. Republicans are rightfully worried that if Obama's health care plan is passed, all other insurance companies will soon be put out of business if they are forced to compete with the U.S. government. Of course, President Obama has said on many occasions that his health care plan will not require people to join - but instead it will compete fairly in the open marketplace against current health insurance companies.

Right now - I take President Obama at his word that if his health care plan passes, it will not use government power and pressure to put other health insurance companies out of business. Frankly, when it comes to an Obama health care plan passing the U.S. Congress - I am less worried about what our current President will do than some future President who is not as opened minded about free enterprise in the United States. It's pretty much a proven fact that any time the U.S. government is allow to compete with other businesses - in the end the United State government will use it's legal power to put companies that compete with them out of business.

When all the debates in Congress are over, I believe a government health insurance option should not be on the table. President Obama has stated many times that he will not go along with a new U.S. health care plan that does not include a government option. To that I say, please change your mind Mr. President, because you are looking at a government health care option through rose colored glasses, instead of seeing government control for what it really is. I do not believe that most of President Obama's health care plan is that bad. However, for Obama health care to pass the Congress - most Americans do not want the type of government option that is current proposed by President Obama.

Title: Will Obama Health Care Pass?
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Michael Jackson Bigger Than Iran?

Until the untimely death of Michael Jackson on Thursday, the biggest news story in the world was a voter uprising in Iran. However, within a one hour period of time - the Iran story completely disappeared from cable news channels CNN, MSNBC and Fox News as all three started wall to wall coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. For decades, most people knew that so called serious television news did not exist anymore - but the death of Michael Jackson on Thursday should have proven to everyone watching what CNN, MSNBC and Fox News really care about.

What we all need to keep in mind is that CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are all for profit companies - which means that it matters less which story is most important to the world. Instead, these major cable TV networks are only covering what people want to see and right now a rigged national election in Iran has to take a back seat to how and why Michael Jackson died. In a way, I don't blame CNN, Fox News and MSNBC for paying more attention to the death of Michael Jackson than they do to upset voters in Iran. With all the political scandals in the world today, millions of people have just checked out on real news and decided to follow tabloid stories instead.

Like everyone else, I feel badly that the will of the people in Iran was likely stolen by a bunch of old men that think they know better than the public what is best for that country. However, in the end - what exactly was the United States going to do anyway even if it was proven that the election in Iran was stolen? Contrast the helpless feeling that most Americans had with the election story in Iran and compare it to the tabloid story of the decade when Michael Jackson died on Thursday. In my daily travels, no one was talking about Iran or what was happening there - but once Michael Jackson died on Thursday - everywhere I went people were talking about his death and what might have caused it.

Sure, I would like to see CNN, MSNBC and Fox News cover only interesting stories that make a big difference to our lives. However, it has been proven time and time again that most of the public would rather hear about the death of someone famous like Michael Jackson than to watch people in another nation fight for freedom. That reality might be sad, but in the end I don't blame the major news media for this problem - but instead I blame the corrupt politicians around the world that have used the major news media to manipulate the public for so long that most folks have just stopped listening to them.

Title: Michael Jackson Bigger Than Iran?
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Did Michael Jackson Commit Suicide?

For the past several days I have speculated as to what the real cause of death was for Michael Jackson. While some people believe that Michael Jackson died from a heart attack, there are many others that believe Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray somehow caused his death. One area I have not examined until till now is the possibility that Michael Jackson took his own life through suicide. The reason I have put off writing about suicide as a possible cause of Michael Jackson's death is because I don't want that to be a real possibility.

In fact, it is difficult for me to imagine anyone being so depressed that they would even consider taking their own life - but from experience both near and far I know that sometimes people that seem perfectly happy on the outside are depressed and miserable down deep inside. If Michael Jackson did commit suicide, there is a good chance we will never know for sure if his death was the result of an accidental overdose or if Michael actually made the choice to end his life last Thursday in Los Angeles. Some small minded thinker will believe that someone as rich and famous as Michael Jackson would never even consider suicide. However, evidence to the contrary exist in both recent and ancient history.

More than likely, you know people in your own life that seemed perfectly happy who one day decided to commit suicide. The complex chemistry in our brains can either make us a happy and well adjusted person or it can turn on a dime and make people believe that life is not worth living anymore. No one knows what was going on in Michael Jackson's brain on Thursday morning and maybe that's the way it should be. In the end, if it turns out that Michael Jackson took an overdose of medications - the cause of his death will be rules an accidental, because no one except Jackson knows for sure what was going through his mind Thursday morning.

Money and fame do not buy happiness and I believe it is extremely possible that even though Michael Jackson was living a life a leisure, down deep inside his soul he could and possibly was a very depressed man. Even if Michael Jackson was depressed, that does not mean that he committed suicide. However, it is common for people who are depressed to try and find relief from the pain of that depression in both alcohol and prescription drugs that many times just make their depression worse.

Title: Did Michael Jackson Commit Suicide?
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What Killed Billy Mays?

Update: The Tampa, Florida coroner said today that the cause of Billy Mays death was not a blow to the head. Instead, he died from advanced heart disease.

I was shocked to hear that cable TV pitchman Billy Mays has died at the age of 50. Like Michael Jackson only a few days earlier, Billy Mays died at a very young age. There are more questions than answers right now as to what caused the death of Billy Mays, but some people that shared an airline flight with Mays yesterday back to his hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida said that Billy suffer a hard hit to the head after the flight he was traveling on made a hard landing after one the of jet aircraft's tires blew out while landing.

Apparently, a large item of some kind came out of the over head luggage compartment when the jet that Billy May's was traveling on made a hard landing at the Tampa Bay airport yesterday. Like Natasha Richardson before him, Billy Mays seemed to be fine right after being struck in the head and even made a comment to some of the other passengers on the flight that he had a pretty hard head. While it is possible that Billy Mays died from some other cause, the time line between when he was struck in the head late yesterday and his death this morning does suggest to me that he may have suffered the same kind of head injury as Natasha Richardson a few months ago.

During his short life, Billy Mays was seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world on short TV commercials sometimes referred to as infomercials. Billy Mays is best know for a commercial for OxiClean, but in more recent days I have seen Billy promoting other products on TV for health insurance. The death of Billy Mays came as a shock to most people, including myself who though I would be hearing his loud voice on television commercials for years to come. However, just like Michael Jackson - Billy Mays is dead at the age of 50, which is scary to me because I am that same age.

Right now, it is turning out of be a black summer as famous people from all walks of life are dying from a variety of causes. The middle part of June could go down in history as one of the most deathly periods of time for celebrities as the deaths of David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and now Billy Mays all occurred within a few weeks. One of my most popular blog posts is called "Celebrities Die In Threes?", where one person has already commented today that the death of Billy Mays will probably be followed by another famous death sometime in the near future.

Title: What Killed Billy Mays?
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Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Addiction?

Did Michael Jackson suffer from plastic surgery addition? I believe the answer to the questions is most definitely yes. All anyone needs to do is look at the facial transformation of Michael Jackson over the years to see exactly what too much plastic surgery can do to the human body. I believe Michael Jackson looked his best in the 1980's as both his music and popularity hit all time highs with the release of the best selling album of all time called "Thriller". However, over the next two decades - Michael Jackson's face went from one of a strong and vital man, to something strange and abnormal.

During Michael Jackson's trial on child molestation charges, there were people in the court room that said it appeared that Jackson nose was starting to fall off. Could it be that too much plastic surgery was the cause of Michael Jackson losing his nose? I guess people can and do get addicted to almost anything, so maybe Michael Jackson was addicted to plastic surgery. I believe that most addictions, including plastic surgery, are really just a outward sign of something very wrong that is going on down deep inside.

Michael Jackson is not the first or the last Hollywood superstar to suffer from addictions of one kind or another. In addition to Michael's addiction to plastic surgery - he also was probably deeply addicted to several types of prescription medications and a combination of those drugs most likely lead to his death. While many friends have told reporters that Michael Jackson was instrumental in helping race relations, from my point of view - it appeared that Michael Jackson was using plastic surgery to change the color of his skin from black to white.

We need to remember that Michael Jackson grew up in a different America than the one of today where voters both black and white elected a multi-racial President of the United States. I was also born in 1958 and I can tell you that there was a deep racial divide in the U.S. back in the 1970's when both Michael Jackson and I were growing up. For a gifted, talented and wealthy person like Michael Jackson - an addition to plastic surgery caused him to look strange to the rest of the world. Just try to image how Michael felt deep down inside when the rest of the world loved him, while at the same time he disliked himself so much.

Title: Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Addiction?
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Fame/Introversion Killed Michael Jackson?

The past few days, I have written about what or who killed Michael Jackson. While the list of people that might have had something to do with his death at the age of 50 is long, I would like to add one more name to the list of things that contributed to the cause of death of Michael Jackson. Put simply, fame has been the cause of death for many celebrities over the years in Hollywood and in the end it will turn out that fame and the money that goes along with it was the real cause of death for Michael Jackson. While fame causes extroverted people to act in one way - that same fame causes introverted people to act completely different.

Almost everyone that knew Michael Jackson admits that he had a very introverted personality. In fact, that introverted personality is the main reason why I believe Michael Jackson turned to young boys as his spiritual and personal outlet, rather than men and women his own age. For many people, it is hard to image that Michael Jackson would find it difficult to have one on one conversations with peers his own age, because of the way he seemed so extroverted when appearing on stage at live concerts. That at work extroversion when mixed with a personal introversion is something that can catch many people off guard.

I believe that some people, like Michael Jackson, seek out fame because that outlet is the only way they can form unique one on one relationships with other people. When Michael Jackson was preforming on stage before tens of thousands of people, that choice on his part to seek a public career, was an attempt to connect with regular people in a way that he could never do on a personal level. In recent years, Michael Jackson was not preforming before thousands of fans on a regular basis, but instead he choose to remove himself from the United States of America - because his introverted lifestyle made him look evil to many people that surrounded him.

The combination of fame and introversion has caused many Hollywood and music stars to end up in self destructive behavior at the end of their life. In a fair world - physiotherapist should be able to help introverted personalities, like Michael Jackson, co-exist in the outside world. However, the responsibility for getting an introvert into the outside world and function normally requires the patient, in this case Michael Jackson, to work hard to learn the various techniques which are necessary to transition from an introverted personality to one that feels comfortable dealing with people in the world around them.

Title: Fame/Introversion Killed Michael Jackson?
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dr. Conrad Murray Financial Problems

I just finished reading a long story on MSNBC Internet about what kind of financial shape Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, current finds himself in. The debt that was written about in this Internet story does not include the mountain of debt he will eventually find himself in when Jackson family members and business interests begin to sue him for wrongful death in the weeks and months ahead. While everyone will be quick to point fingers of blame at Dr. Murray for Michael Jackson's death - in reality it was Jackson's choice to take medications that might put his life at risk and even though Michael Jackson may have acted like a naive young boy, in reality he ran a business enterprise worth billions of dollars.

No one should be happy that Michael Jackson is dead, but in the end there is really no one else to blame for his early death other than himself. Yes, Dr. Conrad Murray probably should not have prescribed some of the medications that probably will be proven to have caused Michael Jackson's death. However, any man that can rent a house for $100,000 per month - should be smart enough to know whether or not a doctor is shooting straight with them about the potential side effects and danger of prescription drugs. The sad truth is that Michael Jackson was probably a drug addict and if Dr. Murray did not prescribe the medicines that Jackson needed to continue his addiction, it would have been easy for a person with Jackson's financial resources to have hired another doctor that would.

The rich and famous have always hired their own personal and private doctors so they can receive prescription medication in higher doses than are considered safe, without law enforcement catching on to their addiction. Add to that need to maintain a drug addiction a doctor with a current licenses to practice medicine in the State of California, who is also in debt up to his ears with creditors both near and far - you then find yourself with the perfect prescription for a music superstar like Michael Jackson to end up dead at the age of 50.

I do not believe that Dr. Conrad Murray deliberately killed Michael Jackson, but I do believe that Dr. Murray was not in a position to tell Jackson no if Michael wanted more medication than he should have. Time will tell whether wrong doing on the part of Dr. Conrad Murray lead to the sudden death of Michael Jackson, but my guess is that when all the various Jackson death investigations are over - it will turn out that Dr. Murray and Michael Jackson were not that different at all in the way they lived their own lives.

Title: Dr. Conrad Murray Financial Problems
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Doctor Caused Michael Jackson's Death?

Every time someone famous dies at a young age, the first person that most people try to blame is the celebrities doctor. Now that Michael Jackson has died, fans and members of the news media combined are trying to blame Michael Jackson's death on Conrad Murray who was employed as Michael Jackson's personal cardiologist at the time of the superstars death on Thursday afternoon. In addition to Dr. Conrad Murray being Michael Jackson's personal doctor - he was also at Jackson's home on Thursday afternoon when Michael stopped breathing and died.

911 tapes released in Los Angeles on Friday contain the voice of an unknown person who called 911 and told the dispatcher that Michael Jackson's was not breathing. This yet to be named 911 caller also said that Michael Jackson's personal doctor, believed to be Dr. Conrad Murry, was preforming CPR on him at the time the 911 call was made. In what turned out to be somewhat of a disappearing act, Dr. Conrad Murry could not be found by police detectives on Friday when they wanted to question him for a second time about the circumstances and time line of events that took place in the hours and minutes before Michael Jackson die.

Early this morning, it was learned that Dr. Conrad Murry had resurfaced after hiring a law firm from Houston, Texas to represent him. While some people believe that Dr. Murry must have hired a law firm to represent him because he must have somehow contributed to the death of Michael Jackson, I believe that only fool would talk to police when a superstar the likes of Michael Jackson dies without legal representation available to explain the police questioning process. From what I have learned, Dr. Conrad Murry is a resident of Houston, Texas and it makes perfect sense to me that he would hire lawyers from his hometown to represent him in a high profile investigation like the untimely death of Michael Jackson.

When someone as famous as Michael Jackson dies suddenly, there is a big tendency from millions of adoring fans to jump to conclusions and try to find someone other than the victim to blame for the death. While Dr. Conrad Murry has not been charged with a crime, I believe there are millions of people around the world that want to see him pay for the death of Michael Jackson. In the end, it could turn out that the wrongful actions of Dr. Conrad Murry did lead to the death of Michael Jackson - but until there is some kind of evidence that he did something other than try to save Jackson's life when he stopped breathing, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Title: Doctor Caused Michael Jackson's Death?
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Zoloft Caused Michael Jackson's Death?

The small but loud group of people that do not believe that anti-depressant medication helps people who are depressed are preparing to try and blame Michael Jackson's death on Zoloft. Already, I have read countless stories on the Internet that claim that in some way Zoloft was the cause of death for Michael Jackson. Ever since mankind crawled out of caves there have been some people that have chemical imbalances of the brain which brings upon depression. Just because Michael Jackson was a rich and famous man, does not meant that he was somehow immune to the same chemical imbalances in the brain as everyone else.

Considering how Tom Cruise negatively commented on the fact that Brooke Shields took anti-depressant medication on the "Today Show" many years ago, I can only image what Tom Cruise would have to say about Michael Jackson's death once he found out that Michael was taking anti-depressants before he died. I do not believe that Zoloft played any role in Michael Jackson's death, with the exception that it will probably be one of many other prescription and non prescription drugs found in his blood stream when toxicology results are released in about one month.

If indeed Michael Jackson was taking the anti-depressant Zoloft, I want to congratulate him for taking one of the best and most proven safe anti-depressants on the market. I know dozens of people that have taken Zoloft for well over a decade and put simply - that one medication has changed their lives for the better. Why some Americans have a phobia about anti-depressant medications like Zoloft is something I believe goes back to how Hollywood has dealt with the issue of depression ever since movies first started being made.

In the end, money grabbing attorneys will probably try to blame Zoloft as the cause of Michael Jackson's death so they can continue to get a piece of Michael Jackson money even after his death. When Michael Jackson's toxicology results are finished and finally released to the public, I sure his system will be filled with many medications that could and probably did cause his death. So just be prepared in the weeks to come for attorney's to ignore the other vast amounts of legal and possibly illegal drugs in Michael Jackson's blood stream and focus in like a laser beam on the prescription medication Zoloft as the real cause of Michael Jackson's death.

Title: Zoloft Caused Michael Jackson's Death?
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Michael Jackson, Shy Perfectionist?

When I think back about the life of Michael Jackson, the first thing that comes to my mind is that he was a shy introverted perfectionist that had a hard time fitting into the world today. I also believe that Michael Jackson never wanted to grow up, so he saw the world at age 50 - in the same way he did back in his teenage years. Believe me when I say that there have been times in my own life when I too wanted to go back and be a teenager again when the stresses of being an adult became too great.

The fact that Michael Jackson was shy and a perfectionist proves that many times in life the people that have the least to say, end up saying the most in the end just through the actions and in Michael Jackson's case his music and dancing ability. It is also common that shy perfectionist like Michael Jackson are many times introverted as well. The three traits of being introverted, shy and a perfectionist lead Michael Jackson to musical and dancing genius, but at the same time these three blessings from God turned out to also come with a bunch of demons that brought about Michael's early demise.

Sadly, for Michael Jackson, there is no room in the world today for a grown man that wants to continue to act like a child. There have been far too many cases of child abuse for the world to just accept a grown man acting like a child. Much to Michael Jackson's distress, his own inability or unwillingness to acted grown up landed him in court many times because of child abuse allegations that were never believed by a jury. The shy introverted perfectionist personality of Michael Jackson caused many adults with young children to fear him because they did not understand what really made Michael Jackson tick.

While the shy perfectionist named Michael Jackson never found comfort in the adults around him, over his 50 short years on this Earth - his music effected people in so many positive ways. Not long ago I wrote a post about how Michael Jackson's song "Gone Too Soon" offered comfort to the family of Ryan White decades ago and that same song was also featured at a memorial service for Caylee Anthony earlier this year. In a strange sort of way - the shy introverted perfectionists that make up this world tend to give the rest of us a happier life, while at the same time much of their own life is forfeited in the process.

Title: Michael Jackson, Shy Perfectionist?
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Addicted To Drugs?

When police arrived yesterday at Michael Jackson's $100,000 per month rented house in Los Angeles, they reportedly found huge amounts of prescription drugs there. From the first announcement yesterday that Jackson had died, I got a feeling in my gut that I was watching the Anna Nicole Smith story happening all over again when paramedics were called when Michael Jackson quit breathing. I remember thinking to myself when a coworker came in the office and said that Michael Jackson had died of a heart attack, that when all the dust settles - there will be more to this story than just heart failure.

It is not unusual for Hollywood celebrities to become addicted to drugs. The rich and famous in Hollywood have been overdosing on all kinds of drugs long before Michael Jackson was born in 1958. It was also not a shock to me that Michael Jackson was addicted to drugs because of the introverted lifestyle he lived. However, when police announced late yesterday that Michael Jackson's home was filled with all types of drugs - I was surprised that he had so many drugs just laying around in his rented house. Then I remembered that Michael Jackson was never really alone. Instead, he surrounded himself with private security people and doctors so he would not be forced to go travel into the outside world.

The last thing I read before writing this post was that Michael Jackson's doctor is still 'missing' and the longer he waits to show back up and talk to police the more guilty he is going to look to everyone. Sadly, even if Michael Jackson's doctor is totally innocent in his death - the media and millions of Michael Jackson fans will feel the need to blame Michael's death on him instead of the pop singer himself. I believe that Michael Jackson was already living on borrowed time because of the amount of drugs he was taking anyway. Sure, his doctor might have killed him with an injection yesterday - but just image the amount of other drugs Jackson must have been taking for a single shot to have allegedly killed him so fast?

Common sense would suggest that Hollywood celebrities would have received a huge wake up call when Anna Nicole Smith died of a drug overdose a couple of years ago, but I believe common sense has always been in short supply in narcissistic Hollywood. While many of you might be angry with me for saying this, in at least a small way - Michael Jackson's addition to drugs was his attempt to slowly commit suicide, because he was unhappy with his life. Someone asked me today how in the world a person like Michael Jackson could be unhappy and all I could think to say was 'money does not and never has bought happiness'.

Title: Michael Jackson Addicted To Drugs?
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Michael Jackson Murdered By Doctor?

The word murder is a strong one especially when referring to Michael Jackson's doctor who was reportedly the only other person in the room when he went into cardiac arrest on Thursday afternoon. However, if we treat Michael's doctor in the same way would would a friend or drug dealer on the street - Michael Jackson's doctor could indeed be facing murder charges in his near future. For example, if you or I had been taking various prescription drugs and a friend or drug dealer stopped by our house and gave us a shot that killed us, that person could and probably would be charged with murder.

There in is the double standard between regular people and medical doctors. In the U.S., very seldom is a doctor prosecuted for murdering one of their patients. Instead, United States courts tend to deal with doctors in more of a civil way via lawsuits for wrongful death - rather than through the criminal court system where doctors are prosecuted for their lethal mistakes in a murder trial. If it turns out that Michael Jackson's doctor did indeed murder him by giving him a shot of lethal narcotic medication, millions of people around the world are going to be outraged that this doctor was allowed to kill Michael Jackson and not face murder charges in a court-of-law.

Of course, I am jumping the gun when it comes to assumptions about Michael Jackson's doctor giving him a shot of narcotic drugs - but my gut feeling is that in the end, toxicology testing will prove that a shot given by Michael's doctor was indeed the medication that caused his death. I also believe that while Michael Jackson's doctor did not believe that he was giving his patient a lethal dose of narcotics, when that shot was combined with other prescriptions Jackson was taking each day, his blood stream went over the edge of what he could consume and still remain alive.

If it does turn out that Michael Jackson's doctor did inject him with a lethal dose of narcotic medication, his career as a medical doctor is over and more than likely he will spend the rest of his life fighting lawsuits by Michael Jackson's family and the dozens of business interests that relied on Jackson for their livelihood. However, I would seriously doubt if Michael's doctor will ever be prosecuted on murder charges - even though he probably gave the shot to Jackson that caused his heart to fail.

Title: Michael Jackson Murdered By Doctor?
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Michael Jackson Toxicology Results?

Later today, a full autopsy on the body of Michael Jackson will be preformed in Los Angeles. If, as speculated by his family, Michael died of cardiac arrest brought on by a heart attack - the LA medical examiner should be able to confirm that fact by the end of the day. However, if Michael Jackson died because of a combination of prescription drug overdose - it could be weeks before a full spectrum toxicology report is first returned to the corner and then released to the public.

The past few hours, I have been watching old video's of Michael Jackson on YouTube. In real-time, I was difficult to see just how far the inter soul of Michael had fallen over the years. However, when you look at Michael Jackson as a child and then again only a few short months before his death - there was nothing natural about how Michael was aging into his 50's. In the end, it was almost like Michael Jackson was just dragging his way through each day - instead of enjoying the many gifts that God gave him.

I hope that the corner discovers that Michael Jackson died of natural causes, but my gut tells me that we may be looking at another Anna Nicole Smith story here where a emotionally lost celebrity turns all of their emotion inward and eventually takes one too many pills which ends up taking their life. I wish that toxicological testing was faster, but it is not - so even if the medical examiner declares the cause of Michael Jackson death today to be from a heart attack, we will not know if drugs played a role in his death until sometime in July.

If it turns out that Michael Jackson did die as a result of taking too much prescription medication, he and Anna Nicole Smith will be forever role models for other celebrities on exactly how much damage certain drug combination can do to the body. While it is true that 50 year old men died from heart attacks all the time, it is unusual for a superstar like Michael Jackson who has his own personal doctor to die in that way. A personal physician usually monitors the health of their of their patient very closely, which includes blood tests that will be the first sign that something is not right with the heart.

Title: Michael Jackson Toxicology Results?
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Celebrities Die In Threes?

Yesterday, was just another example of why many people believe that famous people (celebrities) die in threes. For decades, people from all backgrounds have said that anytime someone famous dies, within a few short days - two more celebrities will also die. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to support that belief - but in offices around the world many people believe that and with the death yesterday of Michael Jackson, which was preceded by the passing of Ed McMahon and Farrah Faucett - once again we have seen three famous celebrities die within a short period of time.

My wife gets aggravated at me when I mention things like celebrities dying in threes. She always points out to me that the deaths of famous people in Hollywood are no different than anywhere else, but a belief by millions of people that celebrities do die in threes continues to be passed on from generation to generation. I remember as a young boy growing up in the 1960's first hearing my mother talk about how celebrities always died in threes. Also, many other people thought the same way as my mother - so the idea that famous people could and did die in threes was something I just excepted as fact when I was young.

Most people around the world expected that Ed McMahon and Farrah Faucett would soon die. The downward spiral of Ed McMahon's health and years of less than successful cancer treatments for Farrah Faucett caused most people to expect that they could die at any time. However, when news arrived late yesterday afternoon that in addition to McMahon and Faucett that Michael Jackson had also died - shock was felt all around of the world, because no one was expecting him to die at the young age of 50. So for people that truly believe that famous celebrities do really die in threes, the past 48 hours has done nothing to diminish that belief.

When I arrived home from work last night and started talking to my wife about the deaths of Farrah Facuett and Michael Jackson - I could not help mentioning to her that once again three celebrities had all died within a very short period of time. While I know there is really no truth to the belief that famous people always die in threes, there are countless examples throughout history that seem to prove that there is some type of correlation. The main topic in offices around the world today and at backyard barbecues this weekend will be the fact that Ed McMahon, Farrah Faucett and Michael Jackson all died within a very short period of time and inevitably the next topic discussed will be how celebrities always seem to die in threes.

Title: Celebrities Die In Threes?
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drug Overdose Killed Michael Jackson?

There was a doctor interviewed on TV tonight that said he would refuse to remain silent about large drug use by the late Michael Jackson. In what he compared to the demise of Anna Nicole Smith, this doctor believes that Michael Jackson was taking far too many prescription drugs during the last few months of his life. While open speculation right now is that Michael Jackson died of a heart attack, in reality no one really knows what types and in what combination prescription medications were floating around in Michael Jackson's blood stream right before his death today.

Like most people alive on the Earth today, I grew up listening to first the music of the Jackson 5 and then later on I became a fan of Michael Jackson's music as well. It is not uncommon for famous people to bubble themselves off from the rest of the world, because of intrusive fans and the real concerns of security people that are in charge of keeping stars safe. In a life like that, it is not hard for me to believe that anyone, including Michael Jackson, could find themselves using drugs or alcohol to help control some of the pain of loneliness that is normal for a superstar.

When that doctor on television tonight used the name of Anna Nichole Smith in the same sentence as Michael Jackson, alarm bells went off in my head that said maybe his death today was not from natural causes at all. Is it possible that Michael Jackson died from a drug overdoes in the same way Anna Nicole Smith did a couple of years ago? Right now, I believe it is just as likely that a drug overdose killed Michael Jackson as the common wisdom that he must of died from cardiac arrest late this afternoon.

Soon, a full autopsy will be preformed on Michael Jackson - which will include a full toxicology exam to see what kinds of medications were in his blood stream at the time of his death. Considering the sheer numbers of people that rushed to defend Michael Jackson when he was alive, I'm sure his family and friends will work overtime to try and keep any negative information about what might have caused his death from reaching the public domain. However, in the end - we will all know what killed Michael Jackson and from a purely selfish standpoint, I do hope they he died of natural causes and not from a drug overdose.

Title: Drug Overdose Killed Michael Jackson?
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Farrah Fawcett Near Death

Update: Sources now confirm that Farrah Fawcett has died at the age of 62.

Sadly, entertainment sources in Hollywood announced this morning that Farrah Fawcett is near death and has received her late rites. Like millions of other people around the world, I grew up with a Farrah Fawcett poster hanging on my bedroom wall. For a long time now, Fawcett has been fighting cancer both in the United States and in Germany. As a baby boom child who became an adult in the 1970, Hollywood stars did not get bigger back then than the three beautiful ladies that were cast as "Charlies Angels".

For many people, Farrah Fawcett was the most beautiful woman in the world in the late 1970's and even as cancer ate away at her body for the past year or so - she is still a very beautiful woman. Now that a priest has been called to give Fawcett her last rites, death should follow within the next 24 to 48 hours. We all remember so much from our teenage years and experiences both good and bad we tend to carry with us for the rest of our life, because in our young years our brains are still developing. Even though I am now in my 50's, my mind still has a fresh picture of what Farrah Fawcett looked like in the 1970's and 1980's.

With Farrah Fawcett nearing death, millions of other people like myself are forced to consider our own mortality as the end of our life is closer than the beginning. As most of you already know, my own father died of cancer back in 2001 and while I have never met Farrah Fawcett - I do have a certain bond with her, because I know first hand what cancer can do to the human body as well as the effect this terrible disease has on the people effected and the loved ones that are forced to helplessly watch their slow demise right before their eyes.

Young people today will be shocked at the sadness and grief that is express by millions of people once Farrah Fawcett does pass from the Earth, because they will not know her or the impact that she made on this world during her own younger years. However, for people who are 50 years old plus - we will be extremely sad that a television icon that was a superstar during our youth, has grown old and died right before our eyes.

Title: Farrah Fawcett Near Death
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Too Passive Dealing With Iran

In his heart, I believe President Barack Obama thinks he is following the right course dealing with Iran - but the real world is filled with evil leaders that want nothing to do with negotiating with nations like the United States, because for generations the leaders of those same nations have blamed every problem they have on U.S. foreign policy. In fact, in Iran and some other nations - religious leaders have shouted for the demise of the United States and all citizens that live here for generations.

In some ways I understand why President Obama wants to take a more passive approach when dealing with nations like Iran. Here in the United States we have been taught for decades that rather than taking our anger to force, we should instead negotiate our difference with other people either through counseling or through the U.S. court system by filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, much of the rest of the world does not understand or subscribe to the U.S. brand of negotiating nor do they believe the best way to resolve problems with others is to file a lawsuit.

Frankly, while I disagree with almost everything that President Bush and VP Cheney did the last three years they served in Washington D.C., when it comes to their view of how to deal with terrorist or dictator lead nations around the world is much superior to the ideas of President Obama. At the core of what drives President Obama as a man is a belief that if he is given a chance and enough time - he can cause waring factions and nations to put down their arms and negotiate peaceful settlements. In reality, that is not how wars are won and loss and to much of the rest of the world President Obama's passive stand when dealing with Iran is a sure sign of weakness to dictators around the world that view negotiation as something losers do when they are defeated on the field of battle.

So far, President Obama's choices when dealing with foreign policy issues has been less impressive than his ideas when it come to domestic changes. After watching President Obama work for the past few months, it is clear that his whole basis of leadership is made up of negotiating with people that don't agree in an effort to find common ground. While that might work in the United States on domestic issues like improving the economy or changing health care - in foreign policy it is a suckers hand in the opinion of many of the nations that do not like the U.S. and if the President does not change, we will soon find ourselves in a whole world of hurt with dictatorships around the globe.

Title: Obama Too Passive Dealing With Iran
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Media Missing Big Picture In Iran

While most of the mainstream news media continues to cover the violence in Iran like it's a full blown revolution, in reality everyday fewer people are taking to the streets in protest. I agree that presidential elections there were probably rigged, but what's the news value of that in Iran? Every thinking person knew long before the latest presidential elections in Iran that it didn't matter which candidate won the election because Iran's supreme religious leader is really in charge of running the country.

Mainstream news media outlets in the United States have been more excited about the technology being used by young people in Iran to get around government censorship than actually looking at the nation of Iran as a whole. My guess is that with the exception of a few high charged and angry students in Iran, the vast majority of the population is happy with the form of government that they have there. Sure, from a western point of view the idea of a religious government sounds terrible - but for people living in the Middle East the government in Iran might seem better than some of the other dictators that rule other countries with an iron hand.

What I would be interested in seeing on the mainstream news media is more coverage from outside of Tehran. Just like when Hurricane Katrina ripped up much of the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, the mainstream news media in the U.S. basically hung around New Orleans to cover the story - rather than moving out into some of the more rural areas to find out what was happening there. My gut feeling is that outside of Tehran, the people of Iran are pretty much going about their daily business without protest.

I believe it would be great if Iran joined other nations around the world and became a real democracy. However, the decision on whether or not that happens does not reside with the U.S. and worldwide news media - but instead it rests with the majority of people in Iran. No matter how much spin the mainstream news media puts on the street protests in Tehran, if the silent majority of Iranians are not upset or concerned about their form of government - no changes are coming. I guess it's just too much to hope for that the U.S. mainstream news media would cover a major story with some kind of objectivity in their coverage.

Title: Media Missing Big Picture In Iran
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