Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does Tiger Woods Even Care If His Marriage Survives?

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"Does Tiger Woods even care if his marriage survives?” My answer to that question is no. For one thing, Tiger Woods would have never cheated on his wife so much in the first place – if he had any real feelings for her. There is a chance that a Tiger Woods single affair situation might have lead him to feelings of guilt and despair, which could have proven to his wife that he was capable of learning from his mistakes and then moving forward in a more honorable fashion. However, that is not what happened in the personal life of Tiger Woods – so all that is being pushed down our throats from the Tiger camp right now, is just a big game of public relations (PR) to make all of us think that he (Tiger Woods) is really serious about repairing his marriage. Honestly, what is left to repair after Tiger Woods cheated with so many different women?

Most thinking people have already figured out that the number of women who Tiger Woods has cheated with are most certainly in the dozens. While the 13 women who have come forward, so far, to admit to having an extramarital affair with Tiger Woods is bad enough, the mathematical formulas that usually are accurate is cases like this one suggest that for ever women that has come forward to admit to an extramarital sexual relationship with Tiger Woods, there are likely to be three or more other women who also had sex with him - who will never admit to it. That tells me that Tiger Woods never really loved his wife, even from the beginning, but instead he decided to marry her to keep up his good wholesome family image – which kept money from his various and lucrative corporate sponsorship deals flowing in. We, the public, were completely mislead and tricked by the Tiger Woods - as we watched him play golf on Sunday afternoons.

Now - the time when Tiger Woods could appear to be a happily marriage man, while at the same time cheating on his wife with a bunch of other women is over. In a strange sort of way - Tiger Woods the little boy golfer who won the hearts of millions of Americans, decades ago, when he showed up on TV talk shows with his father to show off his golfing skills - is long gone. None of us will ever really know the real reason why Tiger Woods made the choice to cheat, so many times, on his beautiful wife. From my personal point of view, there seems to be some kind of sexual deviance at work inside of Tiger Woods heart and that is why he choose women to have affairs with who were the complete opposite of his wife. In the future, PGA fans around the world, will take a new and harder look at Tiger Woods the professional golf player and Tiger Woods the master showman and pitchman – now that his dark side has been put on public display for the entire world to see.

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