Monday, July 06, 2009

SC Serial Killer Search

SC Serial Killer SearchIn a rural area of South Carolina, residents are in fear and arming themselves with firearms after police recently announced that there was a serial killer prowling that area. Over a short period of time, five people have been killed in Cherokee County South Carolina and a spokesman for the local Sheriff's Office said over the weekend that all five of these separate killings have been linked together by the available evidence.

While police continue to search for this alleged serial killer, my guess is that the citizens of Cherokee County South Carolina will most likely find and take care of this serial killer before the police catch him. There is a reason why serial killers normally do not prey on rural areas and that is because most residents that live outside of a major city are armed and know how to use firearms for the protection of their family. In addition to rural residents being well armed for self protection - they also know immediately when a person shows up that is not a resident of that area.

A composite sketch of a suspect of interest in these five related murders in Cherokee County South Carolina has been released to the news media. More than likely, the the man portrayed in that composite sketch is long gone from Cherokee County, which is both good and bad news for police that are still searching for him. Unfortunately, serial killers don't usually just stop killing because law enforcement is closing in on them. Instead, this person has probably moved on to another area of the country to continue his killing spree.

Over the years, all areas have unfortunately found serial killers in their midst and it is not unusual for there to be dozens of people murdered before police finally catch them. One piece of advice I would like to share with all of you is this; from my experience - serial killers do not look outwardly evil. So, rather than focusing on someone who looks the part of an evil killer - instead it is the person that you would never suspect that usually turns out to be a serial killer, so to remain safe - please don't judge a book by it's cover.

Title: SC Serial Killer Search
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