Monday, December 14, 2009

Did All Of Tiger Woods Mistresses Come Forward?

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“Did all of Tiger Woods mistresses come forward?” If real life has anything to do with the Tiger Woods sex scandal, my guess is that only a small percentage of women who had extramarital affairs with Tiger Woods will come forward. If we are to believe the tabloid news media, most women are nothing more than sheep when it comes to a sex scandal, like the one that has wrecked the personal life of Tiger Woods, so they all walk in a straight line toward the nearest reporter and confess all to the general public. I believe there are many more women who had affairs with Tiger Woods and most of those women will never come forward, because of personal embarrassment and shame. Women that have already confessed to having an affair with Tiger Woods are females who cannot or will not keep anything about their personal lives a secret.

Just like with men, there are women who feel like they are going to explode - if they do not tell everyone, everything about their personal life. We all know that type of personality trait, because we are constantly bombarded with every last detail of the good, bad and ugly of their personal life. While some men and women fill their lives with so much drama that they could be considered “soap opera” characters, there are many more that do not want everyone to know about all aspects of their life – so they remain very private and give away few intimate details of the choices that they make. That is why I believe there are many more women who have had extramarital affairs with Tiger Woods and there is an excellent chance that none of those women will come forward and admit to their own transgressions with Tiger Woods, ever.

That said - I believe there could be many more women who made the choice to have an affair with Tiger Woods and that's why most of the women who have come forward, so far, to claim their own personal affair with him seem to be so sleazy. I have found in life that men and women who want to personally expose all of the intimate details of their personal life to anyone that will listen, many times are the same people who rush to claim credit for things that most people would be ashamed to admit in a public setting. Right now, it really does not matter how many extramarital affairs Tiger Woods committed against his wife, because in her mind – one affair was one too many.

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