Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does Tiger Woods Scandal Prove Simple Life Is Best?

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“Does Tiger Woods scandal prove simple life is best?” In my opinion it most certainly does. In fact, I will go one step further and say that most people in this world who are the happiest are the ones that must struggle daily both in a financial and relationship way. When life becomes too easy and money no longer must be earned each day, the human mind tends to drift into places where it should not go. Tiger Woods is just the latest example of why the old saying of “idle hands are the devils workshop” is still alive and well today. Too much of anything is not good. Whether it is too much money or in Tiger Woods case, too much free time on his hands when his wife was not around. A life that is allowed to drift into extremes often times ends up getting derailed in short order.

The fame that made Tiger Woods the richest golfer in the world, is the same thing that enabled him to carry on so many extramarital affairs for a long time and get away it. However, just like is the case with other extremes in life – time eventually caught up with Tiger Woods' bad deeds in the same way it has for other people with extremist personality traits. Whether a person decides to drink too much or carry on extramarital affairs like Tiger Woods did – sooner or later an extreme lifestyle will cause everyone to self destruct. Tiger Woods is really no different than many other people I meet in my daily life. Far too many people are extremist when it comes to living their life. The old narcissistic saying of “I can have it all” was taken far to literally by too many Americans back in the 1960's and 1970's and that attitude is still alive today in people like Tiger Woods.

From politics and careers to over sexed lifestyles, far too many Americans are trying to find happiness in all the wrong places. The happiest people I meet in life are those who have found happiness in a life filled with good old fashion moderation. For the extremist among us, nothing is more boring than a life that is void of extreme highs caused by taking big risks. However, what most extremist don't realize is that along with those extreme highs come the inevitable negative lows, which create a life filled with little to no moderation foundation to fall back on. It is clear to me that Tiger Woods is just one of millions of Americans who live their daily life filled with extreme risk taking, because without the excitement of all that risk – Woods and others with extreme Type A personality traits don't feel anything at all.

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