Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time For Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve 2010

“Time For Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve 2010” Folks in the eastern time zone have already brought in the New Year, but millions of other Americans are still waiting to see the one person that assures us all that the new year is just around the corner. As has been the case for years, Dick Clark will once again bring in the New Year in Times Square along with his co-host Ryan Seacrest. This years New Years celebration from New York City will mark the first time in years that the New Year celebration takes place during a “Blue Moon”.

In a recent interview, Dick Clark was asked if he planned on showing up for the show once again in 2011 and he told the interviewer that he had not decided yet, but more than likely if his health holds out – he will once again be in the homes of millions of Americans when we celebrate the beginning of 2011 in twelve short months. Most people already know that over five years ago, Dick Clark suffer a stroke and ever since that time he has had difficulty speaking in an clear and understandable voice. During that same interviewer, Dick Clark said they he still shows up to do the “Rockin New Years Eve Show”, because many people have told him that he gives hope to other people who have also suffered strokes.

Here in the Central Time Zone, midnight will occur in about 30 minutes. Like everyone else, my wife and I will be switching over the the ABC television network to watch Dick Clark from “Times Square” for his annual ball dropping show. Let me also take this opportunity to thank all the people who visit this blog on a regular basis and to wish each and everyone of you a happy, health and prosperous New Year!!

Hate Mongers Wanted Rush Limbaugh To Die

“Hate mongers wanted Rush Limbaugh to die” I was thinking to myself this morning about all the hypocrisy there is on both sides of the current U.S. political divide. Last night, as news was breaking that Rush Limbaugh had been taken to a hospital in Hawaii with chest pains – hundreds of far left websites wrote articles of glee about his condition, while a few went as far to to claim that Rush Limbaugh had died. That same type of shameful behavior has been practiced by some on the political right as well, as they have hoped for bad things to happen to President Obama. The political extremes in the United States of America are nothing new, but in recent years – the news media has taken sides in this nasty battle, which leaves the vast majority of Americans that are on neither side just sitting around the country as ignored bystanders.

When I was a young man, the people that made up the political extremes in this country were laugh at as crazies. However, over the years as the major news media has elevated some of them to nationwide status by asking them to constantly give their opinion on radio and television shows. Today, it is impossible to watch any of the big three cable television news channels – without being lead down one of two paths of political extremism. What most extremist seem to miss is that while they believe passionately in their own political ideology, the other side thinks the same way – while neither side will work together for what is in the best interest of this country.

I am happy that Rush Limbaugh is going to be OK. However, the shock that was felt yesterday when the news broke that Limbaugh might have suffered a heart attack should be a wake up call for all political extremes and the moderates - which have always made this country great, to try and find common ground on some of the issues that divide us. All Americans have more in common with each other than we sometimes realize, but if we spend too much time focusing on the few issues that separate us – eventually the United States of America will find itself exactly like a third world country, where half of the population is in a constant state of war with the other half.

Rush Limbaugh Resting Comfortably At Hospital

“Rush Limbaugh resting comfortably at hospital”. The good news is that it appears that Rush Limbaugh is going to be OK after reports that he had a heart attack were released late last night. Early this morning (Thursday), a spokesman for Rush Limbaugh said that he was doing alright in a Hawaii hospital and he went on to say that Rush would comment on his current health problems on his Thursday (12/31/2009) radio show. The bad news is, for the past few hours – liberal hate mongers having been filling the Internet with rumors and outright lies that Rush Limbaugh had died yesterday. Sometimes, I worry about what is happening in the United States right now when it comes to the political discourse between conservatives and liberals. Frankly, I wish that both extremes would take a vacation and try to look at things from a more moderate point of view.

That said, of course, extreme conservatives and liberals are never going to try and meet each other half way, because both sides of this political debate continue to view politics from a win/lose situation that more resembles warfare than it does political discourse. For years, I have listened to Rush Limbaugh talk about liberals in the same way he might describe some terrorist that just attacked America and then not long thereafter some liberal comes along and talks about Rush Limbaugh in that same way. When will the majority of people in the United States of America start to think about what is in best interest of this country again, instead of a focusing political ideology that is pushed down our throats by king pins in the Republican and Democratic Party's that only care about making more money and creating more political power for themselves? Rush Limbaugh is only one half of the political discourse that has taken this great nation hostage. President Obama and his liberal friends in the Congress are just as bad, if not worse, than Rush Limbaugh.

Most Americans do not think that they are represented in Washington right now, because the two political extremes of conservatism and liberalism are always fighting with each other like they are at war. Isn't it time to look at Rush Limbaugh and President Obama as two men that are trying to find the right answers for this country, instead of looking at them as two different points of evil? While some extreme liberals went to bed last night hoping that Rush Limbaugh had died from a heart attack in Hawaii, there are some conservative Americans that have wish that same terrible fate on our current President for months. Sometimes I wonder what has happened to this great nation. In the words of Rodney King, “can't we all just get along”? Sadly, the answer to that question is probably no.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Did Rush Limbaugh Suffer A Heart Attack?

“Did Rush Limbaugh suffer a heart attack?” While details are still sketchy the answer seems to be yes. Like President Obama, Rush Limbaugh decided to spend some of his holiday vacation time in Hawaii and just like President Obama yesterday, there have been reports today that a medical emergency occurred to a very high profile guest at the hotel where Rush Limbaugh is staying. While no official word has been released that Rush Limbaugh suffered a heart attack at this time, most of the information that is being reported late tonight says that he was taken to the hospital suffering from chest pain.

Whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not, there in no disputing that he has effected the way politics are discussed and covered in the United States ever since he took to the nationwide radio airwaves decades ago. While conservatives look at Rush Limbaugh as some kind of God when it comes to the real meaning of conservatism, liberal look upon him as nothing less than the devil reincarnated as a man. That said, everyone should be praying for the speedy recovery of Rush Limbaugh tonight. When it comes to some of Rush Limbaugh's crazy ideas, I have found myself drifting away from his daily radio talk show over the past couple of years. However, when it comes to an entertainer – few people have made me laugh as much as Rush Limbaugh has over the past 20 years of my life.

I hope that nothing terrible has happened to Rush Limbaugh, because even though some liberals consider him to be Satan, he is a good public service representative when it comes to keeping both conservatives and liberals in check. In the same way that many conservatives, like the late President Ronald Reagan, liked and appreciated people they disagreed with like Senator Edward Kennedy – there should be more conservatives and liberals today that can agree to disagree when it comes to political issues, instead of using their nasty and scorched Earth political power to try and destroy each other. I certainly hope that if Rush Limbaugh suffered a heart attack tonight, that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

Kentucky Highway Named After Kevin Skinner?

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“Kentucky highway named after Kevin Skinner?” The answer to that question is yes. Recently, in Graves County Kentucky – a stretch of highway 384 was named after that county's best know resident, Kevin Skinner. Hopefully, this latest honor to make it's way to Kevin Skinner's trophy case will not be the last. Millions of country music fans from around the world fell in love with Kevin Skinner when he first appeared on the 2009 edition of America's Got Talent. Then, when Kevin Skinner was crowned the winner – all those millions of fans were very excited and most of them have been wondering what Kevin Skinner has been doing lately?

After Kevin Skinner's victory on America's Got Talent last summer, he preformed live on stage with other finalist of AGT 2009. Now as 2010 begins, I along with all other Kevin Skinner fans are hoping that soon we will hear some new music from him on the radio. A few months ago, when I was writing about how disappointed I was that Kevin Skinner did not get his own show in Las Vegas – a person emailed me and said that their understanding was that for at least the first year after America's Got Talent, the winner and other top finalist are pretty much at the control of that shows producers. If that is indeed the case, I still believe that someone in charge of America's Got Talent has dropped the ball by not putting Kevin Skinner out on national television more after he won AGT 2009 last summer.

While the powers that be at AGT may have dropped the ball by not putting Kevin Skinner out on national TV more since he won America's Got Talent - at least it's good news that the people who know Kevin the best, he friends and neighbors back in Kentucky, are not only appreciating his singing talents - but they are also honoring the attention that he is bring back home to the State of Kentucky. When Kevin Skinner won America's Got Talent, I was afraid that the Hollywood people who run that television show might not know how to promote a great country act like Kevin Skinner. Now as the weeks and months have gone by and no new music news is being released about Kevin Skinner, I fear that with enough time even some die-hard Kevin Skinner fans might forget what an impact he had on their lives when he first auditioned for America's Got Talent 2009. (Help Kevin Skinner Get Played On The Radio)

Will Jury Give Casey Anthony The Death Penalty?

“Will jury give Casey Anthony the death penalty?” While I think they should, more than likely they will not. Since starting this blog almost five years ago, no single story that I have written about has created more negative reaction than those involving Casey Anthony. Put simply, millions of people around the world believe that Casey Anthony killed her two year old daughter Caylee and most of them want to see Casey Anthony punished with the death penalty for that crime. I too believe that Casey Anthony did indeed murder her own daughter, but when I study the history of what juries do in cases similar to this one – most of the time they show compassion to a young mother like Casey Anthony, by sparing them the death penalty.

While Casey Anthony does deserve the death penalty - if she did kill her two year old daughter, there is a good argument to be made for allowing her to live the remainder of her life in prison – instead of being put to death. For all practical purposes, the death penalty is mainly used by the government to kill people more out of a need of revenge for an angry public than it is to make sure that harden criminals are not someday released or escape from prison. Right now, I more come down on the side of thinking that believes Casey Anthony should receive life in prison. If the State of Florida does eventually put Casey Anthony to death, it will take at least one decade and probably much longer before that sentence is carried out. As everyone already knows, there are many different appeals available to death sentenced inmates, which always drag on for years after the sentence is imposed.

During that 10 year or more period of time, Casey Anthony will still be the center of attention – rather than starting to serve a life prison sentence where she will eventually not even be thought of by most people in the world. While few people completely understand the mindset of a narcissist and sociopath like Casey Anthony, we all understand that their lives would mean nothing to them if no one paid any attention to what they said or did. Right now, even though it is for the worst possible reason – I believe that Casey Anthony is basking in the attention of worldwide media coverage that is being given to her - because she likely killed her own daughter. If she is convicted of murder later this year, I will be hoping that the jury decides to give her life in prison - instead of the death penalty.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How Will Health Care Changes Effect Most Americans?

“How will health care changes effect most Americans?” In a nutshell - most Americans will not notice any difference in their current health insurance once President Obama's new ideas are put into effect. However, the changes that will impact most Americans will be felt later on – when increased taxes at both the federal and state level are passed to pay for all these changes. From the beginning – I have considered it to be some type of cruel joke for Democrats tell the American people that the U.S. government can cover 20 million people that have no health insurance right now and at the end of the day that decision will save the taxpayers money.

In a strange sort of way, President Obama and democratic leaders in the Congress have stolen a play from the GOP playbook when it comes to using “smoke and mirrors” to sell their ideas to the country. For decades, GOP leaders have told the American people that by cutting taxes – the federal government would take in more money. Now, the Democratic Party is trying to use that same type of technique when it comes to selling health care reform to the voting public. Both Republicans and Democrats alike are less interested in what is best for the people that elected them to office, than they are in making sure that their priorities are satisfied by their public service. Only in Washington D.C. does the math work out that spending more money always leads to more money coming into the federal government.

I have joked before that if any of us outside of government visited our own personal banker and told him or her that the best way for us to get out of debt would be for them to loan us as much money as we could spend – our banker would have us thrown out of the office or at least he or she would laugh uncontrollably at our financial ignorance. Tax cuts do not lead to more money coming into the federal government and covering 20 million people with health insurance at the governments expense is not going to save the nation money, either. If all of these foolish ideas were not so serious, we could all just sit back and laugh as Washington politicians make up their own mathematical tables for the simple purpose of increasing their own power-base and financial future.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Will The Dallas Cowboys Win Superbowl 2010?

“Will the Dallas Cowboys win Superbowl 2010?” Two months ago I would have said no, but now I'm not so sure. The 2009 NFL season has been a tough one for most Dallas Cowboys fans. However, now that the 2009 season is drawing to a close and instead of getting worse each week – the Dallas Cowboys are playing better, then anything is now possible. Just a few hours ago, The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Washington Redskins and with that victory they guaranteed themselves a trip to the playoffs in 2009. For several years, Dallas Cowboys fans have found themselves extremely excited during the first part of the season – only to have that enthusiasm doused with cold water as the team fell completely apart during the month of December. However, in 2009 – the Dallas Cowboys seem to be peaking late in the season and that change could lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Superbowl victory in February of 2010.

Earlier this season, I was very hard on the Dallas Cowboys in many of my blog posts. I now regret the strong and harsh words I used against my favorite NFL team. Much of my early season disappointment with the 2009 Dallas Cowboys football team was based around years of poor on-field football play by the team, especially during the month of December. However, during the 2009 football season – Tony Romo and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys players seem to have corrected the “December Jinks” that follow the team for several years. During the 2009 NFL football season, instead of playing great football during the first part of the year and then falling apart during the month of December – the Dallas Cowboys took care of business during December by beating the unbeaten New Orleans Saints last Saturday night and then defeating one of their biggest foes, the Washington Redskins last night.

Now, all Dallas Cowboys fans will be waiting for the next shoe to drop – which will be how well will the team play during their first playoff game of the 2009 season. My hope is that along with the fall of the “Dallas Cowboys December Jinks” - there will be the burial of the always losing the first playoff game jinks that has followed the team for years, as well. This years Superbowl game will be played at the beginning of February next year (2010). Right now, I am cautiously optimistic at the chances of the Dallas Cowboys to play in the 2010 Superbowl game. For the past 35 years, I have watched and cheered for the Dallas Cowboys each and every time they took to the football field. For many years before Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys, most weekends my cheers turned into disappointment as the Cowboys did not show up to play good football on Sunday afternoon. Then, after Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson – there was another long playoff dry spell, when it came to Dallas Cowboys Superbowl appearances. I really hope that the latest Dallas Cowboys losing streak is over and that the next few years will lead to mainly victories for “America Team” the Dallas Cowboys!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Will Steroids/Pain Killers Finish Off Tiger Woods?

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“Will steroids/pain killers finish off Tiger Woods?” It is beginning to look that way. There are reports, which are coming to light more and more each day, that Tiger Woods was not only taking a number of powerful prescription pain medications over the past couple of years, but to make his situation even worse - there are now allegations that he has been taking steroids, as well. What is that old saying, “it never rains but it pours”? Tiger Woods might be thinking about that very saying tonight as both his marriage and now his golf career could completely fall off a cliff in the weeks and months to come. In recent days, I have received some pretty nasty emails and comments on this blog from people who are outraged that bloggers like myself have been too tough on Tiger Woods – because of his extramarital affairs over the past couple of years. To those folks I say, “you ain't seen nothing yet”.

It is a proven fact, if you take the time to study history, that when someone of the size and stature of Tiger Woods is caught having multiple extramarital affairs – usually in short order, even more bad news comes out to show there is more to the story than just a guy who could not control his sexual impulses. I have no doubt that Tiger Woods would prefer to have dozens more women come forward to admit to extramarital affairs with him, rather than to face the severe questions - which will soon be plastered all over newspaper headlines, which will suggest that Tiger Woods might have been taking performance enhancing drugs (steroids) for years to improve his golf game. If these new allegations turn out to be true, Tiger Woods will change the PGA in the future in a totally different way from his past - as regular drug testing could be mandated in future years simple because of him.

Tiger Woods' fall from grace, while tragic, is nothing new in the history books of American athletes from all professional sports. The American way of life has always built up some people to the point where there is nowhere else to go but down. For years, Tiger Woods has been put on display – by the PGA and his corporate sponsors, as the ideal picture of what a successful American male should look and act like. Behind the scenes and over time, Tiger Woods life and lifestyle was completely falling apart – but no one wanted to see or admit to what was happening to him as a person. For the rest of us, there are so many lessons to be learned from Tiger Woods rise and fall in the golf world and most certainly we will all learn even more in the weeks and months to come - as the Tiger Woods affair story, eventually turns into something much bigger and more costly to his professional future.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does Tiger Woods Scandal Prove Simple Life Is Best?

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“Does Tiger Woods scandal prove simple life is best?” In my opinion it most certainly does. In fact, I will go one step further and say that most people in this world who are the happiest are the ones that must struggle daily both in a financial and relationship way. When life becomes too easy and money no longer must be earned each day, the human mind tends to drift into places where it should not go. Tiger Woods is just the latest example of why the old saying of “idle hands are the devils workshop” is still alive and well today. Too much of anything is not good. Whether it is too much money or in Tiger Woods case, too much free time on his hands when his wife was not around. A life that is allowed to drift into extremes often times ends up getting derailed in short order.

The fame that made Tiger Woods the richest golfer in the world, is the same thing that enabled him to carry on so many extramarital affairs for a long time and get away it. However, just like is the case with other extremes in life – time eventually caught up with Tiger Woods' bad deeds in the same way it has for other people with extremist personality traits. Whether a person decides to drink too much or carry on extramarital affairs like Tiger Woods did – sooner or later an extreme lifestyle will cause everyone to self destruct. Tiger Woods is really no different than many other people I meet in my daily life. Far too many people are extremist when it comes to living their life. The old narcissistic saying of “I can have it all” was taken far to literally by too many Americans back in the 1960's and 1970's and that attitude is still alive today in people like Tiger Woods.

From politics and careers to over sexed lifestyles, far too many Americans are trying to find happiness in all the wrong places. The happiest people I meet in life are those who have found happiness in a life filled with good old fashion moderation. For the extremist among us, nothing is more boring than a life that is void of extreme highs caused by taking big risks. However, what most extremist don't realize is that along with those extreme highs come the inevitable negative lows, which create a life filled with little to no moderation foundation to fall back on. It is clear to me that Tiger Woods is just one of millions of Americans who live their daily life filled with extreme risk taking, because without the excitement of all that risk – Woods and others with extreme Type A personality traits don't feel anything at all.

Will Tiger Woods Own Words Destroy His Career?

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“Will Tiger Woods own words destroy his career?” In the above video clip from YouTube, Tiger Woods tells an interviewer that family will always come first in his life. Those words by Tiger Woods were said only days before a sex scandal took the most famous golf player in the world down. In hindsight, the arrogance of Tiger Woods is something I will remember for a long time. In the above YouTube clip, Tiger Woods seems so smug when he is asked whether golf or his family comes first. Keep in mind that Tiger Woods had already committed numerous affairs against his wife at the time when that question was asked of him in that TV interview.

In addition to knowing that Tiger Woods is an accomplished philanderer, we now know that he is also able to lie on television with a smiling face as well. I'm sure if Tiger Woods can go on television and lie to millions of people with a straight face, he probably had no trouble convincing his wife that he was the best thing since sliced bread - while he was with her and then become a “two faced liar” by calling a girl friend as soon as she was out of his sight. Tiger is such a disappointment to millions of golf fans around the world, but is he disappointed in himself - as well? Who knows and right now who really cares anymore?

Does Tiger Woods Even Care If His Marriage Survives?

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"Does Tiger Woods even care if his marriage survives?” My answer to that question is no. For one thing, Tiger Woods would have never cheated on his wife so much in the first place – if he had any real feelings for her. There is a chance that a Tiger Woods single affair situation might have lead him to feelings of guilt and despair, which could have proven to his wife that he was capable of learning from his mistakes and then moving forward in a more honorable fashion. However, that is not what happened in the personal life of Tiger Woods – so all that is being pushed down our throats from the Tiger camp right now, is just a big game of public relations (PR) to make all of us think that he (Tiger Woods) is really serious about repairing his marriage. Honestly, what is left to repair after Tiger Woods cheated with so many different women?

Most thinking people have already figured out that the number of women who Tiger Woods has cheated with are most certainly in the dozens. While the 13 women who have come forward, so far, to admit to having an extramarital affair with Tiger Woods is bad enough, the mathematical formulas that usually are accurate is cases like this one suggest that for ever women that has come forward to admit to an extramarital sexual relationship with Tiger Woods, there are likely to be three or more other women who also had sex with him - who will never admit to it. That tells me that Tiger Woods never really loved his wife, even from the beginning, but instead he decided to marry her to keep up his good wholesome family image – which kept money from his various and lucrative corporate sponsorship deals flowing in. We, the public, were completely mislead and tricked by the Tiger Woods - as we watched him play golf on Sunday afternoons.

Now - the time when Tiger Woods could appear to be a happily marriage man, while at the same time cheating on his wife with a bunch of other women is over. In a strange sort of way - Tiger Woods the little boy golfer who won the hearts of millions of Americans, decades ago, when he showed up on TV talk shows with his father to show off his golfing skills - is long gone. None of us will ever really know the real reason why Tiger Woods made the choice to cheat, so many times, on his beautiful wife. From my personal point of view, there seems to be some kind of sexual deviance at work inside of Tiger Woods heart and that is why he choose women to have affairs with who were the complete opposite of his wife. In the future, PGA fans around the world, will take a new and harder look at Tiger Woods the professional golf player and Tiger Woods the master showman and pitchman – now that his dark side has been put on public display for the entire world to see.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Is Tiger Woods Hiding Out On His Yacht Named Privacy?

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“Is Tiger Woods hiding out on his yacht named Privacy?” Tabloid news reports say that Tiger Woods is currently hiding out from scores of reporters and the general public on his yacht, which he named “Privacy”. Tiger Woods yacht is said to be anchored not far from Palm Beach, Florida. The reason why many reporters now believe that Tiger Woods is hold up on his yacht is, because there is much tighter security surround that location now than was the case just a few days ago. Could it be that Tiger Woods and his wife are spending time on their yacht to try and repair their marriage or is Tiger Woods living there all by himself in order to give his wife some time to herself to reevaluate their marriage?

I have no clue if Tiger Woods is living on his Yacht named “Privacy” all by himself or if his wife is there with him. One thing is for sure and that is that Tiger Woods has not been photographed in public since he wrecked his SUV on the morning after Thanksgiving. While it is true that Tiger Woods is a very private man, except when it comes to having affairs – I believe it is likely that no one has been able to photograph Tiger Woods for over two weeks, because more than likely he suffered severe damage to his face after that traffic accident. All police reports of Tiger Woods accident said that his airbags did not deploy and if he was not wearing a seat belt – he most certain hit the steering wheel of his SUV with enough force to knock out several of his teeth and cause major damage to his face.

What better place for Tiger Woods to hide out from reporters and the general public at large than on a yacht that is surrounded by security personnel? My own gut feeling is that Tiger Woods already knows that his marriage is over, so right now he is just trying to heal his body enough so he can show up on television and try to explain why he had so many extramarital affairs. Time will tell if all of Tiger Woods injuries were suffered in that traffic accident near his home or if his wife is responsible for some of them – because she discovered that he had been cheating on her for years. Either way, it is not going to matter to the future of Tiger Woods the golf professional. Someday, he will return to the PGA tour and at that time he will start winning golf tournaments once again. I only hope that when that happens, Tiger Woods decides to remain single - so none of us have to watch this whole bad marriage experience play out once again, with a new wife.

Will Nike Stick With Tiger Woods After Sex Scandal?

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“Will Nike stick with Tiger Woods after sex scandal?” There have been some major sponsors which have become “weak in the knees” when it comes to having Tiger Woods endorse their products in the near future, but Tiger's biggest sponsor is Nike and so far they have been sticking with him in the same way they have done with other major sports figures who also got into trouble in their personal lives. Put simple, I do not believe that Nike will drop Tiger Woods as an endorser of their products. Instead, Nike is likely to go in the opposite direction and even send more money Tiger Woods way now that he is not as clean cut of an athletic figure as he was before news broke that he had cheated on his wife with numerous other women.

One major sports figure, Dennis Rodman, said recently in a Fox News Channel interview that Nike loves controversy and if that statement by Rodman is correct – then Nike must love Tiger Woods more today than they have in the past. Most older Americans do not buy Nike products, because they are very expensive. However, kids and young adults are drawn to the Nike brand name – because of the expensive price and the fact that well known athletes endorse their various products. While Tiger Woods has disappointed most of his fan base, there are many younger sports fans that are still a bit wild by nature and the numerous affairs that Tiger Woods has admitted to having will cause them to like him even more. That is why Nike will stick with Tiger Woods, while at the same time many other mainstream companies will flee his endorsements like the plague.

For Nike, their business model is all about branding. So, while most people around the world were disappointed in Tiger Woods cheating ways – more than likely Nike was seeing huge dollar signs in their near future, because some young people will want to buy anything with Tiger Woods name on it now that he has messed up his personal life. There always has been and there always will be a certain percentage of the American population that desires to live a counter culture type lifestyle. When I was young, those folks were called hippies. Now days however, when a good clean cut guy like Tiger Woods strays and cheats on his wife – most people will be disgusted, but that still leaves millions of Americans who always believe the opposite of the majority on any moral issue and it is those Americans who will spend tens of millions of dollars on Tiger Woods Nike products even more now that he is not long considered a clean cut nice guy anymore.

Did All Of Tiger Woods Mistresses Come Forward?

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“Did all of Tiger Woods mistresses come forward?” If real life has anything to do with the Tiger Woods sex scandal, my guess is that only a small percentage of women who had extramarital affairs with Tiger Woods will come forward. If we are to believe the tabloid news media, most women are nothing more than sheep when it comes to a sex scandal, like the one that has wrecked the personal life of Tiger Woods, so they all walk in a straight line toward the nearest reporter and confess all to the general public. I believe there are many more women who had affairs with Tiger Woods and most of those women will never come forward, because of personal embarrassment and shame. Women that have already confessed to having an affair with Tiger Woods are females who cannot or will not keep anything about their personal lives a secret.

Just like with men, there are women who feel like they are going to explode - if they do not tell everyone, everything about their personal life. We all know that type of personality trait, because we are constantly bombarded with every last detail of the good, bad and ugly of their personal life. While some men and women fill their lives with so much drama that they could be considered “soap opera” characters, there are many more that do not want everyone to know about all aspects of their life – so they remain very private and give away few intimate details of the choices that they make. That is why I believe there are many more women who have had extramarital affairs with Tiger Woods and there is an excellent chance that none of those women will come forward and admit to their own transgressions with Tiger Woods, ever.

That said - I believe there could be many more women who made the choice to have an affair with Tiger Woods and that's why most of the women who have come forward, so far, to claim their own personal affair with him seem to be so sleazy. I have found in life that men and women who want to personally expose all of the intimate details of their personal life to anyone that will listen, many times are the same people who rush to claim credit for things that most people would be ashamed to admit in a public setting. Right now, it really does not matter how many extramarital affairs Tiger Woods committed against his wife, because in her mind – one affair was one too many.

Will Tiger Woods Wife Divorce Him In 2010?

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"Will Tiger Woods wife divorce him in 2010?" The answer appears to be yes. Reports, early this morning, suggest that Tiger Woods wife will remain with her cheating husband at least until the 2009 Christmas holiday season is over. Then according to these same sources, Tiger Woods wife will divorce him and move back to her native homeland of Sweden to raise their kids alone. Wow, what a December it has been for the once popular sports figure of Tiger Woods. For several years, while Tiger Woods was out cheating on his wife with at least one dozen other women, both Tiger Woods' wife and millions of golf fans were caught completely by surprise by his self destructive and narcissistic choices to have sex with women outside his marriage – who have reputations that were very questionable at best.

Some people have suggested that Tiger Woods must be a “sex addict”, but to those people I say hogwash. Why is it that every time a famous person who strays in his marriage, like Tiger Woods has done, must be given some kind of mental health label to explain why they cheated? Tiger Woods is not a “sex addict”, but instead he has finally shown his narcissistic and selfish side. Once the news of multiple extramarital affairs, by Tiger Woods, was released to the public by the tabloid news media – Tiger Woods went completely underground and he is said to be trying to repair the damage he did to his marriage and his children at this very moment. Does anyone really believe the Tiger Woods cover story that he decided to take off from the game of golf indefinitely in order to save his marriage? Tiger Woods along with everyone else already knows that what little that is left of his marriage - will soon be toast once the 2009 holiday season is over.

Right now, the billion dollars plus that Tiger Woods has socked away since becoming the most famous and respected golfer in the world will be used to try and improve his public image. Make no mistake, it is in Tiger Woods best financial interest to keep his marriage together for as long as possible and fortunately for him his wife seems to want to make sure that their break-up will not occur during the 2009 Christmas holiday season for the sake of the kids. At least Tiger Woods' wife is acting like a mature adult, while her soon to be ex-husband remains secluded away from the mountain of friends he cultivated in the news media to help perpetuate his house of lies. I really hope that Tiger Woods will learn from this experience, but if history is any guide – before long Tiger Woods will be a single man and his sexual deviancy will lead him to once again marry and yes cheat on his new wife, as well.

Did Tiger Woods Arrogance/Wealth Bring Him Down?

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"Did Tiger Woods arrogance/wealth bring him down?" I am sure that all of the cheers and big money that comes along with a successful career in sports did have a great deal to do with Tiger Woods decision on cheat on his wife. Anytime an athlete grows in popularity like Tiger Woods did at such an early age, there is a certain amount of human arrogance that goes along with such a rise in fame. Then when you add Tiger Woods fortune, which is reported to be in excess of one billion dollars, a perfect storm is create that makes some athletes believe that they can do anything they want and get away with it. As Tiger Woods and other big named professional athletes have discovery, there is always a day of reckoning that appears at some future date - which in a real and good way brings the famous and powerful, like Tiger Woods, back down to Earth.

I believe most women would leave their husband if they cheated on them as many times as Tiger Woods did on his wife. However, just like other famous celebrities and sports families - there is more to a marriage than just a need for fidelity. Since I have been writing about Tiger Woods various extramarital affairs, there have been comments posted on this blog - which have said that marriage itself is not something good to practice - because so many people find it impossible to remain monogamous.I totally disagree with that assessment, because when Tiger Woods and others decide to cheat on their spouse - their actions do not mean that marriage as an institution should not remain in the same structure that it is in today. Martial fidelity is the only thing most people have access to in determining the true character of people they know and do business with.

By Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, he has opened up many other aspects of his life to further scrutiny as well. While some people will say that Tiger Woods marital indiscretions are nothing more than a guy who fooled around on his wife - for other people the fact that Tiger Woods cheated so many times on his wife and only admitted to those mistakes after he was caught - offers a huge window into his personal character as a whole. I would not be surprised at all if most of Tiger Woods top endorsement deals are at least reworked in the coming months. The reason why many of these companies will renegotiate their contracts with Tiger Woods will have less to do with the current sex scandal he finds himself embroiled in and more to do with the fact that some of these companies will now question the overall moral character of Tiger Woods the man, when it comes to making million dollar deals in the future.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why Did Tiger Woods Walk Away From Golf?

"Why did Tiger Woods walk away from golf"? Over the past couple of weeks, I have been very hard on Tiger Woods. Ever since the revelations started to leak out that he had cheated on his wife with many different women, I like many other people felt like he also cheated on the fans that watch him faithfully when he plays golf. I can only image how his major sponsors must feel right now after signing him up to endorse their products at a cost of tens of millions of dollars per year. There is little doubt that millions of golf fans have been added to the list of his wife and sponsors who feel terribly let down by Tiger Woods lack of moral character. So, what is next for the King of Golf - Tiger Woods?

Late last week, Tiger Woods told his millions of fans that he was walking away from golf for awhile - so he could try to save his family and his now tarnished reputation. For the first time in two weeks, I believe Tiger Woods made a good choice when it comes to the public relations disaster that has surrounded him ever since he wrecked his SUV on the morning after Thanksgiving. While there are still many details about this whole mess that have yet to come to light, I am starting to wonder if some kind of substance abuse issue will eventually be blamed for Tiger Woods reckless philandering with women other than his wife? Let's face it, many times before - professional athletes have used the excuse that drugs made them do it when they are caught messing around on their spouse.

While drug abuse may well have caused some of Tiger Woods moral judgments to be impaired, I still believe that a narcissistic mindset played just as large of a role in his infidelity. From a realistic point of view, Tiger Woods really had no choice but to walk away from the game of golf for now - because if he suddenly appeared again on the PGA tour, while his family situation was still in question - I believe that many golf fans and reporters would have made him feel very unwelcome each time he showed up to play. I am still angry with Tiger Woods, but despite the motivations that may have lead him to walk away from PGA golf for now - that decision was the right one and hopefully he will prove to everyone over time, that while he has made mistakes - he is man enough to admit and learn from them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is Tiger Woods Morally Weak Or Addicted To Sex?

"Is Tiger Woods Morally Weak Or Addicted To Sex?" I believe he is morally weak. In the United States, there is always a doctor somewhere willing to come forward and create a new condition to explain the bad or immoral behavior of people. Just today, some people have started asking if Tiger Woods is addicted to sex and to that crazy notion I say not true. When mental health professionals start coming up with new conditions to make the bad behavior of others seem normal and OK, they chip away at the very foundation that has made this country great. For some people, they cannot or will not accept that famous people like Tiger Woods are regular human beings that must make hard choices in the same way that they do.

In recent day, I have also read stories from some people who always come out of the woodwork when a major sports or entertainment figure is caught having sex outside of his or her marriage. These people claim that the very idea of monogamy is somehow in conflict with the human laws of nature. All of us are born with certain instincts that must be controlled our whole life or they end up controlling us. Two the the strongest natural human instincts are sustenance (eating food) and species reproduction (having sex). There have been and always shall be people who cannot control these two basic instincts, so they end up controlling them. That is why I believe it is crazy to call Tiger Woods a sex addict - when in reality he is nothing more than a man who lets his human instinct to reproduce control him.

Centuries before you and I were born, mankind understood our basic instincts so much that rules for the road were created to help us not let our human instincts control and ruin our lives. In more modern times, mental health professionals have created fancy sounding conditions that they give to anyone who is too weak to control their basic instincts and in recent days the poster child for what can and will happen to someone like that is golfer Tiger Woods. Whether or not you believe in God and/or religion is beside the point when it comes to moral behavior. For people like myself that believe in a higher being, Tiger Woods is simply another morally weak man. However, if you are a person that does not believe in God - you are likely to attach some kind of medical condition to explain why Tiger Woods acted so recklessly in his personal life.

Did Unprotected Sex Endanger Tiger Woods Wife?

"Did unprotected sex endanger Tiger Woods wife?" Most certainly it did and now not only his wife, but a growing group of mistresses are heading to a medical clinic near them to make sure Tiger Woods did not give them a little gift that they were not expecting like an STD. Not only was Tiger Woods reckless in cheating on his wife with numerous women, it has now been revealed that some of the women Tiger Woods slept with were active in the adult film industry and he had sex with them without the protection of a condom. It almost seems like the past two weeks have been some kind of a bad nightmare where a supposed good guy, Tiger Woods, has been out cheating on his wife for years - with girls that all seem to lack a good reputation.

Women will be quick to rightly tell me that it's not just all these other women who have a bad reputation, but that title applies to Tiger Woods as well. However, I do not believe there was any woman that said she slept with Tiger Woods who thought she was having sex with a single man. Sure, Tiger messed up big time - but so did all of those women who knew they were having an affair with a married Tiger Woods, but went ahead and had sex with him anyway. From my point of view, all the women that slept with Tiger Woods and Tiger himself are not victims - but instead they are a group of people that got caught doing the wrong thing. The only real victim in this whole mess is Tiger Woods wife and his children. The rest of these women and Tiger Woods are nothing more than human trash.

I wrote yesterday about my belief that Tiger Woods is a world class narcissist and now I am ready to say that all of these other women who slept with him, while knowing that he was married, are exactly the same. In my small and simple life there are certain rules that all decent people follow, like not sleeping with the husband or wife of someone else. For all of these other women now to act shocked that Tiger Woods had sexually relations with them after having sex with many other women without protection is completely crazy on the face of it. How stupid must these mistresses be to think for one minute that a married man like Tiger Woods only had one mistress (them)? The very idea that all of these women thought that they were the only other women in Tiger Woods' life - should make them all rethinking having sex with another married man ever again.

What Happened At Tiger Woods House, Today?

"What happened at Tiger Woods house, today?" Well, for the first time in a couple of weeks there appears to not have been any police or medical calls placed to 911 coming from Tiger Woods address near Orlando, Florida within the past 24 hours. To my knowledge, no 911 calls were made for assistance from the police or a call for an ambulance for any reason. As most people already know, Tiger Woods lives in an wealthy sub-division near Orlando, Florida and for the past couple of weeks Tiger Woods address has been the location of many police and EMS calls. So, is the Tiger Woods affair story starting to die off? I really don't think so, but at least the police and ambulance workers in Orange County, Florida can take a small break from their repeated visits to Tiger Woods house.

There was some news reported today about Tiger Woods, but compared to the sensational string of women who were coming forward just a few days ago to say they slept with Tiger Woods during his marriage, today's news was very dull indeed. Even with a habitual philanderer like Tiger Woods, eventually all the women he has slept with since he got married only a few short years ago will come forward and I believe that is what is happening right now. The next stage of this chapter in Tiger Woods life will play out more slowly over the next few months to a year as his wife decides whether or not to take the gamble to give him just one more chance and his billion dollar sponsors make their decision on whether to keep him or toss him under the bus.

For me, I will be watching closely to see how golf fans treat Tiger Woods the next time he picks up his golf clubs and plays in a major PGA event. There is no doubt that if Tiger Woods was scheduled and agreed to play in a PGA tournament this weekend - he would be soundly booed by many people who once thought that he "walked on water". However, history should have taught us all that sports figures like Tiger Woods do not stay in the "dog house" forever - so the real question in regards to Tiger Woods career is, how long will his millions of fans remain mad at him, before the forgiveness begins? My personally feeling is that Tiger Woods should sit out a full year on the PGA tour and focus on what he wants his future to look like. Removing himself for a full year from the PGA, would give golf fans time to forgive him and for Tiger Woods himself to reevaluate his life - because there is no doubt that he has a great many things to think about at this time, before he moves forward.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Is Tiger Woods A Narcissist?

"Is Tiger Woods a narcissist"? I believe that he is. While there are people from every walk of life who have narcissistic traits to their personalities, when it comes to the world of professional sports – almost ever successful athlete is a narcissist. For years, Tiger Woods successfully hid his narcissism from the public – but just like others, his evil past eventually caught up with him. It is likely that narcissism is necessary in the world of sports, because that type of personality trait is one thing that can keep people going - even when the chips are down and everything is working against them. However, while narcissism is valuable in sports, it is very destructive if carried into a persons personal life.

It must be next to impossible for successful athletes like Tiger Woods to live their professional life using their narcissistic skills while at work and then be able to turn off the narcissism when they are not. More than likely, successful people like Tiger Woods do not even know that they are a narcissist in the first place. To them, everything in life is all about winning and living. That is why in a career like professional golf, where play is governed by tough rules – a man like Tiger Woods can succeed, but when Tiger leaves the golf course and goes into his private life – there are no officials and judges watching his every move to make sure that no rules are broken. Most people realize that there are boundaries in life for a reason. However, narcissists like Tiger Woods hate boundaries because they take away from the excitement of the moment.

Sometimes, I believe the term egotistical is confused with narcissism – but from my non professional point of view they are both pretty much one and the same. Until about one week ago, most people in the world believed that Tiger Woods was a ruthless competitor on the golf course – while at the same time being a loving husband and father at home. Now we all know that we were tricked by Tiger Woods when it came to his personal life and to be honest none of us should really be surprised that Tiger Woods turned out to be a narcissist. I guess most of us that bought into the whole Tiger Woods deal, in some way, wanted there to be this giant sports figure who also was a settled down family man. In hindsight, I am unsure if that type of life is even possible?

Will Tiger Woods Commit Suicide?

I still remember reading stories about how Wall Street giants jumped out of tall buildings, to their death, in New York City as the stock market crashed during the “Great Depression”. While Tiger Woods financial problems are nowhere close to severe as those that the richest of Americans faced back then, the thought has crossed my mind “will Tiger Woods commit suicide”? While many men might think that they would make the choice to end it all - if faced with the mountain of terrible adultery claims that have been made against Tiger Woods, my thinking is that Tiger Woods is far to narcissistic to commit suicide and more than likely it will be the people around him who will suffer the most - because of his numerous affairs.

Over my lifetime, I have found different personality traits in people and the strongest one that I have personally seen is that of a narcissist. Without a doubt, Tiger Woods portrays narcissistic tendencies and that is why I believe it is very unlikely that he would choose to end his own life. Usually, people who are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others are more likely to commit suicide than people that are completely self centered. Narcissists, usually already have a game plan worked out when and if their bad deeds are discovered by others. That is why Tiger Woods is not only not likely to commit suicide, but in the end it will be the caring people around him that will suffer the most - because it is now clear that he puts his own personal needs ahead of everyone else in his life.

So, what's next for Tiger Woods? I believe that Tiger will continue to hold up in his Orlando, Florida home knowing that sooner or later all of this negative media attention will die off. As Tiger Woods' family and sponsors decide to leave him – he will use his own narcissistic logic to blame all of his current problems on other people. I have no doubt that in Tiger Woods mind tonight, he is already planning his comeback, while at the same time blaming everyone for his problems except himself. For caring and loving people it is very tough to figure out the mindset of a narcissist like Tiger Woods, but we all have them in our families and we deal with them at work all the time. Sadly, in the end – Tiger Woods will come out of this mess OK, while the people who loved him will suffer the most.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Did Tiger Woods Mother-In-Law Collapse?

According to the 911 call placed by Tiger Woods wife earlier today, his mother-in-law collapsed early this morning – which scared the heck out of the whole family. I must say that I felt extremely sorry for Tiger Woods wife when I listened to her 911 call for help when it was released earlier tonight. Just image the pain and suffering this poor woman has gone through the past few days? While everyone is different, if I had done to my family what Tiger Woods did to his – I might just decide to end it all. I do hope that someone close to Tiger Woods is keeping a close eye on him right now. In a way, Tiger Woods is teaching every married person just how bad things can get when they make the choice to cheat on their spouse.

I was thinking just tonight how unfortunate it was for Tiger Woods and his family that he did not get caught the first time he had an affair with another woman. Unfortunately, as Tiger Woods affairs continued to grow – so must his thinking that he could get away with it forever. Of course, that's not what usually happens when a married man or women has an affair or affairs. Over the course of time, most affairs are exposed late in a marriage, which makes recovery almost impossible. I believe there is a good chance that Tiger Woods might have made a different choice when it comes to extramarital affairs, if he was caught sooner rather than later. However, that is not how this twisted tale of family betrayal played out.

How Much Money Will Tiger Woods Affairs Cost Him?

It was learned today that Tiger Woods wife was planning on leaving him at least three months ago. At that time, she was already looking to buy a home in her native country of Sweden that was in her name only. That news makes it appear that she already knew about some of these extramarital affairs that were committed by her husband, Tiger Woods, long before the National Enquirer told everyone else about them. Now that most people assume that Tiger Woods wife is leaving him and taking the kids back to Sweden, soon the tabloid speculation surrounding Tiger Woods will move to the question of “How Much Money Will Tiger Woods Affairs Cost Him”?

More than likely that billion plus dollars that Tiger Woods has already earned during his short career will mainly be spared from losses, with the exception of what he will be forced to pay in a divorce settlement and in future child support. Put simply, the real pain that will come to Tiger Woods in a financial way will be seen in future earnings potential – which for at least the short run be smaller than they have been in years past. Today, Gatorade announced they were dropping one of their Tiger Woods drinks and went on to say that their decision was made months ago before all of these latest torrid affairs became public knowledge. If Tiger Woods decides to quit golf and walk away from his public life, he has more than enough money to live like a King for the rest of his life.

While money is the one thing most people are clearly focused on when it comes to Tiger Woods future, I believe that down deep inside he must be crushed that his entire world has collapsed around him in a matter of one week. I believe that Tiger Woods should show up and talk to his fans soon, because right now the only people talking are those that want to get a financial piece of him. While there are plenty of reasons to be “mad as hell” at Tiger Woods, my feelings fall more on the sober side, because I was one of those millions of fans that bought into what now has turned out to be the lie of Tiger Woods life. I believe most Tiger Woods fans are just extremely disappointed in his actions. However, that disappointment will eventually turn into anger - if Tiger Woods continues to hide out in his Florida home and say nothing.

Did Tiger Woods Use Protection With All Those Women?

While it is not a question that most people feel comfortable asking, at least some of the women who have claimed to have had extra-marital affairs with Tiger Woods have told reporters that he never used protection (Condom). Wow, if Tiger Woods wife already did not have enough to worry about – now she must get tested to make sure that Tiger Woods did not bring a sexually transmitted disease (STD) back home after his numerous assorted affairs. As the list of Tiger Woods mistresses grows by the day, that list has started to include women that work in the porn film business. Sadly, Tiger Woods reckless ways could now not only endanger his own life and career – but they could also endanger his wife's health.

The act of having an affair on your mate is one of the most selfish things a person can do. However, when a married man like Tiger Woods cheats on his wife and then refuses to use protection (Condom) – then he has allowed his own selfishness to take on new meaning – because most certainly he made his way back home and had sexual relations with his wife after sleeping with all of those other women. So, here we are in a new day with at least one more woman coming forward to say that she had an affair with Tiger Woods. The only other news that has come out today involves Tiger Woods mother-in-law who was taken to the hospital early this morning suffering from stomach pain.

Where is Tiger Woods and why does he not have anything to say for himself about all of these affair allegations? Being private is one thing, but hiding behind gates in a private community - while his life, wife and career are taken to the cleaners is not the act of a sports figure who's very being is driven by competition. Maybe Tiger Woods is being given advice to avoid the public right now, but if so I wonder if that advice is correct? At some point in time, even though it will and should be humiliating to Tiger Woods – he must come out of hiding and face the millions of fans that were also let down by these accusations of infidelity. More than likely the worst is still yet to come in this whole Tiger Woods mess and that is why he is reluctant to face the public at this time.

Why Was Tiger Woods Mother-In-Law Hospitalized?

It never rains, but it pours now in the life of Tiger Woods. Early this morning, according to an AP report that you can watch above, an ambulance was called to his home – which took his mother-in-law to a local hospital, because of stomach pains. She is currently listed in stable condition. A hospital spokesman said that she is undergoing tests to discover what is causing her stomach pain. As the ambulance, carrying Tiger Woods mother pulled up to the hospital early this morning – a black SUV was seen arriving shortly thereafter. While it is possible that Tiger Woods mother-in-law's medical problems have nothing to do with his extra curricular escapades, my guess is that they do.

It is unbelievable to me that a man of Tiger Woods stature is hiding behind locked doors, while his career dies right before his eyes. There is no doubt that Tiger Woods is a fighter on the golf course, because I have seen that fighting spirit many times over the years. However, for some still unexplained reason – Tiger Woods is refusing to fight to save his reputation with millions of fans that have followed him for years by stepping forward and offering some kind of explanation as to why he let so many people down. Each day will bring more “soap opera” stories and affair allegations to light, until Tiger Woods decides to explain something to his millions of fans that right now have been told next to nothing.

What Ever Happened To Those "I Am Tiger Woods" Commercials"?

Does anyone remember those old Tiger Woods commercials where kids were running around all over the place saying “I Am Tiger Woods”? The past few days as revelations of numerous extra-marital affairs have comes to light about the worlds best golfer, I started to wonder what Nike must thinking now after they first produced commercials that urged children to be just like Tiger Woods? More than likely, with hindsight – Nike and Tiger Woods would have never urged children to be just like Tiger Woods after the almost dozen women that have come forward so far have claimed that Tiger Woods is one of the biggest marriage cheats in the world.

Tonight, I found one of those old Nike, “I Am Tiger Woods” commercials still available to view on YouTube, but there is no guarantee for how long it will be available now that Tiger Woods has been proven to be at least a fraud at the game of marriage. Parents all over the world must be shattered that these television commercials were once seen by millions of children around the world, now that Tiger Woods family woes have been brought into the light of day. This Nike “I Am Tiger Woods” commercial is just the latest example of how the high and mighty can fall from grace when they start to believe their own hype and publicity. While I do not feel sorry for Tiger Woods, because he cheated on his wife – I do feel sorry for the rest of us that placed so much faith in this one man who showed so much promise.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Was Tiger Woods Drunk When He Wrecked His SUV?

It was reveled today, that one of the police officers that responded to Tiger Woods' home the night he ran his SUV into a fire hydrant and then his neighbors tree – requested a subpoena be issued to the hospital that treated the golf superstar for a blood sample to check and see if Tiger Woods was either drunk when this accident occurred or under the influence of some other type of drug. Unfortunately for justice, a prosecutor in Orange County Florida denied his request – so now no one will ever know if Tiger Woods was drinking that Thanksgiving night when he had his traffic accident or not. Folks, keep in mind that this is the same Orange Country Florida that has yet to place Casey Anthony on trial for the murder of her two year old daughter.

For most of my life, Orange County Florida (the Orlando area) has been known as the United States home of Disney World. However, over the past couple of years – the Casey Anthony murder case has pointed to problems in the Orange County District Attorney's Office and now these new revelations that a prosecutor at that very same office refused a police officers request to check Tiger Woods blood for drugs and or alcohol after his recent traffic accident is going to shed more negative light on the management of this very important politically run office. I have no doubt that if the driver of that SUV had been anyone else besides a man of the stature and importance of Tiger Woods, there would have been no objection from the Orange County Prosecutors Office to file that request with a local judge in record time.

So here we are again taking a good hard look at the justice system in the United States of America and in particular in Orange County, Florida. Everyone already knows and understands that there is a two tier system of justice in this country. There is a pretty good system that protects most of us with a right to an attorney and then there is another one for the rich and famous, like Tiger Woods, that many times takes care of the problem without even showing up in a court-of-law. I'm sure the prosecutor that refused to issue that police officers request for a subpoena to draw Tiger Woods blood will regret that choice for many years to come. However, the real blame should rest at the feet of the District Attorney who hired and trained this person in the first place.

While the prosecutor in the Orange County, Florida office that refused this police officers request to take a blood sample from Tiger Woods the night he wrecked his SUV probably thought that he or she would be rewarded for using political discretion - when handling one of Orlando, Florida's most famous citizens – is now going to see his immediate future spiral out of control, because of news media investigations that will be directed at his or her boss. While it is true that the rich and famous, like Tiger Woods, are usually given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to events like traffic accidents – this case is going to cause more than one person to lose their job, because someone cared more about pampering the rich and famous than in treating everyone the same and fair way.

Why Did Tiger Woods Wife Move Out?

After several days of non stop allegations by at least ten different women that they have had affairs with her husband, Tiger Woods wife has moved out of their home near Orlando, Florida. Media reports say that she moved into a house close to their mansion in a private gated community in Central Florida. I believe this is just the first step she will take now to end her marriage with Tiger Woods now that an endless stream of other women are now coming forward and also because her husband, Tiger Woods, has said and done nothing to stop her public humiliation. I know that Tiger Woods is a private man when it comes to his personal life, but from this moment forward he must change his tune or everything he has worked for will be flushed down the toilet in record time.

Right now, Tiger Wood does not have the luxury of being a private man as more true and probably untrue stories of his extra-marital affairs become public by the day. From my personal point of view, the only reason why Tiger Woods has not gone public before now is because there are likely many more women he has cheated with over the years - which means that he would be forced to come clean about all of his affairs and that confession would be extremely embarrassing to both he and his public sponsors. More than likely Tiger Woods has already figured out that his marriage is toast, so right now he is hoping that all of these allegations will stop so he can get on with the rest of his life.

For the first time today, I really felt like that Tiger Woods has become his own worst enemy. His extreme need for privacy has allowed the media to run with some affair stories that could be nothing more than made up affairs between some of these women and Tiger Woods. Sadly, in the United States of America there is always a “feeding frenzy” that starts soon after allegations like this one come to light and the worst thing anyone can do is go into hiding and say nothing – while some people who are out to make a quick buck damage their already tatter reputation. All day today, I kept asking myself “where in the world is Tiger Woods” - while all of these allegations keep coming forward in the media?

Now that Tiger Woods wife has moved out of the house, the next thing most people in the tabloid media will be asking is - “will Tiger Woods wife ever come back home”? Who knows if she will come back to Tiger or not. I certainly could not blame her if she never went back home, because there is no way this sweet lady could ever trust Tiger Woods again after what he did. And now he (Tiger Woods) is hiding behind closed doors - while the media continues to humiliated his wife for all the world to see with more affair allegations each day. Put simply, when the going got tough, Tiger Woods got going when it came to his marriage and that tells me a great deal about this man - who I once believed was the real deal when it came to the game of golf and his supposed happily married life.

Did Bill Clinton Effect Tiger Woods Decision To Cheat?

First, let me say that men and women have been cheating on each other since the beginning of time. However, I believe there are more extra-marital affairs today simply because President Bill Clinton got away with cheating on his wife Hillary. From the time that Bill Clinton lied about having an affair in the White House until an impeachment against him was defeated, the whole taboo of extra-marital affairs changed dramatically in the United States. That fact has made me wonder if the recent allegations of multiple extra-marital affairs by Tiger Woods might have been influenced in some small way by the behavior of President Bill Clinton?

In the end, President Bill Clinton did not pay a price for his cheating ways and I wonder if that fact might have had an influence on Tiger Woods who was a very young man when Bill Clinton was the President of the United States? Like President Clinton, Tiger Woods is a very famous and powerful man. I believe there is a certain amount of ego that goes into a mans decision to cheat on his wife. Without a doubt, both Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods have large egos and I believe it is likely that President Clinton's indiscretions might have provided a silent signal to Tiger Woods that he too could cheat on his wife and get away with it. The jury is still out on whether or not Tiger Woods will get away with his affairs in the same way President Clinton did.

In the case of President Bill Clinton's cheating ways, a massive political machine helped him convince the American people that just because he cheated on Hillary did not mean that he would cheat on the country. Tiger Woods has no huge political machine, but instead is a one man money making machine that is fueled by huge endorsement deals from some of the largest companies in the world. That fact, puts Tiger Woods at a big disadvantage to former President Clinton when it comes to convincing the American people that he made mistakes in his marriage and will not repeat them in the future. While President Clinton and Tiger Woods may share huge egos, when it comes to communication skills – President Clinton has him beaten hands down.

Like President Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods did not admit or say he was sorry for his assorted extra-marital affairs until he was caught red handed. As I have said before, there is a big difference between a married man or woman that feels genuine guilt after cheating and admits that mistake – compared to the cooked up non true apologies for transgressions that both Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods used when they got caught having extra-marital affairs. President Bill Clinton provided the modern day template for how to have an affair and get away with it and from all outward appearances Tiger Woods is using that same Bill Clinton playbook - when it comes to salvaging his career and marriage.

Funny Saturday Night Live (SNL) Tiger Woods Skit

Saturday Night Live (SNL), presented a very funny skit last week that showed Tiger Woods continually getting beat up by his wife. Sadly, my wife and I missed this skit because it was not shown as the first skit of the night. Fortunately, NBC television has offered a link for everyone to watch who might have missed this funny skit showing a fictitious Wolf Blitzer reporting on the numerous trips that Tiger Woods was making to the hospital.

Some people are claiming that Saturday Night Live (SNL) went too far with this skit, but in my opinion - it is Tiger Woods that went to far with his extra-martial affairs. Who could really blame Tiger Woods wife if she decided to cause a little real life pain on her husband? What makes anything funny is the possible element of truth and in the above clip of Tiger Woods continually getting beaten up by his wife at their Florida home - we are all given a reason to laugh at what in real life was a terrible act of betrayal by golfing great Tiger Woods.

What Lessons Should Be Learned From Tiger Woods Story?

People in the know are always talking about “teachable moments” when bad thing happen, so I guess that soon there will be a host of professionals who will show up on television to explain what we all could and should learn from the assorted transgressions that Tiger Woods has committed against his wife and children by have numerous extra-martial affairs over the years. While I too believe that life is a teaching experience for all of us, I sometimes get angry when some people who claim to be mental health professionals show up after a story like this one and attempt to explain to everyone in the TV audience exactly what they should and should not learn from the tragedy of someone else.

For me, the biggest lesson we all should learn from Tiger Woods affairs is not to have them in the first place. A marriage is more than a legal contract between two people, it should be a sacred bond that is only entered into by two people that understand the importance of keeping a lifelong contract with another. Unfortunately, there will always be people in the world that will find it difficult – if not impossible to make a deal with someone else without breaking their word. Simply put, Tiger Woods has proven to me that his word is not his bond and if my guess is right – in the future he will break other agreements and contracts just because he can get away with it.

While many will disagree with me, I am still old fashion enough to believe that it is difficult to find anyone who will put their word of honor above their personal feelings and desires. Sure, it's tough to make a choice and then live with it for all time – but there are ways for people who cannot or will not maintain a faithfulness to their word and those involve not making contracts with others or getting married in the case of Tiger Woods. That said, no one in the world is perfect – so it is very important to know the difference between what commitments a person is willing and able to live with and others that are not achievable to certain people because of moral weaknesses.

If anyone ever doubted the saying that “money can't buy you happiness”, all should be completely sold on that fact after the trashy revelations about Tiger Woods have been leaking out from his Florida home the past few days. While it is possible for a marriage to survive after one or both of the partners in that marriage have cheated – it is totally impossible to put the genie back in the bottle again when it comes to trust. More than likely, the future of Tiger Woods marriage will be held together by money and not love. Sadly, that too often times is the case when a rich spouse cheats on their mate in the sports world. For some, Tiger Woods brand will forever more be damaged goods.

Is Tiger Woods Sorry He Cheated Or That He Got Caught?

In my book, there is a huge difference between a man or a woman that admits to an extra-marital affair out of guilt and someone like Tiger Woods that admits to the same simply because he got caught. Does anyone really have any doubt that Tiger Woods would be cheating on his wife today, unless the National Enquirer started a small snowball rolling down the hill that turned into a huge avalanche of infidelity charges against him that date back years? Like Tiger Woods said, “he is a man and he has made mistakes” - but does that really bring any comfort to his wife who has stood by him for years as he racked up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of endorsements – because of his wholesome family image?

There is no doubt that Tiger Woods' wife must feel humiliated beyond belief as every single day a new woman comes forward to say that “she too has been with Tiger Woods”. Before all of these sorted affairs first came to light, Tiger Woods was the poster child of what every major company wanted to have as their public image. Today, on Fox News I listened to a image consultant that said it really did not matter about all of these Tiger Woods affairs – to this person all that really mattered was would Tiger Woods continue to win golf tournaments in the future? To that "smart by half statement" I must say that the person I listened to say that on Fox News today does not have a clue the way most people in the heartland of America really think.

Everyday, that a new allegation of an extra-marital affair is revealed against Tiger Woods is another day that I start to understand why he did not go public with this sex scandal earlier. Right now, there are eight women who have claimed to have had affairs with Tiger Woods - while he has been married and I now believe it is likely that Tiger Woods has been fooling all of us for a long time when it comes to what his life is really all about. The Tiger Woods on the golf course and the Tiger Woods that we see on television promoting various products and services from Americas best named companies, turns out to be a total fraud.

There is one piece of good news in this whole Tiger Woods sex scandal and that is his father, Earl, is not alive today to see what a mess Tiger has made of his marriage and soon to be his career. Mental professionals will soon appear on television for the next few months trying to explain away Tiger Woods various affairs with a bunch of double talk that will appease some fans of Tiger Woods, but not all of us. What shocks me the most about this Tiger Woods scandal is that it went on for so long before the news media and tabloids caught on to it. The length of time it took for Tiger Woods' various affairs to become public tells me that rather than being some loving husband that strayed, instead he is a habitual and careful cheater on his wife - which makes him a dirt bag in my opinion.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Is Tiger Woods Name/Reputation/Marriage Ruined?

As most people were afraid of, the number of women now coming forward to claim to have had extra-marital affairs with Tiger Woods is growing by the day. At last count, there were eight different women who have claimed to have had affairs with Tiger Woods after he was married and there seems to be no end in sight to the embarrassment and shame that Tiger Woods should feel down deep inside for doing this to his family – because of his own human weaknesses. Everyday that new women come forward with stories of having an affair with Tiger Woods is one more day that his major corporate sponsor will be having second thoughts about the money they are pay him for endorsements.

This whole case of Tiger Woods affairs should prove to everyone that age old adage that it is much easier and quicker to destroy something that it is to create it in the first place. We all saw on September 11th, 2001 how quickly the Twin Towers in New York could be brought down by terrorist. Those same two building took over ten years to be planned and constructed, but they fell to the ground within hours of two jets striking them. In that same way, Tiger Woods golf career started back before he even had male hormones – but when all is said and done, the news of his extra-marital affairs over the past two weeks will permanently damage his future - because of some stupid mistakes he made in his personal life.

So goes the saying that, “it's easier to destroy something than it is to create it”. Right now, while there are new bimbo eruptions, almost by the day, claiming that they too have had sex with Tiger Woods over the years while he was married – the people who really follow the careers of the rich and famous like Tiger Woods want to know “is Tiger Woods name, reputation and marriage ruined”. Long ago, I quit trying to figure out what the America people would and would not forgive when it comes to the people they choose to worship – but right now I cannot see a way that Tiger Woods can recover to his former glory, because there are still many old fashion Americans who still believe in family values.

Even in modern day America, family values do carry a bunch of weight with people who fight their urges and stay faithful to the person they married. As we watch Hollywood continue to make fun of people that make the difficult choice to fight their urges and remain faithful to their mate, there are just as many – if not more, Americans that believe there is a positive effect in their life when they make hard choices and do the right thing. From my personal point of view, it will take a long time for me to separate that vision of Tiger Woods on the golf course from the Tiger Woods that abused his family. If others feel the same way, it could predict bad news for future Tiger Woods endorsements.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Will The Climate Change Cover-up Take Down Democrats?

While most conservatives believe that the democratic changes to health care will take down democrats in 2010, there is a new story that might have more effect on democratic losses in next years congressional elections and that is the complete cover-up by most Members of Congress, President Obama and the liberal news media when it comes to lies that were spread by "Climate Change scientists. The silence is deafening of democratic leaders in the Congress, President Obama and the mainstream news media over stolen and then leaked emails between top "Climate Change" scientist who doctored data to make "Global Warming" appear worse than it really was.

For far too many years, Al Gore and other proponents of "Global Warming" have brushed aside evidence that their man made "Climate Change" models are faulty with statements which claim that "Global Warming" is settled science. In more recent times, members of the mainstream liberal news media and democratic Members of Congress are using that same approach anytime anyone steps up to claim that man made "Global Warming" might be nothing more than a hoax. I believe President Obama and Democrats in Congress are making a huge mistake in ignoring fresh evidence that seems to prove that top "Climate Change" scientist have doctored their data to make man made "Global Warming" appear worse than it really is.

There are a great many political careers that hang in the balance, if it is proven that man made "Global Warming" has been nothing more than a hoax to socialize the United States of America. Recently, some of the largest companies in the United States have finally signed on to the "Climate Change" movement with the hope of not looking like a dirty corporate player in this increasingly promoted green world. I too began to believe that "Climate Change" was the cause of mankind, but in recent weeks I have decided to rethink that position after the mainstream media and top liberal democrats won't even answer the smallest of questions about these leaked emails. At this point in time, it would be a catastrophe for the U.S. liberal movement - if man made "Global Warming" claims turned out to be nothing more than a hoax.

So, "will the Climate Change cover-up take down Democrats" when congressional elections are held in 2010? At this time, it appears that liberal Democrats will lose a great many seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate in November of 2010 - but it is far too early to know, if there will be another Republican sweep of the Congress as was the case in 1994. As the new year dawns next month and the winter of 2009 turns out to be one of the coldest in decades - there will be so many new questions asked about the real science of "Global Warming" - that even extreme liberals in Congress and President Obama will not be able to ignore them for long in an election year. All Americans should keep an open mind when it comes to "Climate Change" and not be too influenced by the political extremes that care more about political domination than real, provable, science.