Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Did Rush Limbaugh Suffer A Heart Attack?

“Did Rush Limbaugh suffer a heart attack?” While details are still sketchy the answer seems to be yes. Like President Obama, Rush Limbaugh decided to spend some of his holiday vacation time in Hawaii and just like President Obama yesterday, there have been reports today that a medical emergency occurred to a very high profile guest at the hotel where Rush Limbaugh is staying. While no official word has been released that Rush Limbaugh suffered a heart attack at this time, most of the information that is being reported late tonight says that he was taken to the hospital suffering from chest pain.

Whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not, there in no disputing that he has effected the way politics are discussed and covered in the United States ever since he took to the nationwide radio airwaves decades ago. While conservatives look at Rush Limbaugh as some kind of God when it comes to the real meaning of conservatism, liberal look upon him as nothing less than the devil reincarnated as a man. That said, everyone should be praying for the speedy recovery of Rush Limbaugh tonight. When it comes to some of Rush Limbaugh's crazy ideas, I have found myself drifting away from his daily radio talk show over the past couple of years. However, when it comes to an entertainer – few people have made me laugh as much as Rush Limbaugh has over the past 20 years of my life.

I hope that nothing terrible has happened to Rush Limbaugh, because even though some liberals consider him to be Satan, he is a good public service representative when it comes to keeping both conservatives and liberals in check. In the same way that many conservatives, like the late President Ronald Reagan, liked and appreciated people they disagreed with like Senator Edward Kennedy – there should be more conservatives and liberals today that can agree to disagree when it comes to political issues, instead of using their nasty and scorched Earth political power to try and destroy each other. I certainly hope that if Rush Limbaugh suffered a heart attack tonight, that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

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