Saturday, November 07, 2009

What Happened To Kevin Skinner?

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Only a couple of months ago, singing sensation and 2009 America's Got Talent winner Kevin Skinner was the talk of the town. Now, as I search the Internet for news about what's been happening with Kevin Skinner's life since he won AGT 2009 - there is not much of anything being reported. Of course, after Kevin Skinner won America's Got Talent - he was one part of a larger cast of finalist at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas for a few weeks, but what happened to Kevin Skinner since then? I am personally shocked that there has not been more news reported about Kevin Skinner considering how much good will he generated all around the United States when he won AGT 2009.

Maybe this is just the pattern of winning contestants on reality TV shows, because back when Susan Boyle became a household name around the world after her amazing debut on Britain's Got Talent, it was almost six months before she was really in the news again and that was when she first started promoting her new CD that will be released later this month. Speaking of new CD's, has anyone heard whether or not Kevin Skinner has been given a record contract? It would be nice to know if some Nashville record company has signed Kevin Skinner to a deal. I am so afraid that if someone does not get Kevin Skinner back out on television or on a music tour soon, that the American people will forget all about him before Christmas.

If that happens, I mainly blame the producer of America's Got Talent - Simon Cowell. In the beginning, I wrongly believed that Kevin Skinner would be performing in Las Vegas all by himself, but later I discovered that Kevin would be joined on stage at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort by other AGT 2009 finalist as well. Then the news leaked out that rather than Kevin Skinner or the other finalist being the stars of the show, Jerry Springer was really the headliner. That decision had to come right from the top and when I think about who is really in charge at America's Got Talent that person is Simon Cowell. Right now, Simon Cowell seems to be promoting his own show at the expense of Kevin Skinner and the other finalist of this years program.

Yes, I know show business is all about making money and we all know that Simon Cowell has made a fortune producing winning reality TV shows like America's Got Talent. That said, it would be nice if someone that has knowledge of the American music business would sign up Kevin Skinner and start looking out for his future, instead of a show business producer that seems to only care about himself. In closing, let me say this. I am only assuming that Simon Cowell is the reason why Kevin Skinner is not more front and center on the music stage today. As more time passes by and additional information is released from Kevin, it could turn out that he is moving exactly at the pace he has chosen. The truth is that Kevin Skinner now has more money than he has ever had in his life and he might just want to enjoy that windfall for awhile before he pursues his music career full-time. (Help Kevin Skinner Get Played On The Radio)

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