Monday, June 01, 2009

Limes Are A Great Source Of Potassium

Like many fruits, limes are a great source of not only Vitamin C - but they are loaded with potassium, as well. I write often about potassium related issues, because from time to time I find myself low on this much needed mineral - so I am always searching for new ways to get a quick boost of potassium from natural food sources. For years, without even realizing it - I always asked for extra limes for my water with I ate out at restaurants. I use to think that I just loved limes - but as time went by and I got older, I now think that my body was craving limes when it was getting low on potassium.

Everyone is different when it comes to how they digest vitamins and important minerals like sodium and potassium. While most people are able to break down the important vitamins and minerals they need each day, other people are less effective at this process and many times they need extra amounts of minerals to keep their bodies running at peak performance. While I do not seem to have trouble digesting the vitamins and minerals that I need each day, for a variety of reasons I tend to need more potassium than other people my same age. That is why knowing that fruits like limes are loaded with potassium is something I always keep in the back of my mind.

While I'm not a scientist or a doctor, I have learned to listen to my body for sign that my potassium blood level is getting too low. While some vitamin and mineral deficiencies are difficult to pick up on on - for me when my potassium level is getting too low - I know it within a matter of minutes and immediately take swift action. The first thing I notice when my body's potassium level is dropping too low is that my leg muscles and lower back start to become tense and start to ache. Since potassium is need to help muscles relax, a lack of potassium is often times the reason by my legs and lower back remain tense after exertion.

Since I now know that limes are loaded with potassium, it is easy to add a quarter slice of lime to a glass of cold ice water and after doing so within 30 to 60 minutes I noticed that my leg and back muscles are starting to relax once again. In addition to limes and most fresh fruits, other foods that are loaded with potassium are baked potatoes and raw carrots. While more research needs to be done to understand why some people need more potassium than others, there's a good selection of highly rich potassium foods for sale everywhere and if a person who needs more potassium in their daily diet knows where to look for those foods - they can live a more happier life, without the problem of tense muscles and lower back pain - which sometimes can be caused by a low blood level of potassium.

Title: Limes Are A Great Source Of Potassium
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