Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will Obama Health Care Pass?

Over the next few months, Republicans and Democrats alike will be debating President Obama health care plan and sometime around fall - the full Congress will decide if Obama health care will pass. Right now, the odds don't look great for President Obama to get the votes he needs from the Congress to offer a government option for health care insurance, if Americans choose to go that route. The biggest problem facing President Obama when it comes to health care reform are not the Republicans that will oppose him at every turn, but democratic Members of Congress that are being lobbied hard by members of the current medical establishment and insurance companies that fear a government option will put them out of business.

There is no other part of American business that has more money available to lobby Members of Congress than the health care industry. Right now - doctors, hospitals and big health insurance companies are all against the Obama health care plan, because if it is enacted it will cost them a bunch of money. Republicans are rightfully worried that if Obama's health care plan is passed, all other insurance companies will soon be put out of business if they are forced to compete with the U.S. government. Of course, President Obama has said on many occasions that his health care plan will not require people to join - but instead it will compete fairly in the open marketplace against current health insurance companies.

Right now - I take President Obama at his word that if his health care plan passes, it will not use government power and pressure to put other health insurance companies out of business. Frankly, when it comes to an Obama health care plan passing the U.S. Congress - I am less worried about what our current President will do than some future President who is not as opened minded about free enterprise in the United States. It's pretty much a proven fact that any time the U.S. government is allow to compete with other businesses - in the end the United State government will use it's legal power to put companies that compete with them out of business.

When all the debates in Congress are over, I believe a government health insurance option should not be on the table. President Obama has stated many times that he will not go along with a new U.S. health care plan that does not include a government option. To that I say, please change your mind Mr. President, because you are looking at a government health care option through rose colored glasses, instead of seeing government control for what it really is. I do not believe that most of President Obama's health care plan is that bad. However, for Obama health care to pass the Congress - most Americans do not want the type of government option that is current proposed by President Obama.

Title: Will Obama Health Care Pass?
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